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Montel to Teen: I Wasn't Really Going to Blow You Up

12/2/2007 4:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Montel WilliamsMontel Williams has issued an apology to Courtney Scott, the high school intern who he threatened to "blow up" Friday.

Williams sent the student an email via one of his producers, saying, "Regrettably I reacted childishly to the situation and for that I truly apologize to all concerned. I would like to invite Courtney and her family to appear on my show for a public apology." What a heart of fool's gold!

Montel confronted Scott and two other reporters after he mistakenly thought they had followed him to talk about a previous interview. The group was actually covering an assignment completely unrelated to him. Oops! A police report was filed by the student subsequent to the confrontation.


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I think Montel's previous illness has affected his thinking clearly. I am glad the seventeen year old filed a police report. Talk show hosts such as Walters, Degenerous, O'Donnell (previous comments on her own show and the View), Leno, O'Brien, Stewart and yes even Oprah are throwing their political power around and not being held accountable for their bias and prejudice comments ie-- Degenerous forcing the closing of a pet adoption agency because of her crying and criticizing on TV. I am glad William's statement to the teenager were brought out in the open for we--the public to read.

2481 days ago


Oh my God,
Don't you know who I am, I'm a star????

And here I thought his show was canceled YEARS ago!!!
Will continue NOT to watch such an arrogant NOBODY

2481 days ago


He can't blame his stupidity on MS!!!!! My father-in-law is as sharp as a tack, 20 years older than this havenot and wheeled chair ridden

LIAR... Always Blaming someone or something for your own dumbness
Where's the set up? The girl you threatened to blow-up made you say it?

2481 days ago


Those horns are so fitting.
How do you redeem yourself after saying something like that to a 17 year old girl who is getting an education? I want the Dog back!!! He was only having a bad day like Montel was

2481 days ago


Ummm Isn't that considered making "terroristic" (sp) threats?
OH YEAH, he is a star, he can get by with that crap!

2481 days ago

Nathan Hallsmere    

Montel needs to take a hiatus, say 6 months. He's become a bit full of himself. Imus was crucified for a verbal "slip" but what Montel did was several sentences and included threats of violence. You can't treat kids like that, you can't treat anybody like that. How many white folks have been taken off the air for running their mouths? Imus, Howard Cosell, Jimmy the Greek, to name a few. If Montel is NOT pulled, there is obviously a double standard.

2481 days ago

oh brother    

Since when did Montel turn into a raccoon?

2481 days ago


Grace Morely used to be a burlesque dancer and met Montel when she was a guest on his show. They got married and she thought he was wonderful but then something about him changed. She really believes it was the drugs he takes for his MS that changed him, although he denies that. Their marriage ended when she caught him cheating...She caught him when the National Enquirer called to ask her about it. She seemed pretty bitter about Montel, saying that he only cared about money, did not treat her right in the divorce, and complains when she spends too much money on the kids. Met his ex-wife, Grace Morley, when she and her mother appeared on his talk show. The episode was about mother and daughter showgirls. Grace had previously danced topless in Las Vegas under the name "Bambi Jr".

2481 days ago


Montel chases after lap dancing hoochie mamas, then has affairs with other gold digging hoochie mamas...Please read #74 and also do a Google search for 'Montel Williams affairs' & Montel Williams wives' for more info.

2481 days ago

hollywood joe    

I believe what Montel said is considered a 'terrorist theat' these days. Why aren't the authorities investigating this? Because he's a celebrity? Probably. He should be in jail.

2481 days ago


Montel's ego might be inflated but he's human, he made a (very ridiculous) mistake -- and he publicly appologized for his mistake. Move on. The lucky teen journalist couldn't buy this kind of help for her furture career... (not saying that anyone deserves bad treatment but hey, he did her a favor in the long run. it's not like she's going to be damaged by this).

2481 days ago


thanks for the enlightenment - I had no idea the link between Sean,
Ben Hornseby & Sylvia Brown - that is very interesting to say the
least! Sure sheds light on that lowlife, despicable Sylvia Brown -
how in the world can she sleep at night knowing she is using peoples'
grief during the most terrible times of their lives, when a loved one
is lost, to make a lousy buck - love, life, grief & lost mean
absolutely nothing to her OR MONTEL, he must get a cut from her
earnings - must be one of her backers - he has her own almost weekly.

You would certainily think after the wonderful, miraculous recovery
of these 2 precious, loved & missed boys, Montel would have the
compassion to NEVER ever have her on as a guest ever again, but he
didnt even address the past show where she clearly caused much added
grief to parents already in the depths of lossing Sean - bad enough
to an abduction, if not to death, which of course was their worst
possible fear, to be told that by this WHACKO, is beyond
compassionate human comprehension - & all for a buck - turns my
stomach! Thank you for sharing that & pointing out the connection.
It only makes it more apparant what kind of low-lifes these
life-forms are!

May Peace be with the families & loved ones of every single person
lost/missing person.

2481 days ago


It is unbelievable that this nutjob had & STILL has a talkshow
- how in the hell did that happen? Can I have one??? Who decides
this? & WHY will he not be FIRED like Imus - IMO there is little
reasoning behind this besides reverse discrimation. Bill Cosby is
the TRUE spokesman for African Americans - NOT Al Sharpton, Jesse
Jackson or Farakan (sp??) - those are 3 of the most RACISTS HUMAN

& NO WAY will we hear about this from mainstream media - the very same national media that are STILL talking about Imus's comment....all because that lil bi-atch Sharpton cried racism!! HE is the nappy headed ho! He has never done ONE SINGLE POSITIVE thing for African Americans or to lower racism - as a matter of FACT he only agrivates & agitates it - & he knows exactly how to do that - that is his hidden agenda - he has no real desire to end racism cause he would not have a job or paycheck without stirring it up - he is a DISGRACE to all people truly working towards lowering hatred against others! Why the hell cant some cracked out losers break into his house & putting a cap in his sorry ass - bet'cha we'd we all hear about that by mainstream media - ahhhh to be so lucky!!

2481 days ago


Montel was great in an episode of NCIS.

2481 days ago

Barry Jones    

Real Montel revealed...

2481 days ago
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