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Britney Deposed!!!

12/11/2007 10:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears will finally take the oath and have her deposition taken -- and it's happening tomorrow at 10 AM.

Sources say Britney will roll to the Los Angeles offices of K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan. Her legal team, which includes Anne Kiley and Tara Scott, will be there to raise objections -- and expect lots of them.

Those sources say the depo could last several days. Kaplan has been trying to get Brit under oath for nearly a year and he'll be asking a range of questions relating to child custody and, we believe, spousal support.

TMZ will present live streaming video of Brit's arrival beginning at 9:00 AM PT.

Stay tuned ...


No Avatar

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

Who wears pink wigs anymore unless it's halloween?

2415 days ago


Give up your parental rights. Offer a trust to pay for their health care and education. If your parental rights are taken legally you are not their mother. You will at most be made to pay a subsistance level of child support. Since you are no longer the mother you can not be required to pay the huge support you are now libel for. Offer the poverty level for a single parent with two kids.

Lets see K-Fed's face when he is faced with extremely limited income from you and nothing for his lawyer.

2415 days ago

Does this maybe expain here not being with it lately. Just a little on her mind perhaps.

Maybe she will get sick.

When will Ali have to talk?

Life can be wonderful ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,at times.

Whats the worst can happen.

I still got my money.

Paps will still be taken my pic.

Just another day.

Have will be there.

Comments are appreciated - keep up the good work obvious captain.

2415 days ago

just wondering    

#10 u r so flippin funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...I can just feel the venom building in a few!!!! lol .....k, bk shortly!! heehee

2415 days ago

George Clooney is a Pu$$y    

Will it be public record?

2415 days ago

the lost    

They should show the vid of her stealing the lighter and when she drove on the wrong side of the street. The court needs to know this is what Sean and Jayden's mommy does and on camera, no less. The swearing at the pap for being near her car shouldn't be used. Swearing out of frustration is not something that makes her a messed up person. The whole stealing, driving wrecklessly and maybe even acting bizarre in dress and in manner should all definitely be considered by the judge.

2415 days ago

No worry Harv will have the scoop - of crap that is/

Keep the comments coming

Have is sleepy he is havig hot cocoa

2415 days ago


oh no, wheres capt?

2415 days ago


Good! I hope they nail this mentally diseased dumbass's butt to the wall. Little miss "I'm entittled" is finally going to have to answer for her stupidity. I would give money to see her squirm & stammer when she finally has to answer questions. Like the following:

"Ms. spears, why do you wear that stupid pink wig everywhere you go?"
"Ms. spears, why did you shave your head like a braindead moron?"
"Ms. spears, why do you flash your snatch everywhere you go? What's the matter, don't own underwear?"
"Ms. spears, why do you emotionally abuse & neglect your children?"
"Ms. spears, why do you continue to do drugs & drink openly in front of the children?"
"Ms. spears, please tell everyone here why you openly steal & make jokes about it?"
"Ms. spears, why can't you drive like a normal person? Are you mentally diseased?"
"Ms. spears, why do you obviously care only about yourself & no one else?"
"Ms. spears, why do you drink when you went to rehab 3 times?"
"Ms. spears, why do you call the photogs & tell them where you're going, then curse them out for being there?"
"Ms. spears, why are you a self centered, self indulgent, stupid brain dead media whore?"
"Ms. spears, when was the last time you had an IQ test?"

Hopefully, after she gives another pathetic performance, the court will order her to be locked up in a mental hospital; it's where she belongs. Lock her up & throw away the key!

2415 days ago


There is nothing wrong with her, she does nothing different that we might do, except she is in the public eye and is Ms. Britney Spears. I wasn't up there when I was stealing things, or when I ran the red lights. Who cares what she does, if she wants to do it, she is going to do it. Let her live. And to everyone that is bashing her, grow up, seriousely. You dont know anyone that ever did anything like this? Go talk to them. And the comment about when the money runs out is just funny. The girl makes $700k+ a month and doesnt have to do anything!

2415 days ago

uh oh    

I hope she gets the black dye off her hands and face. She looks juvenille enuff already. It would be nice if a grown-up would help her next week when she goes back to blonde.

2415 days ago


She has no money to buy another golden wig? LOL

2415 days ago

Now thats is some typing.

She can do what she wants.

2415 days ago

just wondering    

....Damm...Fly and a live feed of Brit...I can't go bk to sleep in morning !!!!!!!!!!! lol

2415 days ago


Great, now I have to reschedule my appointments, be back, good grief!

2415 days ago
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