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Nicole Kidman

Gets Waxed!

12/5/2007 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Expressionless beauty Nicole Kidman is known for her immobile porcelain features -- which make discerning her from her Madame Tussauds wax sculpture next to impossible. See if you can guess which Nicole is human!

Nicole Kidman


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The only problem I see with the waxwork is how they made her hair too red. She's been extremely blonde for years now the red only makes it look like they were trying too hard to make her recognizable.

2443 days ago

Mark Elliott    

The one on the left is the wax figure and it's looks better thant he real Nicole Kidman. You can see why Tom Cruise dumped her. She looks very old beyond her years. You might say, Nic hasn't aged very well. If you really want to see a great shot of Nicole when she was hot, watch Eyes Wide Shut. We get a nice shot of her ass after she takes a pee and wipes her poundcake. :)

2407 days ago


I am a robot.

2480 days ago

hot snot    

ok so on the wax one, the eyes are a tad close and if you look at just the eyes it looks like Daryl Hannah (sp?)

just my opinion though

2480 days ago


your right about the eyes #2. i love her tho.

2480 days ago


The real-wax one on the right is much more expessive than the real-nonwax-botoxed one on the left.

2480 days ago


She looks good and gorgeous as well as her wax sculpture.I heard that she appeared on a friend's site "" ever before after splitting with Tom.Now it seems that quite a few celebrities join that club!

2480 days ago


The wax one looks more like Darryl Hannah.

2480 days ago

patsy ramsey    

am i the only person in the world who thinks tom was the biggest moron for trading nicole for the pudge faced kate hudson. i would choose nicole over 2 kate hudsons(1 to do my laundry for me)

2480 days ago


Classic beauty in the old school Hollywood style.

2480 days ago


Geesh, idrebeln, of course her forehead is perfect, she has been pumped up with Botox for years! Nicole is too young to be resorting to plastic surgery and Botox, she has always been one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry. She fell prey to the skewered thinking that a face like a mask is the ideal way to look and it is NOT. But she will always get kudos from me for dumping the crazy Scientology drone Tom Cruise. (Katie will not need Botox because her face is already mask-like naturally since her alien indoctrination took hold) The amount of courage it must have taken for Nicole Kidman to finally break free from the stranglehold of Scientology has always left me admiring her for her intelligence and courage and no amount of wrinkles can ever take that away from her. She is an amazing woman and a great actress, who, free from Tom, finally bloomed. Her role in "The Others" proved she is one of the greats in the history of film-making. Nicole rocks.

2479 days ago



2479 days ago


uh, questor, the pudgy face belongs to Katie Holmes and Tom didn't do the trading, it was Nicole who finally freed herself from the evil clutches of Tom and Scientology. Tom needed a young starry-eyed fool that could be brain-washed the way Nicole couldn't, and he went out looking AFTER Nicole dumped HIM. Actress Scarlett Johanson was one of Tom's picks, and she ran, smart girl. Finally, he found the perfect little, still jr. highish in her thinking, drone in Katie Holmes, who had already professed her "fantasy" of dating Tom Cruise. Not much work was needed to convince Katie to marry him, he could have gotten a yes for her with a single e-mail BEFORE they even dated. And the rest is history, Katie has been under Tom's control and she is still being indoctrinated and brainwashed by her Scientology captors/handlers, which explains Katie's robot-like demeanor while her brain is being lobotomized by Tom and Scientology.

2479 days ago


The one on the left actually has an expression, so I'm assuming the real Nicole is on the right.

2479 days ago

Vintage '51    

Questor-get your facts straight before you comment.Obviously you don't know who you are commenting about. Tom is married to Katie Holmes (unfortunately) NOT Kate Hudson who is Goldie Hawn's daughter. Katie hasn't figured out what a little twirp Tom is yet, but thank God Nicole figured it out. She is a beautiful, talented actress but I do believe her eyes are green.

2479 days ago
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