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Hayden Panettiere -- Milo Who?

12/5/2007 11:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Heroes" hottie Hayden Panettiere isn't only not dating co-star Milo Ventimiglia, she doesn't even remember who he is!

TMZ caught Hayden and her sexy mom leaving Orso yesterday, where we asked the droll cheerleader if she was going to spend the holidays with Peter Petrelli. Her initial response: "Who?" Burn!

FYI -- she's also not getting back together with "Laguna Beach" ex-boyfriend Stephen Colletti, so now's your chance, if you dream you have one.


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Hihat, I think alot of people would agree with me by saying I'd rather read abt her and see pics of her than Britney.

2492 days ago


Hayden is the best person in Hollywood today! She has a great personality, looks beautiful and is talented, just like her Mom.

2492 days ago


What a SLOPJOB!!!! Why do people call her Princess Hayden? I prefer Lauren “L.C” Conrad over this whore!!!! BTW Congrats to New England over their 27-24 win over the Ravens, WHAT AN UNSCRIPTED SHOW!!! Another great show comes up this Sunday as the Patriots take on the Steelers!!! Make it 13-0 guys!!!!!

Go Patriots: Beat Team Hayden!!!!!!
BTW She’s lying, she’s so dating Milo!!!!!

2492 days ago



You've wanted her for years? *Shudders* Good thing you're NEVER gonna HAVE her, then, because you're obviously OBSESSED and (unless you're the same age she is) a sick pedo! Hayden wasn't even LEGAL AGE until THIS YEAR, so if you've wanted her for YEARS, that makes you a pedophile! There's nothing worse than PERVERTS who like lusting after little girls! Hayden should be VERY afraid of you--for that matter, EVERY girl should be afraid of you! And as for "tasty toes"... excuse me while I go vomit! You'll probably write back now claiming to be a teenager like she is, but whatever--we all know better. All I can say is thank GOD your "princess" would never give a PIG like you the time of day because I'm sure a pedo with a disgusting foot fetish is the LAST thing she (or anyone else) needs or wants!

Yo, Hayden, you might want to seriously consider changing your image. It seems that you've successfully turned yourself into a sex object for sick, pathetic old losers to lust after and that can be every bitas dangerous as it is revolting. Be afraid, girl, be VERY afraid, and stay as far away as possible from sick creeps like the one I just replied to!

2491 days ago


You are so angry because you are OBESE right?

2491 days ago


Hayden has been having sex for years, which she admitted, no wonder pedophiles want her. As for her mother being beautiful and talented, OMG, that is the funniest thing I have heard today! Her mother is a hag, as anyone who isn't sight-challenged can see, and Hayden is plain without all the make-up and phony hair and all her push-up padded bras. As Hayden's mother having talent, yeah, she knew how to shove her kids into show-business with Hayden still in diapers and Mommy Dearest took Hayden clubbing when Hayden was only 17, which she can't deny because TMZ covered this momentous event. Hayden is so not hot, Heroes had to add some new actresses to get people to watch the show. And now poor little so unhot Hayden is prancing around for sleazy photo-shoots in her underwear showing off her camel-toe just to get attention. What a pathetic Paris/Lindsay wanna-be exhibitionist at only 18. And what is with Hayden's saggy boobs already? Yep, just like her mother's saggy ones, alrighty, accounts for the push-up padded bras Hayden wears, LOL.

2491 days ago


"17. You are so angry because you are OBESE right?"

Ummm... what does speaking out against PEDOPHILIA have to do with being obese? Let's see... oh, that's right, absolutely NOTHING! Perhaps YOU're obese since you're the one who obviously has obesity on the brain, but then again, a lot of people on this site do seem to have an obsession with it. Lately, if you say anything that someone doesn't like, they automatically call you obese, and of course there's no point telling them that you're not because it'll only somehow reinforce their half-witted opinion that you are. You believe that people you have NEVER actually SEEN are obese based on what they SAY, which is idiotic in itself, but what did I say to suggest that I was obese in the first place? Was it because I suggested that Hayden might want to consider changing her image? I wasn't putting her down, I just said that what she does is obviously attracting the wrong kind of attention, and it IS--she has some really sick people drooling over her.

Furthermore, even if I were obese, what would it matter to YOU? Sorry, but I wouldn't give a SNOB like you the satisfaction of knowing because I don't have to prove anything to YOU. Who the hell do you think you are anyway? NOBODY, that's who! How much I weigh is NONE of YOUR business. No woman's weight is any of your business for that matter, but of course, you have the great gall to ACT like it is. The fact that you made a cheap crack about my weight as soon as you saw a comment you didn't like only goes to show how much of a pig you are and I bet you wouldn't DARE go around asking people in REAL LIFE about their weight because they'd beat you to a bloody pulp and you'd deserve every bit of it. So, whether I'm obese or not is completely irrelevant, but you, on the other hand, are an extremely childish person who obviously needs to grow up a little bit before you make an even bigger fool of yourself. I've seen primary school kids with better logic (and better insults) than yours.

If you come back with anything like, "Yeah, that's exactly what a fatty would say!", then you're only proving my point about the opinions idiots online have about weight and how nothing you could possibly say will change it. In either case, I don't intend to read any more of your responses because you're nasty and ignorant and I do have better things to do tonight than argue with someone as immature as you. What would I get out of continuing conversation with such a person? Nothing but frustration, so you can continue this--by yourself--if you're childish enough to need the last word THAT badly, but I'm finished with you, so goodbye and good riddance.

2491 days ago


19# With all due respect- looks like somebody has issues, which for their own sake and everybody elses need to be worked through as soon as possible!

Anyway Hayden is a great actress/ singer and is beautiful, she takes after her Mom. So stop writing such mean comments about her.

2491 days ago


"With all due respect," Ivan, learn to mind your own business.

2491 days ago


22# " with all due respect" again, what YOU need to remember is that when you post things on line on a puplic blog site (no matter what it is) it becomes everybodies business.

2491 days ago

Sad Eyes    

I have watched Hayden Panetierre since her days as young Lizzie Spaulding on GUIDING LIGHT. I liked her then...she was a lovely young actress. Then I saw her on Letterman celebrating her 18th birthday orating about cigarettes and time flies...yeesh! From what I saw on David Letterman, she emits a "Please like me" vibe that I hope she can overcome because I certainly don't want her flashing David Letterman on his next birthday. {{Shudder}}

2491 days ago


LOL! Thank you for that laugh, Ivan! Looks like you want to MAKE it your business! Well, when you show me your university degrees and your license to practice psychology/psychiatry, THEN you can tell me that I have "issues" and that they're your business, but until you can produce these qualifications (which you obviously don't have), save your ignorant, WORTHLESS opinions about me because my supposed "issues" are NOT your business, you pretentious jackass!

I was defending myself from someone who insulted me which obviously had nothing to do with you, so what YOU need to remember is that NOBODY asked for YOUR opinion on the matter and you stuck your nose in where it didn't belong! This was a PRIVATE matter between two people, neither of whom happened to be YOU! I'm sure you don't butt into private conversations in real life simply because the conversations happen to be occurring in public places and this is no different, so you can quit trying to patronize me already!

By the way, it's "public" not "puplic" and it's "everybody's" not "everybodies," you idiot! Looks like Mr. Know-It-All here doesn't know HALF as much as he thinks he does, including how to spell! Hint: The next time you want to go around acting like a little smartass, at least learn how to SPELL properly first! Oh, and don't bother with the RIDICULOUS "with all due respect" nonsense before you start making personal attacks on someone you don't even know because if you actually HAD any so-called "respect" to begin with, you obviously wouldn't make the nasty little remark at all.

2490 days ago


Say what you want to about Hayden, but what she did to try and help those poor dolphin whales was amazing! And nothing or no one can ever take that away from her.

2490 days ago


agrees w/ commet #17 and btw...

***Who’s more hardcore and intimidating?!! New England Patriots!!!!
Who should be the true force in TMZ/ Pop culture these days?! N.E Patriots
Who should be an admiring icon??!!!! New England Patriots!!!!
Who will win Super Bowl XLII undefeated??!!! New England Patriots!!
Who makes a better unscripted show!!! New England Patriots!!!!!
Who’s tough and powerful!!! New England Patriots!!!
Who should be idolized and gazed at by MEN?!!! New England Patriots!!!!!
Who’s your true HERO!!!!???? New England Patriots!!!!!!!
What’s Hotter?!!!! New England Patriots’ style of gameplay!!!!
GIMMEEE A HELL YEAH!!!!!!! They deserve a lot of stardom!!! They worked hard for it!!!!

Go Patriots!!!! Beat Team Hayden!!!!


***entitled to my sole opinion... dont mean to bash you Hayden lovers

2490 days ago


Number 16#, 19# and 26# You are so full of yourself. Get a life and stop bashing random people who happen not to agree with your opinion, to make yourself feel better! You said in post 16# that only "childish" people reply back with the intent of getting the last word, so what does that make you? It makes you an idiot who is no more older than a toddler mentally! Which I believe after seeing the way you write (and your punctuation)- just like a little child throwing a tantrum in Wal-mart.

19# Is spot on, as only someone with severe "issues" writes huge essay's about a mild one/two line insult- unless they happen to be TRUE! And you don't need to be a qualified psychoanalyst to see that. I guess that means you are having some weight problem's and other mental problem's ( I'll probably get an essay reply back for this, just like the others). But I don't care if you are going through these problem's or not. Just stop acting like a Miss better than everyone else loser. Because you are not as great as you think you are- but then I guess that you know that already, why else would you leave such angry comments venting your frustration!

GO TEAM HAYDEN!!!!!!!!! GO!!!!!!!!

2490 days ago
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