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Cops: Shooting Was Not Inside Les Deux

11/30/2007 2:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Police tell TMZ that a late-night shooting occurred outside in the parking lot of Les Deux, not inside the club itself.
Shooting at Le Deux
TMZ also just spoke with an alleged victim of the incident -- who was scraped by a bullet. We're told he and two other men were at the club "to have some fun." As they were walking out of the club, he says they walked in on a fight already underway between men selling CDs in the parking lot and another group of guys. We're told it escalated -- and one of the guys hassling the CD sellers pulled out a gun and began shooting. The victim -- who has a scratch on his face -- says he was grazed by a bullet.

Police tells us the alleged shooter fired a couple rounds and took off in a white pickup truck, leaving two victims wounded -- one in the stomach and the other in a leg. Neither victim suffered life-threatening injuries.


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now lets review what tmz posted and compare stories....
once again blown out of proportion!
Talent. Such talent!

2464 days ago



2464 days ago

Attention Ho    

need another gossip fix?

2464 days ago


Does anyone really care about this? Now, if a celeb was shot I could see this being news(that's sarcasm folks)

2464 days ago


TMZ usually gets it right the first time. I would say they are more accurate then most gossip sites.

2464 days ago


So, what you're saying is that your original story was wrong, correct? Why don't you just come out say your reporting was not accurate?

2464 days ago


selling CDs?!??
is that the slang for a drug deal now?

2464 days ago

Hollywood Esq    

This is my post from two hours ago when TMZ first posted the story...

30. This is a PR nightmare for Les Deux! Does TMZ really have this story correct? Getting shot in the parking lot that Les Deux shares with Element is very different than actually being shot inside Les Deux. Other media accounts I've read about this have suggested that the shootings took place in the parking lot only...

I party at Les Deux and know how tough Big Jeff is at the door... Based on the video, I doubt that the victim was at Les Deux. First off, he was wearing baggy jeans and a t-shirt and secondly he was latino... It is very tough for a non-white, non-celebrity to gain access to this club... Nonetheless, the shooting and TMZ's story have done their damage. It will be interesting to see if Les Deux can recover from this and still be able to maintain its "A-List clientele" on some nights....

When Les Deux and its lawyers see this story, a retraction of some of the details of this story by TMZ is likely forthcoming...

2464 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Ok, my reposts spliced:
It was bound to happen. How long until the bangers decided to upgrade from fists to guns? The gang bangers move in, see a little fun and flash, and then decide that everyone must suffer as they have chosen to. Seen it happen to many once cool places in my area. I'm beginning to once again think that the states and the government are underusing the phrase "Do you have any last words before this sentence in carried out?"And don't just limit it to poor and/or people of color. If you live by the gun, you die by the gun! As much as I hate to bring up such a dangerous country as China, at least they are more equitable in their sentencing. Those execs who sent over tainted food, they earned death sentences. The only difference is that the poor usually get lead supplements for their trouble, while the rich ( and we're talking millionaires) get the chemical treatment. One of the first people to get a lethal injection was one of these execs. They're even making fleets of handy lethal injection vans. Then they harvest the organs! Cheers to that!

2464 days ago


I heard he was selling Quiet Riot and Ratt Cds. I'd be mad too!

2464 days ago


Sounds like they were in New Orleans,LA.

2464 days ago


this is not in any a fun situation what so ever. i was shot in the leg after a guy was thrown out of a bar here in the chicago region and came back with 2 handguns and 2 shotguns + 200 rounds and shot 15 not including 2 dead. good friday turned sh1tty saturday

2464 days ago



2464 days ago


It's funny how wrong TMZ is once again, for putting LES DEUX's name on the headline, since AGAIN Les Deux was already closed when this shooting happened and had nothing to do with. I wish TMZ would get the story straight and put ELEMENT's on the headline. The people that goes to Les Deux dont behave that way, it's the ghetto people at ELEMENT. . RIO

2464 days ago


Vicki get with it. Selling CDs around large crowds (bootleg or by an unknown artists hoping to get their music heard) had been going on for years. What hick town are you from?

2464 days ago
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