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Benjamin Bratt's Nephew Dies in Police Chase

12/12/2007 8:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Benjamin BrattKristopher Bratt, nephew of actor Benjamin Bratt, was killed early Tuesday morning when a stolen car being pursued by police in San Francisco ran a red light and plowed into Kristopher's car. Bratt died immediately, while his passenger died a short time later. He was 20.

The two men driving the stolen Saturn are currently behind bars. The driver, Richard Gosnell, is facing numerous charges, including two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter, one count of felony hit and run, one count of evading police causing death, one count of stolen vehicle, one count of possession of stolen property, one count of speeding and one count of running a red light, according to San Francisco Police Sgt. Steve Mannina.

Gosnell and his passenger, Joshua Wilson, were treated for minor injuries before taken into custody. Wilson faces one count of stolen vehicle and one count of possessing stolen property.

Kristopher is the son of Bratt's oldest brother.

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Is a stolen car worth the lives of two young innocent people. This is a common trend lately...that police decide that chasing criminals at high speed is WORTH THE LOSS OF HUMAN LIVES!!! Where is the common sense in that? This is a sad state of affairs!!! Chasing vehicles at high speed...especially in highly populated areas is absolutely INAPPROPRIATE and MORE THAN POOR JUDGMENT for those officers doing it. It is great to "get your man" but not at such a high price!!! It is just that human life is not considered valuable anymore since everyone in America sees death after death after death on television, in the movies, and written on the web and newspapers. HUMAN LIFE HAS BEEN DESENSITIZED in the minds of both the public and the officials of the all levels!!! My prayers are with the families of two GOOD kids!!!!

2504 days ago


This is what you guys call a police chase? (from our local paper):
Police said Gosnell was driving a stolen Saturn east on Page Street a little after 4 a.m. Tuesday when a police car turned onto the street behind them. The officers ran the plates, realized the vehicle was stolen and turned on their lights, said Park Station police Capt. John Ehrlich. Gosnell accelerated and ran a red light at Divisadero and Page, hitting a Chevrolet Cavalier driving south on Divisadero, police said.

2503 days ago


Condolences to the family for their loss.

2503 days ago


OK, OK. I "hear" many people criticizing the police for car chases (which, this was not). But, I still don't "hear" anyone making a suggestion as to what the police SHOULD do. let the criminals run> Uh, huh. And when this criminal is DWI-he kills an innocent family...and, the family sues the police department for not doing their job! It's a catch 22, people. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

2503 days ago


Every 1. The decision to end ANY lives was the one and only person that put his foot on that accelerator and pushed it down. Maybe the passenger in the stolen car had no choice either. We all vented now lets hope this information can be put to good use. Quit being so angry at people that are doing the same as you. Which is just addressing the tragedy. Does any 1 have a national suggestion or at the least bay step it to the next level of solving it. I can say I am at a arossroads. I have a diversity of friends and family. It could have been either of them in this situation. Any 1 have anything constructive to say or do you need more time to aimlessly vent?

2503 days ago


Like already mentioned they ran the plates, knew the car was stolen so instead of tipping the dumbasses behind the wheel off they could have followed them with a heli and caught them later. Did they actually think when they turned their lights on they were just going to say "oh we are caught" and tehn just give up??? No they were going to RUN therefore them turning on their lights resulted in the deaths of 2 INNOCENT human beings over a big hunk of metal. Sad

2503 days ago


What a tragedy.....both the car accident and some of you lot's trying to turn it into a platform to spread hatred and fear of transgendered people and of other races. You should be ashamed.

2503 days ago


Although in SF where the police commissioner ( Theresa Sparks) a post op transexual and a sexual deviant this will keep happening.
She owns a sex toy store and is involved in the Taiwan sex trade.
She sounds like a man, has a adams apple but is half woman.
Now I feel folks should do what the please but when you are involved with leading Police officers you must have some sort of cradibility and this woman is a FREAK!! and commands no respect from anyone.
She will keep letting criminals on the streets and will continue to punish officers for doing their job, so why should they.
The police commissioners motto is "TO PROTECT AND SERVE TIME"
Check this out you wont believe it!

in a sane world this wouldn't's not normal, i don't care what the liberals, conservatives or anybody else say's it is not normal, even in an abnormal world.

2503 days ago


When all is said and done about this tragedy what really stands out for me is the fact that race is always a factor, this country has gone to hell in a handbasket since Bush took over, he condones this racist attitudes by the way he conduts the countries business. We are in hell and will continue to be because I believe even after he has gone such a ruination of this country has been made how can we ever expect to get it back. So continue to spew your racist comments, thats why we are known as the most hypocritical country in the world. How can you be proud of that.

2501 days ago

Common Sense    

How can anyone blame the police? First of all, if they don't enforce the laws, who will? Whenever anyone is in trouble, they are the first ones we call. Why let these crooks get away with the car that could have weapons, or a kidnapped victim in there? The only ones responsible for the deaths of these two young people are the crooks, but all of you that blame the police, remember NOT to ask them to do their job and remember NOT to complain when their recovery rate is low. Also, remember NOT to blame them if the crooks get away with murder or a kidnapping!

2501 days ago


Jeez, way sad!

2499 days ago

Kimberly Clark    

Rat you are as slimy as your name. What does a transexual Police Commissioner have to do with a stolen car smashing two innocent kids. Don't let your ugly heart, brain, and face mock the real tragedy here. You owe an apology to the Bratt Family. P.S. I'll bet you are fat and out of shape and Theresa Sparks could whip your lazy ass into the ground.

2499 days ago
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