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Britney Deposed!!!

12/11/2007 10:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears will finally take the oath and have her deposition taken -- and it's happening tomorrow at 10 AM.

Sources say Britney will roll to the Los Angeles offices of K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan. Her legal team, which includes Anne Kiley and Tara Scott, will be there to raise objections -- and expect lots of them.

Those sources say the depo could last several days. Kaplan has been trying to get Brit under oath for nearly a year and he'll be asking a range of questions relating to child custody and, we believe, spousal support.

TMZ will present live streaming video of Brit's arrival beginning at 9:00 AM PT.

Stay tuned ...


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Britney is so pretty and amazing! She needs to take some time to just relax and look at what all she has accomplished i love her soo much! But she is begining to scare me though .She is going to hurt herself really bad and where the heck is her parents !? She has made some bad decisoins but it is not to late to fix them! But it is being close to too late . It will be hard but maybe she needs some better friends (not lindsey or paris!).She could be amazing and a better person to herself.

2515 days ago



2515 days ago


How long do we have to hear about the trials and tribulations of this celebrity. Who cares, I sure dont. She made her bed, let her lie in it. As long as people pay attention to her, she will continue to do stupid things. She needs to be put in a psych unit until she gets straightened out. How about moving on to someone else.

2515 days ago


what, or who is this Gummi person?????

2515 days ago

Ashley D    

I think that beit is a good person. she is not the monster that these people make her out to be. Brit is just like you and me so i think that everyone should just leave her along and let her go on wih her live on not have someone there step by step writeing everything thing down that she does. god give the girl a break will ya.

2515 days ago

Melissa Atkins    

Okay, first of all, back off, no body on this site has the right to badmouth Brit when not one single person other than her knows what she's really going through and has been through. If anyone else posting on this site has ever been in a bad or rocky marriage they should be able to sympathize with Brit's situation. I don't think most people understand how emotionally draining and exhausting being in a bad or even just a rocky marriage can be for a woman (I'm not trying to say that's it's not also hard on the men, but let's face it that's not the case here, or am I the only one who remembers what K-Fed was like before the divorce was filed, you know never home, weekends in Vegas, possible adultery, hello, this good guy thing he's got going is just an act to get the kids and more of Brit's money than he's already spent). Back to the point, unless you been through a bad marriage you have no way of knowing the effect it can have on a person, even after it's over, there's still so much animosity and anger left over that it's very easy to lose yourself in it, and that's just your normal everyday bad marriage, can you imagine what it's like when you're in the spotlight? And granted she has made some interesting and bad choices since the kids went to live with K-Fed, but everyone remember this, Brit is finally single and out of personal marriage from hell, but itstead of being able to go out and celebrate to lift her spirits, like any other person would, she' gets criticized and sometimes scolded my the media and the papparazzi everytime she tries to do anything outside her home. This girl seems to be suffering from some form of depression, and it's because of people like me & you, that seem to think we have a right to know what goes on every minute of her life, and until we back off and the media backs off and lets her be, she won't be able to get her act together and again be the mom that she was when her kids were first born, before all this divorce/ custody bull crap started. She seems to be very lost right now, and I suspect that her frequent going out and having fun may be more of a way to forget about all of her problems and the fact that when she returns, her kids won't be there, which any mother will tell you is one of the hardest things in the world. In short, I hope Brit can get her act together and get those kids back because let's face their future is better with her (in the long run) than it would be being raised by K-Fed.

2515 days ago
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