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Britney In Deep S***

12/12/2007 3:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Britney Spears is defying the legal process and has decided not to attend her deposition.

One source directly in contact with Britney tells us, "There's a million people outside of her house. She can see all the other madness (presumably she's looking at our live streaming video). The anxiety is making her sick. It's just too crazy."

That ain't gonna fly with the court.

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She has used police officers to escort her several times over the last few weeks, couldn't she call the court house and request a police escort to court? I would think that that would be more appropriate than the police escorts through parking lots on her shopping escapdes. . .
inmy opinion, she just can't be bothered . . . .

2515 days ago


"There's a million people outside of her house. She can see all the other madness ."
Now that is really hard to take for any one . Those bastards waiting for the kill .Would you want it ?
She is sick ,but a human being .

2515 days ago


she sure knows how to stay home when she has to/should be somewhere...she can get a police escort to and from starbucks and barnes & nobles or whatever...but today she's a no show. and she has anxiety b/c she knows what a lousy mother she has been.

2515 days ago

cat b    

Brit couldnt make it to court because she was sick? PLEASE! When I was summoned to court over a custody issue the judge didnt care how sick I was.. 102 fever and I was throwing up in a plastic bag ...I showed up because if I had to crawl to keep my kids beg borrow you name it ....THAT IS WHAT A REAL MOTHER DOES..The judge saw how much my children meant to me...whats wrong with Brit Starbucks withdrawl? Maybe she hasnt had a cafeidontgiveacrapaboutmykids latte in a hour?...I bet TMZ catches poor Brit so ill she will be behind the wheel of her car within the hour having the paps step and fetch a starbucks, pump some gas. or get her a ice pack for a swollen fresh collogen lip.

2515 days ago



2515 days ago


For those of you saying poor Britney, get a clue!!! This girl has money. She does NOT need to pump her gas or buy Starbucks thirty times a day. Do you see other celebrities doing that? No, they have lives they live and they hire someone to do these things. They have money, as does she, and they don't seem to feel the need to shave their head, lose their underwear or tell the bartender to change clothes with them in order to be in the news every single day. They work, whether it's movies, music, etc. Since Britney hasn't done much of that in a long time, this is her only way to maintain media interest. She can't use it as method for attention and still use it as an excuse when convenient. Stop feeling sorry for this girl, she greater means and resources than you do and could have ended this a long time ago. She doesn't want to end it. She loves this which is the most pitiful thing of all. Not much of a K-Fed fan but she sure has managed to make him look good by comparison.

2515 days ago


If Kaplan wouldn't have alerted the media then maybe she would have shown up... This is stupid This is like in high school people spread rumors about other's it doesn't matter if it's true or false. How come Breatheheavy is the only site showing Father of the year K-fed out partying and riding in a Lambhorgini I would say how did he afford that but oop's "he was riding in the passenger side of his best friends ride!"

2515 days ago

moma nancy    

with all your money,you should go get some serious help,your a mess. i would like to grab you and shake some sense into you. what a waste!!!!!!!

2515 days ago


Oh - You're right... How could I tell Brit to commit suicide?!

TMZ would have to find a new trainwreck to follow - And, well, I love TMZ too much to have them out of work for a couple of days.

Stay alive Brit. The world would just be so much better without... Need I say the name?

I feel sorry for her boys. It's not that I like K-Fed but at least he's being more of a parent to them than they have EVER known Brit to be. When in Brit's custody, their lives are at danger. If she were to commit suicide, at least her children would be safe(r)!

The end! Merry Christmas yall!

2515 days ago


wait a minute, this is the same chick that posed and preened for the paps just yesterday with her ass hanging out of her clothes, but she is too sick with anxiety over the attention today? When will the judge get fed up with this moron and order her to jail for contempt of court?

2515 days ago


hey #78 she sure knows how to shop and drink starbucks every other day and the paparazzi are following her then too. When Paris' house was surrounded by the media on the day she was going to court/jail...she got a police escort. which britney only does when she's running to starbucks in between her gas station trips

2515 days ago

2 1/2 Volts    

Just watch.............Better by 8:00pm............out the door by 10:00pm.............
gas station 10:10pm...........Starbucks 10:20pm.............Out on the town the rest of the night.

Lucy, you got some splain"n to do!

2515 days ago

brian j    

peolpe who really care about britney should get tuff with her and have a intervention she needs some tuff love. britney its time to see the light. you got 2 children who need you.walk away from the path your on. its a dark road.

2515 days ago


Too bad we have to go thru legal formalities. This woman, and she is a woman on a child's brain, does not need these kids. She got pregnant because it was fashionable in HW, she gets toy dogs only because it's fashionable in HW. Now, she's got cold feet because of the paps surrounding her home!!!! Hogwash, tonight she'll call them up to let them know she's eating at Chow's or stealing a lighter. Since Kevin has had the kids, I don't have to watch her put them in the back seat of her car while covering her eys with dark sunglasses. At least they are out of "her" harms way.

2515 days ago


(presumably she's looking at our live streaming video). The anxiety is making her sick. It's just too crazy."

TMZ you are now partly responsible if she dies.

2515 days ago
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