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Brit Stars in "Dazed and Confused"

12/11/2007 10:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Pepto-pink wigged out Britney Spears was in a world of her own last night -- looking totally out of it as she drove all around L.A. with her paparazzi entourage.

Driving with no destination, Brit appeared lost as she pulled into the parking lot behind the Hustler store in West Hollywood, telling the paps "I'm scared." She's not the only one.

After flashing her goodies to the snappers, Brit started to walk into the store -- but banged a U-turn after the paps refused to calm down.


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Good Lord.....
No wonder the girl has gone wacky! She has at least 10 stockers follow her every move at all times. What a nutty life, the girl doesn't know what reality is. Yea she did this to herself, but WE are to blame as well because we, the ones reading this, are WHY the stockers follow her every move.... So were all to blame for this mess she calls a life.


2508 days ago


I went to you want a piece of britney blogspot the other day and after I left my computer started sounding funny and running slow. Spyware? I ran a scan and after that everything was ok.

2508 days ago

Junie T.    

This poor girl. She IS a trainwreck. And no wonder. She has tried to hire drivers...but she needs someone she can trust as well as someone who isn't afraid that they may run over the p'razzis. And, I know what it's like to be at home with no one to talk to. You miss adult conversaion. This poor girl can't go anywhere without being accosted by people who don't truly care about her. This girl is a hazard to be around just because of the media circus. She needs police escorts and she needs a girl friend who doesn't wish to be a singer and who doesn't care about her fame. Someone who isn't going to go running to the next best thing. Her life has been filled wither users. Kfed...gross -- what a piece of trash. Her mom must love her -- why doesn't she show it. She does seem confused and spaced out. I can't even imagine her life. I know she must love her kids a lot. I'm glad they are supervised though...they are at risk just by being the children of this girl. She needs help and she needs a break. But she needs people too. I can't imagine what a good solution is for her. If she is doing drugs, then I hope she stops. If she isn't, then I hope she gets the mental help she needs.

2508 days ago


You paparazzi are so rude and inconsiderate. At least let the girl walk around. Does she need a 300 pound body guard pushing you jerks out of the way? You people make me sick.

2508 days ago


This twit needs to be drug tested TODAY!!

2508 days ago


You guys, please leave the girl alone. It's so sad that I am uncomfortable seeing it anymore. You are taking advantage of a truly sick and confused person and I honestly believe we'll admire those of you who can take the high road and stop photographing her. It's really shameful to be doing what you're doing to her.

2508 days ago

2 1/2 Volts    

After watching that clip, I am truly lost for words. I stared at my monitor for 15 min., repeating the word, unbelievable. It's sad that someone in her camp will not stand up and get her some help!

It's just a matter of time, before we all will be here posting comments of her short and tragic life.

So sad!!

2508 days ago


Geez guys BIG FLIPPING deal, I would be scared driving with 20 cars+ chasing me everywhere I went you idiots. Leave her alone, go watch her take a crap for gods sake you losing paparrzi. FIND SOMEONE else to follow. Man you guys are relentless and thats what makes her crazy.

2508 days ago

Left Coaster    

Leave her alone. It used to be entertaining, but it feels sleazy and sad now. Poor kid.

2508 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Hmm, let's see, to throw off the paps, what's a girl to do? Oh yeah, wear the pink wig! With Brit, I am in the middle somewhere--not really a fan but definitely not a hater. But I would agree with many that she seriously needs to address her give-me-attention deficit disorder.

2508 days ago

TMZ is Abusing Britney    

Celebrity media is making a killing off Britney. Does she get a royalty/fee from TMZ for the ads before the video they show of yet another hound of photographers harassing this girl. When Britney is finally used up by media pimps like TMZ they'll blame Britney. I am signing off forever from celeb sites like this one because I'll no longer be a party to this sickness. Who are these TMZ loser? Ugly ass loser nerds who are out for revenge. Fat ass no talents who get off, and get paid, slagging off people they envy. Truly sad!

2508 days ago


LIZ @ 76, what are these stockers that you speak of? Aren't those the guys that put the cans on the shelves at the grocery store? Are they following her around now too?

2508 days ago


She may have money, but she has a very sad life.

2508 days ago


This is old and boring. A bunch of photographers yelling at a skank that she's beautiful while she looks like a meth addict and goes to Starbucks. I can't watch this crap anymore.

2508 days ago


I think Britney should hire Howard K. Stern. That way she could die quickly.

2508 days ago
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