Ex-Fiancee to Helio: Lights, Camera, Split!

11/29/2007 1:50 PM PST

Ex-Fiancee to Helio: Lights, Camera, Split!

Ooh, snap! The split between "Dancing With the Stars" champ Helio Castroramalamadingdong and ex-fiancee Aliette Vazquez is getting good!

Sources connected to the couple tell TMZ that the reason the duo split was simple -- Helio "went Hollywood!" We're told his newfound "fame" was too much for his longtime gal, who just couldn't deal. As his popularity grew, so did his ego! That's when Aliette alley-ooped and hit the road.

We're told she is much happier and "over him." Our spies saw her selling her jewelry line yesterday at the swank Biltmore Hotel in Miami.

We've heard she's waltzing on with her life.