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Kat's Tat Record Stab

Nearly Nixed by Truck

12/8/2007 5:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kat Von DVixen tattoo artist Kat Von D is trying to break a world record -- and needs the help of 400 ink lovin' Angelenos to get it done! Hopefully, some wayward truck won't interfere!

The "L.A. Ink" star posted a blog on her MySpace, pleading to her fans to help her break the Guinness World Record for number of tattoos completed in 24 hours. She'll hold the mass-inking on December 14 at her shop in L.A. To save time, everyone who shows up gets the same tat (inset) -- no minors allowed.

The tat costs $20 a person, with all proceeds going to the Vitamin Angels, an organization that raises money for children in Africa.

Last night, Kat's pigment parlor was almost tattooed by a truck that plowed into the Edible Arrangement store next door. Reality Bites!

A few more feet in the other direction could have put a serious damper on Kat's run for the record.


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I am a 53 year old Grandmother and I wish that I lived closer to L.A.....I'd stand in line for one of Kat's tats.........more power to her.

2520 days ago

Peaceful One    

What vicious comments. I don't have tattoos and won't but have you seen this woman's work? She is an amazing artist. Her tats of people are incredible, she is very talented. Who cares if she wants to break a world record, many people do and after all, this is a capitalist country, she has every right to market herself. I haven't heard of her hurting or exploiting anyone. Also, the "Von" is not her middle name, it's the beginning of her dutch last name. Why do people make dumb comments they know nothing about? More power to Kat, she is at the top of her game and young and again, very talented.

2519 days ago


Tattoos are like the high heel shoes of the 70's.

Unlike the shoes they are permanent proof of your bad taste.

2519 days ago


NOBODY needs tatooes folks, they are ugly! My opinion on permanently marking one's skin FOREVER.

2519 days ago


Hey driver: next time aim better!

2519 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Actually, that came off sounding harsher than I wanted it to. KvD is an incredible artist! She does things on skin that people wish they could do on canvas! She is still young too, so she will only grow as an artist! If she were in another medium, many of the people who criticize her would probably like and respect her work. I have three tats that represent my grow in Martial Arts and all are special to me. I did the calligraphy myself and they turned out great after some talented artists reproduced them for me. It is a cultural and artistic thing that most people will never fully understand and that is precisely why some people relish them. Yeah, some people like my dad's drunken friend make mistakes getting them, but this is usually due to poor thinking about what you want on your skin, why you want it, and the quality of the artist. Don't ever get a tat, unless you really have thought it out for a while. I've had mine for 14 years and they still look perfect and even when they fade, I won't regret them! Remember that not everyone in this world wants to be just another person in the herd. Not everyone WANTS TO BE JUST LIKE YOU!!!!!!

2519 days ago


damn ,,,their is a lot of angry people posting,,,,,,

if you dont like tattoos ,dont get one

2519 days ago


I got a tattoo from Kat about three weeks ago. Turned out awesome. I was actually there while they were filming the show. Kat is an amazing artist and a sweet and down to earth girl. I'm surprised so many people here are SO opinionated on tattoos. Guess what? It's a friggin' tattoo, get over it. If someone wants to have one, who cares? Whatever your attitudes are on tattoos is fine I guess, but to those attacking her personally, I won't say you're stupid but apparently you are ignorant. She's as nice a girl as you'd ever want to meet in person. Last week the make-a-wish foundation had set up a little girl to come to LA to meet Kat as her dying request but she ended up being too sick to make it. This girl was in the hospital and they didn't know if she was going to make it. Kat stopped her show, canceled all her appointments and drove to San Diego to see her instead. I still don't know if she made it in time but I guess I'll find out when I go get my tattoo next week. I'll be there in line Kat.

2519 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

ALL the losers talking stuff about tattoos get a life..Jeez...WTF are you so angry about. Tattoos are not an excuse for you to attack and vent about being fat, ugly and a loser..Got it fat ugly boring housewives/ computer geeks!!

2519 days ago


Yes, tattoos make you slender, beautiful, and interesting.

Who knew?

2519 days ago


Are her eyebrows tattooed?

2519 days ago

Kelly, CV CA    

Why so much hostility towards someone, none of you know. Kat Von Drachenberg AKA Kat Von D is the nicest person i have ever met. This World record she is trying to set is an awesome way to bring people together, and all of the money made during this "stupid stunt" is being donated to a childrens chartiy. So before you all judge someone that looks different that you, try and find out what that person is all about before you start calling names and hating on people. Kat is a very beautiful person inside and out. Dont judge a book by its cover.

By the way being sleeved and tattooed doesnt mean you are a criminal or a bad person. I am tired of people thinking that by being tattooed that automatically makes you a horrible person.

Just know the story before you start talking crap.

2518 days ago


I normally don't add to comments on pages like this but I felt the need to. First and formost why is this story so much about her records stunt? How about the people in the accident?! Although I think that the stunt that kat is attempting to do is kind of stupid I think it's more stupid for the people getting the tattoos to be a part of it. So how about making fun of those people instead of kat?

2518 days ago

Truth Teller    

You negatively judge her profession, but it's one in high demand that happens to pay very well. You slander her as a "media whore", but it's a celebrity's job to get the publics attention & hold it for as long as possible. You speak ill of her looks, which really just shows how shallow & superficial you can be. Grow up. Stop disliking people because they are doing well, & try to find a little self confidence.

2511 days ago
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