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Amy's Mom to Wino -- Get Your S*** Together!

12/9/2007 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amy WinehouseThere's no question that Amy Winehouse is a very hot mess. And no one apparently knows this better than her own mother. Nothing like calling your daughter out in public!

In an open letter published in the UK's News of the World, Janis Winehouse pleads for her daughter to get help.

In the letter, Janis writes, "You are still my baby and you always will be. I pile hope upon hope that you will make that decision, Amy, and your strong will can bend for just a moment to make that decision and come home to me."

She goes on to say, "Early fame has overwhelmed you, it's dizzied you and muddled your mind ... remember you're just an ordinary human being, no stronger than any of the rest of us. You think you're strong enough to get through this on your own, darling, but you're not." Early fame. Yeah ... that's it.


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FOR SURE...WOW! She got pretty upset cause I said LOL, didn't she......Guess she's not too friendly! You may very well have saved me! Thanks, pal. Ha ha

2510 days ago


OMG! I just heard the news! Amy Winehouse does drugs?!?!

2510 days ago


Amy can't be a far gone as her mother says. Even when she's blind drunk Amy still remembers to wear that beehive hairdo and full makeup. Haven't see to many drunks or drug addicts who can do even half as much.

2510 days ago

Julie G.    

hahahaha, I have a good marriage. When I come here to say something or chat some with jr and others, it usually the time when my husband is watching football game, so my little sons too or when they are in bed! I thought it is really cute to not wreck their male bonding time during T.V !!!! I have all bonding time with my boys and my hubby during . Maybe you could not admit your being crappy tonight, it must be your PMS, hahahaha. Anyway, my understanding Amy's parents let her know that her parents home is open to her, if she needs to come home, I wish to see that more often among train wreck celebrities's families!

2510 days ago

Wow my goodnesss    

She's not going to stop anytime soon because she's having too much fun (so she thinks).
I love her but people will do whatever they're going to do. I used to party hard myself but I guess I just grew out of it. It's sad to see her so messed up and bloody. I hope she has
a moment of clarity and stops self-destructing. She's gotta get rid of that husband.

2510 days ago


Uh, HELLO, this girl needs HELP, any way she can get it!
She'll be DEAD soon if she doesn't get some help!

2510 days ago


To # 15's comment................ Amy is a BIG GIRL. Mommys shouldnt have to leave her life and what she is doing to go take care of a drug addict thats married to another drug addict. Whats this crap with people always thinking that because their kids choose to be addicts, their parents have to leave their life???? Maybey she doesnt want to be in the drug world her daughter is. Besides................ drug addicts push parents away and do not accept them in thei lives. Look at Britney Spears !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2510 days ago


Her mom probably has no other contact with her than by going this route. As a parent, I can only imagine how hard it must be to see your kid going through this, and not able to get through to them. Amy is a wreck, and while I find her talent questionable - sorry, the old soul sound just doesn't cut it for me - she still has her fanbase, and her niche cut out for her. It's a shame to see that wasted. I hope she gets help ASAP.

2510 days ago

sea salt    

tattoed skank! a chunk of vomit populates my mouth everytime I see a picture of her. gross and dirty....

2510 days ago


I love my mom.

Amy Winehouse on Winehouse

2510 days ago

miriam pierre    

her mother should be ashamed of herself for publicizing those comments it should of been done in private

2510 days ago


You have to feel sympathy for a mother who really can't do anything to help her grown daughter. Amy is an adult, she is married, she is famous and wealthy. She is also a drug addict, and it would take an act of desperation on the part of her mother to post a letter like this. I hope she finds the help she needs, because in the meantime shes a timebomb and famous or not her behavior is harming others.

2510 days ago


Tell me why she is being nominated for any award when she is such a mess?
In my opinion she is a worse mess that Britney and she didn't get nominated...........
Go figure.....................

2510 days ago

the lost    

She looks messy, she does drugs... but is that so odd for a musician? Seriously, what is the big deal with her? The big deal with Britney is that she used to be so perfect looking and a teenage diva and then she became a mess. Amy is just messy. That's just her. What's all the fuss?

2509 days ago

the lost    

Someone needs to remind Amy that her husband is in JAIL, he didn't leave her! He still loves her and they're still going to be together. It could be a lot worse.

2509 days ago
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