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Children's Services Has Concerns Re: Brit

12/4/2007 7:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the Britney Spears/K-Fed divorce case has released 300 pages of documents. One document says, "Based on its investigation to date, it should be noted that DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services) has concerns of its own regarding the safety and welfare of the children if the children are left in the mother's care."

In a declaration filed by Brit, Spears asked the judge to keep the custody and visitation schedules private, arguing that she needs confidentiality "in order to minimize the chance that unscrupulous journalists will gain unwelcome access to me and the boys." BTW, Brit often has a paparazzi escort, some of whom wash her windows and pump her gas.

Another document confirms a TMZ story that the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services has multiple "child abuse and neglect referrals" regarding Brit and K-Daddy. As we reported, most of these allegations are considered random and frivolous.

The DCFS told the court that until their investigation is complete, they "request that the father maintain custody, that the mother's visitation remain monitored, and that the mother continue to drug test, attend counseling and parenting classes, and that the mother undergo an evaluation.


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Jusst saying    

If she's so damned worried about the photgraphers why is she always putting herself and her kids out there all the time?? If she really wanted privacy she'd do like other celebs do.......... have someone run small errands or shop for her, hire a driver, make arrangements with merchants to shop in private or have someone come to her, and avoid all the places the (so called celbrity) idiots go to act stupid and get their daily fix of attention. She is one poor excuse for a mother! I hope the judge stays on her ( and her ex's) ass to ensure those boys are properly cared for.

2458 days ago


Here we go again. Just one more reason Brit should stay out of the partying scene. Be a good mom Brit. Put the partying aside. Your in a custody battle!

2458 days ago

Team NKOTB    

Um. I have concerns that my neighbor leaves her 3 kids, ages 7 and younger, home alone at least 5 times a week to go to the bar and then brings men home she doesn't know. She then sleeps in half hung over, her kids are late for or miss school entirely because of it and they are left to fend for themselves via food - often nothing more than a package of hot dogs thrown into a room barred by 2 child safety gates so they cannot escape. They might get bathed once every couple of weeks and often wear the same clothing to school more than once a week.

Meanwhile, Britney gets arrested and custody taken away for such things as driving with a Louisiana drivers licence and not California - even though they were in car seats, not having a fence around a pool that the kids didn't have access to, and letting them watch tv and drink juice and soda out of bottles, which - mind you - is NOT a crime, only discouraged by doctors.

So you know what... Screw off - all of you! You good for nothing jesus freaks who barely passed 4th grade math. There are kids out there who NEED help and it's MUCH easier to pick on Britney so you can look like you're doing something to prevent non-existant child abuse.

Who's going to help the ones that aren't being followed by the pap? Who's going to save the three neighbor kids who i've called DCFS 5 times on and they're doing nothing about.

You people disgust me.

2458 days ago


sorry you all but it's obvious that Brit is not the good mother some of you are making her out to be. They would not keep her visitations monitored if they had NO reason to.

Another thing, I thought the HIPPA (privacy act) rules stated that those reports are supposed to be kept private.

2458 days ago

Team NKOTB    

Jesus, Lisa.. you'd think i was talking about YOU.

I didn't mention names or where I live... i just stated a fact. Loser. I hope you fall down.

2458 days ago



2458 days ago


"in order to minimize the chance that unscrupulous journalists will gain unwelcome access to me and the boys." BTW, Brit often has a paparazzi escort, some of whom wash her windows and pump her gas."

All of the paps owe her at least those smalls tasks considering their making loads of cash off following her around and making her crazy. You have to be kidding me if you think that all the stuff the tabloids, such as; TMZ print about her isn't making her insane. No wonder she's erratic and seemingly peculiar at times, YOUR MAKING HER THAT WAY!

If I had enough money to move to L.A. and buy and expensive camera and start following around one or two paps' every move, getting up in their face, not allowing them out of parking lots, intruding on moments with their kids, when they are grocery shopping, or getting gas, or LIVING, I would. I would give everyone of you the hel.l you give Britney. I would make your lives a nightmare. You wouldn't be able to take a pis.s without my camera in your face. I'd have my own website that posts you picking your nose, burping, scarffing a Big Mac or whatever mundane "normal" things you do. I would if I could afford it, just so you could see what your doing to this woman.

2458 days ago

Robo Bobo    

I say we call a veterinarian and have the sow put to sleep.

2458 days ago


HIPAA is only for medical stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

2458 days ago


Adopt her kids to a good family that's as far away as possible and tie her tubes so she can't have anymore kids regardless of how much whoring around she does.

2458 days ago

lee lee    

Brittney is a dumb rich -itch ,who still has a poor trailer park trash attitude. cant wait to see it when she broke.

2458 days ago


Yeah maybe if she didn't text on hr phone while driving, or run red lights, or over the photog's feet then maybe the kids would be safer.

Get a life Brit, get over yourself get over all this crap..and to the PRESS (laughable) Let the celebs alone, then maybe they won't have as much to bitch about.

2458 days ago


Well, she's pregnant again folks. So, now what?
It was on the cover of In Touch this week.

2458 days ago


Hi #18, I read your comments. I hope you have reported this to child services. But it still doesn't make Brit "mommy material" until she puts her kids needs before her own.

Hey L!, sorry I didn't have your back last time. I wasn't in a debating mood. lol.

2458 days ago


i agree with Dj why has K fed not being drug tested , britt s life was just fine till he showd up ,. what a looser he is ,

2458 days ago
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