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Britney In Deep S***

12/12/2007 3:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Britney Spears is defying the legal process and has decided not to attend her deposition.

One source directly in contact with Britney tells us, "There's a million people outside of her house. She can see all the other madness (presumably she's looking at our live streaming video). The anxiety is making her sick. It's just too crazy."

That ain't gonna fly with the court.

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L Miner    

K-Fed isn't that great of a roll model for his kids but I guess he's better then Brit. At this point in time anyting is better then Brit. So she doesn't show for the deposition because she's sick but at the same time is spotted around town fueling up he car. I've been out of touch with reality, but what ever happened to the chauffeur? What she needs is a good a*s team of body guards that will get her in and out of important places she needs to go to; thus not the mall Brit.

2445 days ago


It is funny how the media is driving her into anxiety- based craziness, that she cannot attend a court hearing for her kids. However it is not keeping her from Taco Bell or the night clubs. Come on Britney how stupid do you feel your judge is?

2444 days ago


Is she going thru the same thing Michael Jackson went thru????

2444 days ago


I feel bad for Britney. Yeah, she messed up, but everyone hating on her is only making it harder for her. People flipped out because she ran a red light with her kid in the car. Ok I bet almost every person that's criticized her for that has done it at least once themselves. I know a lot of the things she's done are inexcusable, but come one people are just trying to find something to get on her about everyday. People are even blaming her for her SISTER being pregnant. Come on people, get a life and stop nitpicking on someone else's just because she's going through a hard time in her life...

2444 days ago

Christine Watt    

But she is able to make her way all over town for food and cigarettes....hmmm.

2444 days ago


My Prayer: Please God, reach down from heaven and obliterate this waste of oxygen known as Britney....please reach down with your sword of all that is good and end our suffering by eliminating this waste of space....AMEN.

2442 days ago

me here    

Me being a mother, I would hate to see my child going through what Britney is going through. She needs to tkae time to get herself together before she can be able to take care of her boys. What needs to happen is all of this needs to disappear off the radar and leave her personal issues alone. It doesn't help to have a million people in her face/ear telling her what she is doing wrong how she needs to be acting...ect..ect....I hope and pray for you to make it through all this crap. You will overcome hang in there "Lucky"

2442 days ago


Britney Spears will always going to be around even when she dies. Creepy, isn't it? That's how haunting she is.

2442 days ago


Haha.. Don't even compare Britney Spears and MJ together. They have nothing of a similar story. MJ is known for sleeping with little boys, Britney doesn't do that. She just in the center of a lime light and causing scenes on purpose. Even so, whatever she pulls, she's still going to be known for it. Most likely, she's not going to die down anytime soon.

2442 days ago

crazy girl    

anyway...i luv u brit,u r so cool,so take care of u :)

2440 days ago
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