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Shows Off Boobs Again

For the First Time

12/4/2007 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adrianne Curry already posed once for Playboy -- but her new knockers get their first public viewing this Friday! Hello girls!

TMZ caught the "Top Model"/"Surreal Life"/"My Fair Brady" star outside Winston's last night with Brady hubby Christopher Knight -- and Curry went to work pimping her upcoming Kubrickian spread.

Surprisingly, Christopher doesn't seem to mind sharing his wife's assets with the world -- calling the pics a "Christmas gift from me to everyone." Ho, ho, ho!


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Wow what a shame Knight married such a skank. And it's not that Chris doesn't mind her acting like a slut he has NO choice she's the boss in their marriage. I remember watching that show they had on VH1 one night and it was his bachelor party and his friends were taking him to a strip bar and he calls her right before he goes in and she starts with the " You can't go in there, think of your fans and kids who look up to you" and that fool bought it and didn't go in. He actually stayed outside while his buddies who were throwing him the party were in the bar HAHAHAHA!! whatta fool, now there married and she acts worse then any stripper all so she can get more publicity. You know she's reading these comments, so Adrianne try getting a bit of class and Knight try growing a pair and get control of your old lady man she's making you look like a total FOOL!!!!!.

2515 days ago


This bitch is a fake and a joke, who is she anyways? She capitalizes on eager no brainers waiting for her next move. What parent can be proud of their daughter who proclaims to the public that she uses a vibrator 'keep your self indulging masturbating sessions to yourself', who cares if you jack off. Porn? Give me a break. If I wanted to get my rocks off, I would leave it to the porn professionsals, who really put on a show for their hard earned bucks:) Your talentless and your character stinks to high heaven. Its only a matter of time until your all washed up. At least try and get some redeeming values. As far as Peter Brady is concerned I have nothing bad to say about him, however I know that he could find a better woman.

2514 days ago


In all fairness, she had her boob job because they were different sizes.
If she wants to show them off, that's her business.
I have seen interviews with her and she seems like a nice girl who speaks her mind. She does not seem whorish at all.
I will say this, I am not sure how long "America's Next Top Model" can continue without actually producing America's next top model, not one of America's next reality celebrities.

2514 days ago

baby girl    

Drink much Adrianne? Damn!

2514 days ago

pay atention    

This girl has no a moral fiber. She is soooo immature and just nasty. Peter/Chris is just as gross as she is.
I am so disappointed in the Brady kids. I really thought that Mike and Carol would have had better luck with how the kids turned out. They really tried to teach them moral values...I mean every show had a lesson about values!! I guess of course finding out that Mike was leading a double life "playing for the other team" must of really been hard on the family! SOOOOOO Sad!

They should all be ashamed! I wish they would all go into hiding so my childhood memory of the Brady's could be left wholesome!!!!

2514 days ago


Who cares about this person?? Or her manmade boob?? Her ding dong hubby?? Saw the cover of Playboy, not a good pic in my opionion. Hef should stop Holly from picking the pics, her taste sucks major.

2514 days ago


I was under the impression that Hugh test drove all his model's. How does her husband feel about that?

2506 days ago


That mean's one of them got sloppy second's. Hugh put's star's on the page of his model's to show how many time's he's test drove them. Just wondering how many star's did she have.

2506 days ago
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