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Helio Dances Around Tough Questions

11/29/2007 6:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Speed racer Helio Castroneves proved he can do a pretty deft pirouette -- when it comes to dodging questions about his love life, that is.

TMZ caught up with Helio at the airport in New York this afternoon, and he chatted up a storm! But when asked about getting dumped by his ex-fiancee and if he was more than dancing partners with Julianne Hough, the dancer-driver hit the brakes, saying only, "My personal life is my personal life." Julianne just giggled off all the rumors, hoarsely.

Meanwhile, Helio watched a fan mambo for him, and even got on the phone with the guy's mom -- but still, no dirt on the breakup.


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dancing with the stars started out fantastic,but than they started all this nonsense with kimmel and the broadcaster. it doesn't make sense.they came here to dance,just do it. i don't care about their personal life.this is a competition.
just cut out the stupid stuff just to fill in the time segment.

2519 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Oh what straight guy wouldn't fall hard for the adorable and talented Julianne Hough..Sorry for his ex but seriously she had to know this would happen.

2519 days ago


I really don't know why people are saying such bad things about Helio. He is so well known around the racing world as being wonderful with his fans as evident by talking to that idiots mother on the phone. Helio would have to do alot of cheating to catch with his ex's infidelity over their past six year relationship. Sorry guys.....but the EX didn't deserve someone as good hearted as Helio. He also doesn't need the 15 minutes of Hollywood fame.....he has more than enough recognition for his talent on the racetrack! He has too much class to go "Hollywood".

2519 days ago

independent voter    

Oh please California Girl we can all tell that you're not from California or even a girl! A real "California Girl" is very athletic and appreciates other athletes. If anything all these professional dancers are great athletes. Ballet is for the anorexic and the bulemic. What parent would ever push their child into that form of dance in this day and age.

On another note why is Helio's age NEVER mentioned? Is he over 40? Julianne's 19 and has a long time to go before she has to pick someone. She'll have bigger fish to fry in the next 10 years than anyone she meets on this show. Enjoy it Julianne and remember be VERY PICKY!

2519 days ago


Helio is only 32 years old. He was the youngest driver to win the Indy 500 and won it twice. All of top ten guys from NASCAR (including Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon who are both from California, thus don't bother with the redneck jokes people) are in Manhattan for the week and turned out for Good Morning America to support Helio when he was on the show. He was so happy to see someone from his "world" (racing); you could see by his reaction when he saw them and they are in a competitor league.

2519 days ago


He's so gay

2519 days ago


I thought Julianne has a fiance already? That was mentioned when she was dancing with Apollo Anton Uno. What happened to her fiance? While she and Helio are a cute couple, I doubt it will last. Between her career and his, that won't leave much time for romance. Plus, the age difference is likely to cause issues.

2519 days ago


Whatever, Brad. I happen to be beautiful, blond, smart (I have three degrees, all from top universities), married to a fabulous guy, and accomplished in my career. I am hardly jealous of this little girl's two minutes of semi-fame. Please. Get a grip on reality. Put down the US magazine. I have friends who are serious modern dancers and they scoff at this glittery crap, hence my criticism.

2519 days ago


And. "REAL" California Girl, I was born in La Jolla, grew up in Belmont Shore and went to high school in Long Beach, and I attended college in Palo Alto, so f$#@ off.

2519 days ago


If there is some truth to the rumors about Helio and Julianne, I would not be surprised. From watching the show, the sexual tension between the two is very obvious. Also, it is easy for Helio to fall in love with Julianne as she helped him discover or develop something positive about himself that he did not know before joining the show. Just like what the saying goes, what is behind every successful man is a woman. When it comes to their age difference, there is also a saying that the man should be at least five years or older since women mature faster than men. No offense; just stating a fact! So for me, Helio and Julianne is a perfect match. I hope they end up together and dating.

2518 days ago


All you had to do was watch the show and see the chemistry between them.

They are an item. There is no doubt about it.

It was that chemistry that got the fans to vote for them.

Love and infatuation trump all.

22 million voyeurs a week fantasized about it and cast their votes

2518 days ago


Things happen for a reason,maybe the meeting of Helio and Julianne was meant to be. If they are a couple,let it be and wish them luck and happiness together. They do make a very cute pair, but time will tell.

2517 days ago


To CaliforniaGirl & "Real California Girl"

I was born in Bel Air, grew up in Malibu, and went to high school in Carmel, graduated from UC Berkely and have a MBA from Stanford.

I played on the womens volleyball team at Cal. I am tall, blond, blue-eyed and gorgeous !!!
Google UC Berkely Womens Vollyball team years 2001 through 2005 and gaze upon my hotness !!!

2517 days ago

N Smith    

Helio is funny, talented, works hard, and seems very caring and loving! For all you men out there who call him gay, he's what many women want. What we DON'T want isome idiot, macho guy calling every other man gay when he feels threatened. Wake up boys!

2514 days ago
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