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Britney Gets Sold ... Again

12/8/2007 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney Spears did not call the paps for a photo op, says MSNBC. A photog sent out a release announcing that she was given the high honor of snapping Brit with the boys.

The pink-wigged wonder was hoping for some extra points in the Mom of the Year category and sat down for a holiday photo with JJ and SP. Only problem: the photographer wants to make a buck or two -- and with no confidentiality agreement, it seems that mama's holiday card could become a mass promo mailing.

Merry Christmas, y'all!

The Pizza is Getting Cold

Paris HiltonParis Hilton wants to sail again with Stavros, according to the NY Post. The socially conscious socialite was in Miami this week, trailing her shipping heir ex -- who has been spending time with Greasy Bear's old flame, Caroline Vreeland. The hard-working heiress attempted to get Stavros' attention and even tried to get his new lady friend kicked out of the clubs.

Alas, when all else failed, spies say Paris allegedly punched the girl. Not our Paris! Reps deny. Eventually pizza gets old.

Oprah Hits the Campaign Trail

The Queen Gabber is stumping for presidential wannabe Barack Obama in Iowa today, and heads to rallies in New Hampshire and South Carolina on Sunday, reports the L.A. Times. Obama is closing the gap with Hillary in key primary states, and the boiling hot star power of the Big O may just push Senator O down Pennsylvania Avenue. Oprah has raised $3 million for the candidate and is expected to draw huge crowds this weekend. Already in South Carolina, demand for the Double O's appearance was so high, they moved the small gathering to an 80,000-seat stadium. Will she give cars to all of them? Oprah can sell books, but can she sell a prez?

Party Favors: Vanessa Goes to Washington ... "Friends" May Meet for One More Latte

Having naked photos you sent your BF surface on the Internet can work wonders for a career. Teen sensation Vanessa Hudgens is performing tomorrow at the annual Christmas in Washington concert (via Just Jared). ... Actress Courteney Cox tells Us that it is unlikely there will be a "Friends" reunion show, but never say never.


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Logo Designers    

FUUUUURST BEACHES! Ding Dang, why uurbody be using Brit yall?

2509 days ago


Hilton's behavior comes as a surprise to no one. This woman hasn't an ounce of class.

As a parent, I am one of many that look forward to the day when she finally completes her slide into celebutard oblivion, and makes room for more positive role models for our young people.

2509 days ago

Lenn K.    

Who wants a Friends reunion anyway? There will come a day when the names Paris Hilton and Britney Spears with be say who? But for now these ladiessssssssssssss get 95% of all the coverage and I yet to figure out why?. The media has gone to hell and this train is leaking oil, smoking, and sparking as it flys out the track. Can't wait to see 2008!!

2509 days ago


Paris date who you want...when you want....everyone is just jealous that they can't get a little of you.......I guess that's why they buy your magazine pictures and tissue paper....

2509 days ago

no thank you    

Britney sold out? Maybe. It will take more than a staged Christmas photo to make me think this wack job has one ounce of motherhood in her. Leaked out on purpose is probably more like it.

2509 days ago

Go away!!    

LuvUParis, many many men have already had a piece of her.
Her actions are not surprising nor is this a first time thing. I read a story yesterday how skanky was jealous and tried to get a woman named Joanna Krupa (she is a model) kicked out of clubs in Los Angeles last year. And don't forget Zeta Graff, paris planted ugly, vicious untrue lies about her in the media and ended up paying Zeta millions in a settlement rather than have her ugly, ugly self revealed to the world in a court case.
paris hilton's emotional growth seems to have stopped when she was about twelve years old. Her personality is repulsive and vile and her fans who scream 'jealousy' should look to their idol for the true meaning of the word.

2509 days ago


ENOUGH on Brittney !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other and more serious issues are happening. Oprah/Obama, Hillary, etc. Lets concentrate on what really matters, not some lunatic celeb looking for attention............

2509 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

#7 Are you serious? All I'm hearing from people I speak to, is there's this feeling that Oprah's just trying to hijack this Primary election for Obama, not just "nudge" people to vote for him!!

2509 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

Personally, I don't want someone TELLING me who to vote for. I can use my own judgement, thank you very much!

2509 days ago

Truth is stranger than fiction    

To LuvUParis

How many times do you have to play the jealousy card? Is the fact that most people have higher standards really that upsetting to you?

2509 days ago


"The socially conscious socialite " jaddajaddablablabla.
TMZ my favourite HOBBY!
If anyone is socially concious" its you.

2509 days ago


We all know that Obama has NO CHANCE of winning, because he's black AND FREKIN MUSLIM. That's two strikes he can't change. Obama- you're in the wrong country to be running for president.

And besides all that- this man lacks crucial EXPERIENCE. All of our recent Presidents were State Governors- Obama has no experience governoring people, so how can people possibly vote for him to run this country???

It's a joke to me, really, that he's wasting so much money, time and effort. If he wasn't Muslim, he might have a chance, but the cult of death will never rule America!

2509 days ago

Truth is stranger than fiction    

It will be interesting to see if Oprah's focused efforts and fund raising actually hurt or help Obama. Only time will tell.

2509 days ago


Obama was raised by his father as a Muslim. The creed of that cult is "once a muslim, always a muslim. Death to those who leave the religion"

Obama is a major target for those frekin crazy muslims who want to rule the world. That's just what this country DOES NOT NEED.

2509 days ago


Oprah has lost her mind. I bet if she could BUY votes for Obama, she would do it. She would spend tens of millions just to get her hope of a black man in the Oval Office accomplished. She cannot be trusted during this election.

2509 days ago
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