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Leno Flips: OK, I'll Pay Everyone

12/3/2007 10:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He totally screwed with us -- in a funny way -- but last night Jay Leno also set the record straight about the financial controversy regarding his "Tonight Show" employees.

Watch the video to hear Jay's side ... and no, we weren't having problems with our audio -- turns out Jay is part mime.

Jay's about-face is in contrast to what his rep told TMZ on Friday night -- that Jay was "more than generous" by giving his staff a Christmas bonus.


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the writers go on strike BUT whine when Leno doesn't pay them enough from his own pocket? They chose to go on strike..Too bad..whiners

2484 days ago


Please TMZ, why is this filed under wacky and wierd? Maybe because you were sooo wrong last week. I thought Jay was very nice to your guy. Although I felt sorry for your guy when he had to say TMZ!

2484 days ago


Jay is a stand-up guy and has been doing this all along

just because he doesn't blow his own horn and issue statements that prove what a great guy he is-doesn't me he hasn't been doing anything

the writers chose to strike
during most strikes the star doesn't pay the employees-since he doesn't own the show-what a generous thing he is doing

you know he is friendly with all his staff and doesn't want to see them have problems paying their mortgages and bills--

nbc has had to lay off people on this show also because of the strike

you can bet Jay isn't forgetting them either

2484 days ago


Why should he pay them? They choose to go on strike and cost him money but he has to pay them out of his own account. Im sure there are thousands of people out there that can replace these writers. Sorry but I have no sympathy for any group that intentionally stops working and causing a company money. If you dont like your job or feel the money & benefits are good enough then get another job. Sad part is that they are costing the companies millions and we the consumer will end up eating it at the box offices.

Jay, keep your money & hire new writers.

2484 days ago


they are on strike the writters won't get paid it's the other staff that will get paid. They want a pay check they have to go back to work.

2484 days ago


He shouldn't have to pay them a dime. They are on strike.

2484 days ago

Logo Designers    

good for jay

2484 days ago


That smuck has never allowed a singer guest star to sit down in chat on the couch. He makes us artist stand the whole time and barely say a word. Why? He thinks we may pass gas. I’m glad that his writers went on strike. Good. I can't wait until the old geezer retires.

2484 days ago


yeah, Leno needs to retire

2484 days ago


If you had been reading, it's not the writers they're talking about paying, but the other staff that has been laid off due to the writers strike. So no, they didn't choose not to get paid. It's the ones that are still trying to work that they're talking about here, not the writers. Read people before you get all indignant.

2484 days ago


I know a writer for Leno who got a $3000 Christmas bonus, thats not chump change. I guess not all writers get the same bonus, it is based on material used . Sorry you have to earn it and going on strike won't earn you any money...

2484 days ago

cha cha    

I cant stand JL! He is such an ( ! )
Hes so jerky.Whe you watch his show you can see how jerky he acts to some of his guests.I saw the one with him and the hells kitchen chef and it was FUNN E! lol
He was getting put in his place and didnt like it much but owell lol Worth watching You tube anyone ? ;o)

2484 days ago


Are you people stupid? The writers aren't the only ones that got fired and got a crummy christmas bonus, it was the entire staff. That includes stage hands, cameramen, prop people, etc. Those people had nothing to do with the writer's strike.

Also, the bonus did not come out of Leno's own pockets, it came from his company.

2484 days ago


jerk!! biggest ass kisser in America !!

2484 days ago

He's Boring now    

My My how bad publicity can suddenly change things. This guy was getting shred to pieces over the weekend. Guess he and his people read this board.

Ah, its no big deal him paying, what is it two corporate weekend gigs worth of money to him?

Or one less classic auto to buy? Interesting though to read some of the behind the scences comments about this man and his behaviour. Sounds like an A number One selfish jerk with a boston accent.

Glad his days are numbered and than he can go sit in his cars all day

2484 days ago
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