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Britney Terrorizes the Road ... Again!

12/10/2007 12:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Someone teach this girl how to drive -- before someone else sacrifices their foot, or worse. Steer clear!

Britney Spears was caught pulling yet another -- yes, another -- dangerous maneuver on the road this weekend -- driving on the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic! Paging Nicole Richie!

Brit wasn't alone in her blatant violation of the rules of the road though, as at least two SUVs of frenemies the paparazzi pulled the exact same move. Perhaps it was peer pressure.


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Maybe if she were left alone and didn't have to dodge ever pap in the country she would be able to drive. I would like to see anybody drive under the same conditions she does.
Paps spend a little more time on GayFed since he is "one of the most influential young men in America." I'm still laughing over that one.........................

2422 days ago


in response to comment 14: YOU are not being chased by reckless paps trying to get pictures of you while you are trying to drive - you try driving with people following you 24/7 and having multiple camera's/flashes in your face, esp when your kids are (were) in the backseat of your car and you see how fast youd want to get the hell away - i dont like the girl and i think she is spiraling out of contral but the paps are also to blame - but they dont care - they want her to make these moves so they can get their money shot and tmz can pay the bille.

2422 days ago


She is going to kill someone. I would hope it would be her, but it probably won't. It will be an innocent person or a child. Why will not the law deal with this spongebrain? Oh yeah, they are too busy kissing drunk sluts.

2422 days ago


wazup wid her driving skills?

2422 days ago


Hi, Ya'll. Here I am in BRITNEYLAND!!!!! I can do anything I want in BRITNEYLAND!!!!

2422 days ago

Oh Well    

I love how the people on here who choose to defend Ms. Spears always want to jump on her ex husband or the papps. Didn't TMZ say directly in the article that 2 SUV's of papps also violated the law and drove dangerously?

Come on, be honest for once. Britney Spears wants all of the attention. And if she does not get it she does something to try to get it. You speculate that Kevin F is doing something wrong but what hard evidence do you have TODAY that he is doing anything wrong? Absolutely none! So drop they "Get K-Fed, he must be doing something wrong to poor Britney" crap! She is her own worst enemy and all he is doing is sitting back and letting her do herself in.

2422 days ago


Dont get me wrong, i love Britt. But i also believe that if the papz left her alone she would still be making life threatning moves like in her receint dangerouse driving moves...... Stay strong BRITT! Keep yer eyes on the road! ;)

2422 days ago


C'mon TMZ, you know I hate to side with the Brit-nitwit, but you're forcing my hand. Just as our friend Nicky Hogan found that irresponsible driving has horrific consequences for innocent people, TMZ and it's rapid paps are a disaster waiting to happen.

Lay off Brit, a death is inevitable at this rate, and she's not worth having a death on her hands.

2422 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

What these paps are doing is nothing less than what could be called DOMESTIC TERRORISM!!! They should be arrested... And I'm not even a fan of Britney's!!

2422 days ago


give her a break. she makes the best choices she knows how to make. if everybody tried to help her as much as they try to put her down then maybe she could pull through this difficult time. i have always relied on my parents and friends for guidence and she seems to have no one who cares unless she is giving them money. please someone reach out to her before it is to late. someone show her what it is like to be a good mom and friend. i think she is a good person at heart . lets help her and stop hurting her.

2422 days ago


Very few posted comments about Brit indicate a compelling interest in her. We don't CARE about her. TMZ should consider the unnecessary risk it is subjecting her children to.

2422 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    

When will they take this idiot off the road, when she kills someone?

2422 days ago


And yet you just keep on chasing her, don't you, TMZ??

Guess what--- NOBODY cares about this stupid little Tw#t.

2422 days ago


The paps are just as responsible for this stupid behavior as Britney. They're all a bunch of losers.

2422 days ago

2 1/2 Volts    

She took a crash course in driving

2422 days ago
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