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Tom Hanks Said What?

12/11/2007 8:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Usually mild-mannered "Forrest Gump" star Tom Hanks was signing autographs for fans at the premiere of his new movie last night, when Tom got a little loose-lipped with the expletives.

As Tom, the patron saint of Hollywood, was signing away, you can hear one fan use the word a**hole, to which Tom joked back, "What an a**hole!"

But he was clearly joking and laughing as he walked away. Just because he says it, doesn't mean he is one.


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Aww, i like Tom Hanks.

2506 days ago


who knew hed be such a great actor from bussom buddies days...

2506 days ago


I like tom, and you can see him laughing after saying that.

2506 days ago

jamie p.    

Tom's Cool!

2506 days ago

Tired of Paula's Antics    

You know it's been seeming lately (like in the last 5 or 6 years) like society's collectively gotten more impatient, frustrated, and disrespectful - the fact that even Tom Hanks (one of the nicest and most gracious celebrities in Hollywood) is feeling it shows just how bad things have gotten . . . you think it's the economy? Bush? Something else? Gosh I hope things start looking up in '08 . . .

2506 days ago

Here. THIS is what he's saying: "PLEASE give my untalented, pompous son Colin a job! PLEASE!!!!!!!!" Yep. Hanks Jr. is a bum. A talentless, useless bum desperately trying to ride his daddy's tailcoats. Oh, but don't worry........... John Ritter's son Jason is doing the same. The only thing is, he's riding a corpse's tailcoats. Pretty sad, eh?

2506 days ago


Tom's a great guy....leave him alone!

2506 days ago


Pretty funny that you say that about Jason Ritter, Tristan. Do your research. John Ritter got HIS start because his dad (Tex) was a performer/celebrity. That doesn't mean that he wasn't talented on his own: he WAS. Having "connections" gets your foot in the door; having talent allows you to stay in the room once your foot is in it. The jury is still out on Colin: just because his dad's famous doesn't mean that he can't be talented, fact, it may be quite the opposite. That sort of thing (the "performing gene") tends to run in families: the Barrymores, Lloyd, Jeff and Beau Bridges, Kirk & Michael Douglas, Julia/Eric/Emma Roberts, Beatty/MacLaine, Jayne Mansfield/Mariska Hargitay and many others. Colin Hanks is YOUNG; give him a chance. Like another commenter said: his dad did BOSOM BUDDIES, for CHRISSAKES - ya gotta start somewhere!

2506 days ago

I'll say this movie title and only this movie title and let the public decide for themselves: "Orange County" (2002). :p

2506 days ago


Nobody is holding "Orange County" out as a masterpiece, just as nobody is holding out "Bosom Buddies" as one. All I'm saying is, he's young and it's too soon to tell. If we were to judge Tom Hanks on the basis of "Bosom Buddies" alone, he would hardly be considered the talent that he is today. He worked hard and learned how to use his talents to master his craft. Colin is a young kid; give him the same chance. Don't punish him or rule him out just because of who his father is. If he were some stranger from Iowa, you wouldn't be criticizing his first film.

2506 days ago


If Britney did that tmz would be ALL over this..y'all.

2506 days ago


I actually met Tom Hanks and his first wife, while in a dough nut shop near Sacramento. Bussom Buddies was doing well and he was still finishing collage at UC Davis.My best friend were just kids and he really seemed kinda shocked that we knew who he was. He was such a cool guy and we pretty much saw everything he did after that.

2505 days ago


# 7 how dare you ??? if john ritter or tom hanks were lets say in other line of work such as fire fighter or a police man,,,and their sons decide to join the force,,,would you say theyre riding their coat tails? ?? you have a warp way of thinking....

2505 days ago


Like his movie, but when i found out he was a clinton supporter, that did it for me, won't pay to see another one of his movies

2505 days ago


Tom is awesome!

2505 days ago
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