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It's Raining Chocolate for Heidi

11/30/2007 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Supermodels have a bad rap of grazing on alfalfa and then purging it back to nature. But Heidi Klum shatters the paradigm as she pigs out at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Hollywood.

As tourists go nuts watching outside, Heidi stuffs her face with dark chocolate, white chocolate -- delicious!

It's almost as memorable as when Heidi used her rack as makeshift machine guns.


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2486 days ago


I have a piece of "white chocolate" that she can stuff in her mouth

2486 days ago


HO MY GOOOD.............

2486 days ago


Good for her. Enjoy! She is the mother of 3 kids? Eat all you want!

2486 days ago

I have to stop myself    

She is nibbling. She didn't eat the whole thing. She is anorexic people.

2486 days ago

WeSSide Eviscer8r    

u wish u had chocolate to give and to stuff in that hot crusty cornered, ever runnin' big schlep mouth of urs, harvey. ur a tic tac... a lil' shriveled up tic tac. a li' h8n shriveled up finagglin' and hagglin' flavored tic tac.

2486 days ago


You need to fun this again.....WHY? I think once is enough.

2486 days ago

that guy    

Chocolate Raaaain

2486 days ago


Why are you recycling this? GET OVER IT!!

2486 days ago

Old School    

Good for her...EAT GIRL!

2486 days ago

The Marian Movement    

TMZ readers excuse this rant - it's meant for Grand Wizard Levin - Skip over reading this.

Um....Harvey your hatred and desperate desire to cause harm to someone was a little obvious so you recycled this story.

"David followers will only be successful if you hide your hatred" who the hell left that comment in german yesterday? Heidi I presume. How sick are you people? Just had to repost Heidi and add "white chocolate". You guys are sick.

Then you posted links to a bi site. Way to go Harvey. Just because someone is none of the above and is only trying to help you - you want to hurt them. I saw through all those "who would you rather". I played along to help you, only to realize you would turn it into a "how to stab me in the back plan of action".

I don't like you, Heidi, John, Jason, Paris, Katie, Tom or any of these people because you're cheap, ruff and have no dignity. You have money but seriously lack elegance or grace. You're all Miss Piggy's and Toad of Toadhaller's to me. Unclean, is the word to describe you.

You're all freakin' nuts and frankly my dear I don't give a damn.

Go hang with your monster mother, she'll adopt you, she wants to adopt the world... if you let her eat you. She looks like she needs a good feed.

I'm off to Ireland and no I'm not coming back. Find another pin cushion. All you want to do is keep killing Kenny and make money off of it - well he quits. You're all gutless wimps THAT'S the problem.

I'm sure that's why parasite is now trying to hook up with Avril. Avril is a threat so Paris goes in, gets Avril's trust and stabs her in the back. Paris does it to everyone. Jason is the same. He's a walking, talking shark. Looking for little blue fishies to eat. These crap sites are your fishing nets....real 'em in. Paris, and all you weirdo's are sick predators.

Sincerely yours,

Me. Who is not Bi - is just a girl who likes men ONLY..... that's why they hate me dumb wits. Monster Mother must have everyone want her. She's gross and ugly, let alone a woman. I hurt her PRIDE. So she must eliminate me. She wants to "train" me to like women? I'd jump off a cliff first. You can't assimilate everyone Ange. Leave Avril alone - or else.

2486 days ago


Seal is a hot piece of chocolate

2486 days ago


Good for her

2485 days ago


That's not Heidi, it's taffy.

1386 days ago

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