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Britney Drops the F-Bomb

12/10/2007 10:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears turned on her paparazzi buddies this weekend -- cussing them out for getting too close to her car!

Spears was doing some shopping at Beverly Glen market in Los Angeles, where she was once again completely surrounded by snappers. After screaming "I love people!" at the throng and getting her Starbucks fix, Spears suddenly went from bubbly to bitchy with one pap and snapped, "Don't touch my f***ing car!"

Probably wise to listen to her, y'all -- girlfriend's car does have a tendency to runneth people over.


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Lenn K.    

They probably think you love them because you call them to let them know where you're going. Stay home, order in, and sent someone to get your coffee. They do this because they know you like this.

2508 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    

Will this creature ever go away???

2508 days ago


I don't blame her for cursing at the paps-they are just too much. Whatever you want to say about Britney,I certainly could not deal with all those paps 24/7 like she has to.

2508 days ago


she didnt turn on them,,,these idiots would get under the effing car just to get a shot!!! you cant blame many time she ran over their foot!!! shes allow to snap...

2508 days ago

Mary Jane    

PLEASE DONT leave her alone. Watching this supreme moron makes me feel pretty and good about myself, yall.

TMZ is cheaper than therapy!!!!

2508 days ago


Of course Britney Spears Runs over peoples' feet. Of course she curses and bitches at the papparazzi. The papparazzi harrasses her. Get in her face with a million flashing bulbs. Hover over her car and run each other down to get a picture of her. You guys(papparazzi) are like ants piling up on a sugar cube(Britney Spears). Then you have the nerve to talk bad about her and claim she is losing her mind. Duh! I think she has held up long enough with the papparazzis' constant vigile on her. I would of lost it a long time ago and probably would of gone postal on all your asses. She is holding up very well for someone who I'm sure wishes there was a law to shoot papparazzi if they get within 100 feet of her. Magazine reps are the indecent human beings who make this poor girl look like a flake in front of the media so that they can have a new cover story. You are all at the bottom of the food chain because the process of dehumanizing a person for your glorification and success is ruthless and without feeling.

2508 days ago


I'm glad she finally said something to them. Gee after just buying a new car she doesn't want it all scratched up. I know i wouldn't.
Good for you Britney, you have been nothing but nice to them.

2508 days ago


alec baldwin, sean penn and many other hollywood dudes has gone wacko on the paps,,,you got to hand it to brit brit...i would snap on these fools!!!

2508 days ago


I am starting to think I need to be dating least I know up front she is nuts and wont be surprised later...

2508 days ago

Mary Jane    

Britney does NOT HAVE to deal with papz, she CHOOSES to deal with them. She is a clueless moron and she deserves what she has gotten, a circus like freakshow cult following.

I eat her gossip up, because she is such a complete whackadoodle right now. This is great entertainment!!

Does anyone think Britney could not get an assistant to run out for coffee? Or drive aimlessly to gas stations for gum and lighters? Britney needs to back off her trailer trash tude and get over herself already.

Oh, who am I kidding, I hope she NEVER changes, she is just too entertaining to reign in.

2508 days ago

What will it take...    

If she had any brains at all, she'd file a restraining order on TMZ.
If what TMZ and the paps do to her is not harassment and stalking, I don't know what is.

2508 days ago


Let's see(evil snicker)- Sudden mood swing: A) on the monthly rag or B)manic depression(bipolar)

2508 days ago


TMZ you should back the f off!!! Damn give her some room and quit leaning on her car.

2508 days ago


She needs to run over some more of you. I could give a rat's a@@ about Britney and her career, but get the hell outta of her way you nimrods. You deserve what you get with your smashed toes and dinged up cameras.

2508 days ago

Mary Jane    

Let's see, sudden mood swing, hmmmm, drug abuse anyone? Anger is a side effect of many different drugs, including speed.

2508 days ago
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