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Brit Stars in "Dazed and Confused"

12/11/2007 10:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Pepto-pink wigged out Britney Spears was in a world of her own last night -- looking totally out of it as she drove all around L.A. with her paparazzi entourage.

Driving with no destination, Brit appeared lost as she pulled into the parking lot behind the Hustler store in West Hollywood, telling the paps "I'm scared." She's not the only one.

After flashing her goodies to the snappers, Brit started to walk into the store -- but banged a U-turn after the paps refused to calm down.


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UMMM HELLO> is this enough to say GET THOSE LITTLE KIDS AWAY FROM THIS TRAIN WRECK? all that money and free time, she can afford to forget the car buying experience and get a driver with a limo.

What is it gonna take already a car accident that injures someone by Brit Brit or a Pap following her to realize she can't drive anymore and the Paps are breaking laws following her.

2506 days ago

Lenn K.    

#2 is right this is what she does. Why not just sit home? Why not do something that makes sense? This is will come to an end soon and people will realize this person has so real problems!!

2506 days ago


Brit is a very sick girl in need of some serious help. I think her family have tried but the end results must come from herself. No one can "make her" do anything. I think drugs have taken over her mind. Such a shame. I think one day we will read of her total demise. suicide or accidental death. Pray for her. She is in need of prayer.

2506 days ago


She looks #@+%ed up on something. Is she going to have to actually kill someone for them to get her off the damn road. I'm afraid that will happen. Such a ignorant bitch.

2506 days ago


That is just so totally wonder she was scared. Just how many pictures does one pap need anyway? Are there no laws at all to protect a citizen? Must not be. Love you Britney!

2506 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    


2506 days ago


What you guys and the rest of the Media Circus are doing is not right, you're given her everyday the atenttion she craves for, and the bad part is nobody cares anymore, Britney, Lindsey and Paris are like American Idol Winners, nobody cares, it is good for a while but now is not funny or fun anymore.

2506 days ago


TMZ and other tabloids have to make their money sensationalizing everything. She like every other human being she just wants to go to the store but because she is Britney Spears it has to have a dramatic headline. The whole can not be told because TMZ and other make a living off of Britney Spears. She is always on the top of the page every morning. RATINGS! Unfortunetely Britney will not defend herself and that has cost her dearly. Get a life people!

2506 days ago


She totally looks like a meth addict.

2506 days ago


I do feel bad that the girl can't even take two steps w/o the paps in her way. She has, however, brought this on herself. She definately looked disoriented. She needs help.

2506 days ago


Pathetic! WTH? I'm adding her to the top of my death pool.... I say she totally self destructs and or OD's before Amy Winehouse... I give 'em both like 2 weeks!

2506 days ago


She just keeps getting more pathetic and desperate. Can't anyone help this girl? It's so bad now, you don't even feel right making fun of her anymore.

2506 days ago


She is trying to find happiness in all the wrong places.

The key to finding true happiness is to find a purpose in life and also by helping other people and animals in need.

2506 days ago


in a world of her own last night? She's ALWAYS in a world of her own. What I don't understand is how she manages to stay out of a mental ward. It is just a matter of time before she seriously hurts herself or someone else.

2506 days ago


#5--Lawrence---you are as pathetic as she is.

2506 days ago
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