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Humane Society to Celebs: It Ain't Puppy Love

12/11/2007 4:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The L.A. Department of Animal Regulations has just shut down Pets of Bel Air because we're told three of the store's permits have expired. Lt. Troy Boswell tells TMZ the store's permit to sell live animals has been expired for three and a half years (yikes!). We're also told the Department has checked out all the animals currently in the store and they all seem to be in good health. A worker at the pet store insists they've done nothing wrong.

The pet store has 48 hours to renew their permits.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) today revealed undercover footage linking a popular pet store-to-the-stars with a puppy mill that supplies them. Oh the humane-ity!
Britney, Paris, Puppies
The HSUS alleges that Pets of Bel Air -- a trendy pet shop that boasts Paris Hilton, Denise Richards, Demi Moore, Britney Spears and Robin Williams among its clientele, who spend as much as $2,400 for a Maltese -- gets their puppies from puppy mills. In fact, TMZ also spotted Britney shopping there just this past weekend.

Pets of Bel Air told HSUS investigators they don't get their puppies from puppy mills, but the HSUS says that simply not the dogs'-honest truth. They allege the shop buys from mills in Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa and Missouri. Undercover footage shot by the HSUS at one such puppy mill shows cage after cage of little dogs locked up and going "cage crazy." Not a pretty sight.

Puppy mills sell dogs who live their entire lives in cages and are continually bred for years, without human companionship and with little hope of ever becoming part of a family.

Calls to the Pets of Bel Air shop were not immediately returned.

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i have gotton three dogs from posh puppy and all three have been ill... i have vet bills and records and have acourt date with them on Jan 2,08 in vannuys small claims court at 130 they told me i was getting healthy dogs and that is not what they sold me.. anyone who has gotton a sick dog from them should contact me at 858 967 6328 i am happy to tell you what happened to me and also contact call 213 485 1135 and report this right away so that they can stop them from selling sick dogs to people,also contact the better business bureau ,we have to stand up and stop this from happening...just walking away is letting them think it is okay to hurt us and the animals we LOVE!!!!!

2495 days ago


The truly humane thing to do if you love animals is to get your puppy or kitten -- or adult dog or cat -- from the local humane society or shelter, NOT from a puppy mill or a kitty mill. You will be blessed with a loving and loyal pet.

2431 days ago



2508 days ago

Reality dose    

They need to lock Paris & Brittney up in a cage.

2508 days ago


ALL puppies sold in pet stores come from PUPPY MILLS.

No matter what lies they tell, and they do lie!

And ALL puppies sold thru those websites that ship to you- PUPPY MILLS. They don't want you to see the kennel. They fool you with pics.

Most of the classifieds, too, are PUPPY MILLS pretending to be priivate breeders.

Go to and contact shelters and breed rescues. They can give breeder referrals!

But stay away from pet stores and websites!!

2508 days ago


Thanks said it all.

2508 days ago



who the hell in their right mind would sell a pet to britney!!! are they nuts!

Didn't she have a chihuahua? whatever happen to it? did she smoke it?

Where is PETA when you need them??

2508 days ago


These puppy mills are in states like Missouri, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Pennsylvania- wherever the hillbilly legislators will take a bribe and look the other way.

They won't pass laws to tighten up the mill situation, and they let the abuse and consumer ripoffs go on.

Even though these puppy mills hide their incomes and often don't pay taxes!

People need to contact their governors and legislators and demand that licensing, laws, rules, regulations go through.

(And the AKC now makes most of its money from registering puppy mill puppies! That's what pays for the dog shows etc, and so the AKC and its breeders lobby to protect the puppy mills and fight against laws. The AKC is corrupt!)

2508 days ago

warrior caliber    

what i dont understand is why people continue to buy from pet stores instead of reputable breeders, especially if theyre going to pay a couple thousand dollars for a dog. my family spent years involved in breeding dogs for show and occasionally selling the "pet quality" (dogs that do not appear to meet all of the physical standards of the breed- cosmetic problems, not genetic faults, mind you) to people we expected to meet and essentially interview so that we were sure that our dogs werent being sold to just anyone. along with that came a contract between our kennel and the buyers that was essentially a buy back policy if for some reson the buyer could no longer care for the dog and a guarantee that the puppies and dogs being purchased were registered with the AKC and all paperwork concerning the lineage of the dogs and their vaccinations were up to date. Buyers could see the property, see the conditions our dogs were kept in and know that they were getting what they paid for. While I understand that our starlets (Britney, Paris etc) do not appear to have a whole lot of common sense when it comes to life in general, I can only hope that at some point they start to get some, especially where animals are concerned and perhaps do a little research on the breeds theyre interested in and the breeders they eventually purchase from.

2508 days ago

I bought a new puppy a week ago - Not from no mill. Its a black and tan coon hound.
She is great.

All kids need a puppy.,

Thanks and have a great bowl of puppy chow .

2508 days ago

Mel it just me or does it seem STUPID that they are going after the shop, when they should be attacking the PUPPY MILLS??? They even know where these mills are and they're going after one a thousand stores that buy from these mills? It's not Britney or Paris's fault this stuff happens! Any normal human wouldn't buy from there if they knew what was going on. Why are these mills still open??? Maybe these celebrities should now use their power to get these places shut down. Tell me where they and I'll go and tear them down myself if I have to!

2508 days ago


BOYCOTT PET STORES!!!! ALL their puppies come from Mills. I guarantee no person who says they love animals, if they saw what happens at a puppy mill, would EVEr buy from a petstore again. Visit your local shelter and save a dogs life. They have so many nice animals to be adopted and contrary to what people say they dont all have behavioral issues etc. I have found dogs that pet stires charge $2000 and up for at many pet shelters or thru local adoption agencies for pets. Happy Holidays =)

2508 days ago


Puppy mills make a lot of money for the criminals that run them.

They cheap out on the care so they make the most $$.

No vet care, parent dogs caged for life, often kept outdoors in the heat and cold, terrible injuries and genetic problems that go untreated, and they just slaughter them when the dogs don't "produce."

The Amish have a whole trade in puppy mills going, despite all the quaint pr for the tourists.

And the millers are selling sick, genetically defective puppies.

People are getting cheated with these puppies!

They hide the numbers they breed because they often don't get licensed, they don't pay taxes, and even if they are licensed the USDA is unable to deal with them and lets them break what few laws there are.

It's like dog fighting- an underground ripoof that hurts dogs and cheats us all

check out to see photos and video

2508 days ago


Any one interested in getting a dog or cat should go to their local humane society or animal shelter and rescue a animal in waiting . If everyone did this Puppy Mills would be a thing of the past. I guarantee you a animal from a shelter will give you more love than you can imagine.

2508 days ago


Lori is so right in all she's saying here. ADOPT a puppy. Go to a shelter, or a purebred rescue center who rescues these poor, defenseless animals from the puppy mills and backyard breeders.

2508 days ago
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