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Kat's Tat Record Stab

Nearly Nixed by Truck

12/8/2007 5:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kat Von DVixen tattoo artist Kat Von D is trying to break a world record -- and needs the help of 400 ink lovin' Angelenos to get it done! Hopefully, some wayward truck won't interfere!

The "L.A. Ink" star posted a blog on her MySpace, pleading to her fans to help her break the Guinness World Record for number of tattoos completed in 24 hours. She'll hold the mass-inking on December 14 at her shop in L.A. To save time, everyone who shows up gets the same tat (inset) -- no minors allowed.

The tat costs $20 a person, with all proceeds going to the Vitamin Angels, an organization that raises money for children in Africa.

Last night, Kat's pigment parlor was almost tattooed by a truck that plowed into the Edible Arrangement store next door. Reality Bites!

A few more feet in the other direction could have put a serious damper on Kat's run for the record.


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Maybe you should have all of the info before u add ur idiotic comment. She was trying to break a record and raise money!
You could get any tattoo as long as it was in Guiness's size limits. As a fun idea for fans Kat and Guiness came up with the LA logo tattoo for anyone who wanted a $20 tattoo! At least she's trying to raise money for a good cause what are you doing? It's a tv show u think they're gonna let her be in an unsanitary environment! Tattoos are not for everyone. I have 9 but if you saw me u would never know. I give her props for being herself an d not knowing you losers!

2489 days ago


I dont see why everybody is being so negative about Kat Von D, and tattoo's in general. Like other people have said, Kat is a lovely person, and what she did was for charity, where's the harm in that?...I don;t see why people think it is such a big deal.... She's an amazing artist, and anyone would be lucky to be tattoo'd by her. Tattoo's are not ugly...and definitly not just for criminals, I don't understand why everyone is so ignorant about people with tattoo's...there's nothing wrong with having full sleeves...or any tattoo for that matter (I think Kat looks great with them...and the same goes for alot of other women with tattoos)..they are an art form and a way of expressing yourself...most tattoo's have alot of meaning and even if they dont...who cares?...they mark a time in your life, they show what was going on at the point you had the shouldnt be a regret....and besides...who cares if they look crap when your often do you see an old man or woman walking around naked??!...if everyone hates them so much...why are they sitting here complaining about them....stop being so judgemental and get on with your own lives...

2484 days ago


Identifying marks are for criminals.

2509 days ago


yes for people with no life and nothing to do,,,go help this woman get famous !!! since when putting (von) as a middle name was cool?

2509 days ago

John Grieme    

She ought to call herself Ug Von Ly. I thought that show got cancelled.

2509 days ago


Anyone else wonder, at first glance, what does a pic of Ricki Lake have to do with tattoos?

2509 days ago


I wouldnt normaly respond to a post on smeting like this, but the comment on tattoos being only for crimnals offends me and insults a lot of honest people. I have tattoos that I feel express things about me. Far from being a criminal, I own a succssful and respectd business providing jobs for a number of people. In fact most of the people I know have one or more of them, and none of them are criminals either.Maybe you are just scared to get one and jealous. Either that or some religious conservative freak that twists things to your warped perspective.

2509 days ago


Wow, what a totally irresponsible thing to do. I've got full sleeves, and I can tell you that no serious tattoo artist would even consider something like this. These things are permanent and require dedication from the artist, not stunts.

2509 days ago

Homeless dude    

Tattoos are good for one thing, at least it makes it easier for the police to identify suspects. I'd wager the vast majority of criminals have tattoos. "Tatting" yourself up while you're young you will ultimately regret it when you're old. Those tattoo sleeves will look great when you're 70! Any decision you make that will last a lifetime, you need to really consider the implications. Don't just go with what's cool now, you'll be sorry later. I know it's not criminal to have a tattoo, but it will last as long as a criminal record.

2509 days ago

Chubby Cubby    

Who cares about this stupid stunt ---- are the people involved in the accident okay???? Maybe the focus should be on them and not some rich bitch looking for more attention --- MEDIA WHORE!!

2509 days ago


Hey numbnuts with the dating site spam - where are you? Haven't you found kat on weathlyloser dot com too by now?

2509 days ago


She will probably use the same needle on everyone to save time.

They should put dumb, dumb, dumb on everybody.

2509 days ago


Stupid stunt, stupid show.

2509 days ago


So much negativity! Who the hell said anything about getting sleeved?

2509 days ago


I have a tattoo......I am cool

2509 days ago
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