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Britney's Real Estate of Affairs

12/6/2007 6:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney got pop-tarted up last night -- as only she can -- slapping on her favorite pink wig for a sit-down dinner at the Four Seasons with her curiously hunky "Realtor." Is he on the market?

Spears seems serious about laying claim to some new real estate -- spending time with USC grad/house peddler Robert Edie -- in her quest for a palatial "party house." Is that what the kiddies call it these days?

Put out the welcome mat!


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Poor Britney, she tries so hard to hide herself from the paps. Yeah, right, all you fools who feel sorry for her because paps are always all over her, she sure is making you all look like idiots. She puts on a pink wig so no one will recognize her? More like HERE I AM, PAPS!

So here is a woman who is supposedly trying to get her kids back and she announces to the TMZ paps that she is looking for a "party house!" Yeah, that will really impress the judge, Britney's parties will certainly not be something kids should be around, will of course involve lots of sex and drugs. Kevin must be beside himself now, thinking of his little kids at Britney's "party house." He needs to request full custody with the kids getting only supervised visitation with Britney. Not that she changes her crappy behavior even when the court monitor is around, but those kids should never be left alone with her. So she has all this money to buy ANOTHER house (can't have a party in the one she's living in now? She can't spend her money fast enough!) and some morons complain that Kevin will get child support when Britney spends money faster than the Feds can make it AND doesn't have the kids! Who would have thought Kevin would be such a good dad, but those kids are so lucky to have him.

2514 days ago

the lost    

Has anyone called Mr. Michael Jackson to let him know that he is no longer the weirdest wacked-out celebrity anymore? Because Britney Spears just replaced him. The pink wig finally made me realize that she's not just an attention whore- she's nutzo too. She looked better bald than in that hideous pink thing. As for her new friend Robert, it's no coincidence that Britney got the cutest real estate agent in Hollywood. He jumped at the chance to meet Miss Crack-Pot Spears. I highly doubt he's gay. I wonder where this relationship will go?

2514 days ago

Julie G.    

I see Britney as Mrs. Robinson. Her real estate man is like Benjamin Braddock, young 20 yrs younger(Dustin Hoffman) like in a movie of "Graduate".(1967) Well, nothing new with Brit! I think she needs to see a shrink, of course, she probably think not need to see!

2514 days ago


Liza: He aleady has full temporary custody, she has the monitored visits as of about 10/01/07. That's when the judge ordered all those things she had to do, like drug testing, parenting classes, etc. They go back to court in April to decide if the arrangement should be modified. I agree with your last sentence 100%. Just shows SOME people CAN grow up. I guess Shar was telliing the truth all along about him being a good father.

2514 days ago



IHOPE - When her boys get older, they find you and put a bullet thru right your worthless white trash head! I'm not a fan of her's, but you constantly harass her, you totally deserve it!!!!

2514 days ago


JULIE! Graduate is one of my favorite movies. I can't go any farther, i'll read your post again now.

2514 days ago

the lost    

To Liza: Could not have said it better myself!

2514 days ago


#5 and #7- I thought the same thing!!! LOL What the hell is that girl's problem?? Does she NOT want her kids back?? I didn't like K-Fed, but man - he has been handed a silver platter with this SKANK!! At least we don't see his pictures all over the place - not even pictures with his kids - or "photo-ops" as Britney likes to think of them. I hope he keeps those kids FOREVER and she continues to have "supervised visitation." She should be sterilized while they are at it!!

2514 days ago


"Zit faced virgin," "dirty skank," "pathetic whore"--If these comments aren't inappropriate, what is inappropriate? Why would any media company--much less one whose founder unfailingly describes its original staff as "just a bunch of print media guys"--allow this kind of vile public expressions of hatred on its website? What is it about Britney Spears that causes management to so openly abandon its own commentary guidelines?

2514 days ago

The Simple Facts    

A party house? As usual, her priorities are as twisted as the rest of her thinking. BS skitters around in her own deluded world. Will someone please squash this filthy roach? She probably mistook another restaurant patron's expensive dress as a napkin -- then let her dog poop on it (wouldn't be the first time). What a low class, worthless piece of shiiit.

2514 days ago

The Simple Facts    

Anonymous, Poster 107: hey honey, we're just tellin' it like IT IS. Now go choke on it

2514 days ago

What took so long    

LOVE LOVE LOVE the purse Brit!!!!

2514 days ago

Mama Says    

Looks like she's already written off the kids as a lost cause. Does she even remember their names at this point? What a sorry mess.

2514 days ago


You guys make it all worth it....getting my fat ass out of bed, going to work, fighting traffic on the way home.....just to read about "Twitney", and your comments. Keep em coming!

2514 days ago


As beautiful and talented as she is.. If she's got another bun in the oven??? She's gonna be screwed. Meaning the obvious... But if she can't take care of the 2 little kids (poor kids) and she can't handle a third.
I think some of the (most) of the blame goed to K-Fool!
He probably wiggled into her life and screwed it up so bad she's, obviously in a lot of pain, being married to the worst white mock Crapper in the history of rap music.

So Britney...get what you can get now, because you may night have much after you lose your kids! And that's painfully obvious! (bad parenting 101)

2514 days ago
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