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Tina: Haven't Talked to Ike in 35 Years

12/12/2007 8:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tina Turner's rep issued the following statement about the death of the music legend's former husband Ike.

"Tina is aware that Ike passed away earlier today," the rep told TMZ. "She has not had any contact with him in 35 years. No further comment will be made."

Simply the best.


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At least she wasn't fake like Cher when Sonny Bono died. They had a horrible relationship too, but she got up at his memorial and talked about him like she was still married to him. What a fake Cher is. Right on Tina!

2485 days ago


how can she say that she hasn't had contact with him in 35 years when she accepted his rock n roll hall of fame induction for him in 1991? and what about her children, that was still there father? i know he beat her, and that is unacceptable, but he is still a person, and there are still people who love him. we need to be compassionate about that.

2485 days ago



2485 days ago

Katherine S.    

I met Ike & Jeanette in L.A., at a hotel, during a layover, on my way to Mexico. I spent the day with them, shopping, eating, driving, just hanging out. I knew of his history & I couldn't believe that this man was the same person. He was kind, generous, funny, humble,and sober. I believe he was a changed man. That day he was nice to me, Jeanette, servers, gas station attendants, everyone that we encountered. I'm not sure of the year, early.. mid 90s??
Jeanette was a doll too....
I hope that Ike's soul is at rest.

2485 days ago

Sick Twisted Freak    

Tina has gotten the best possible revenge against Ike by living well and succeeding. She's never trashed him pubically, just kicked the dirt off her shoes and went on with her life. She is an example to women everywhere. God bless you Tina!

2485 days ago


I'm not contesting what ike did or didnt do. I find it interesting that Ike had several relationships during and after Tina and those women do not paint him the same way. Also, we still worship Elvis Pressley, but according to Priscilla, Elvis was a beater too, even holding a gun to her head. Now, do we refer to Elvis in the same manner or do we "WHITEwash" it and become cherry picking hypocrits?

2485 days ago


good ridance Ike, but if i'm not mistaken Tina and Ike spoke in 1984 when he came backstage during her what's love got to do with tour so 1984 to 2007 someone do the math i don't want to be wrong.
about Tina you are the lady that always thought you were you Go girl

2485 days ago


Tina Turner is a class act, however I feel some sort of comment would have been tasteful. He did discover her, she was very shy and he brought out the voice in her. I know Ike was a jerk for what he did but he's gone now and I know none of us want people to remember us for the bad things we did. Tina left, had to go on welfare and returned as a bigger and brighter star than she ever was with Ike. She proves that financial dependence is not a good enough reason to put up with a mans beatings.

2485 days ago


Where would Tina be without Ike and Phil Spector?

2485 days ago


Going on Rocket 88 to heaven. So long my old pal.

2485 days ago


Like Jimmy G and Katherine S. I too met Ike and Jeanette in 90' working a gig in Oakland. He was very polite cordial and undemanding, unlike many of todays so called celebs. And after playing a great set, he signed autographs and posed for pictures with fans and staff until the club closed. He and Jeanette seemed very happy. Even when asked, he had nary an unkind word to say about Tina.

Jesus once addressed a mob of angry, morally superior people who were getting ready to stone a woman to death for commiting adultery, saying, "let he among you who is without sin throw the first stone". When none were thrown and the crowd began dispersing, he asked the woman, "Is there no one here to condem you?" She replied no. "Then", Jesus said, "neither do I,... go and sin no more". But from many of the comments seen here today, I can see that many of the folks here on TMZ would have been right at home in that mob, and that woman would probably be dead.

Ike made A LOT of mistakes in his life, not the least of which was his dealings with Tina. I like to think though that, given the chance, a man can change, be forgiven, an turn his life to doing good. That he can, "go and sin no more" I like to think that Ike tried to do that. So I choose to remember that he is credited for INVENTING the first rock and roll guitar record ( Rocket 88 ) and that although Creedence may have written "Proud Mary" it was Ike AND Tina who gave it some soul.

And for all the Morally Superior folks out there who love throwing those big ol' rocks at people, remember..."the judgement with which you are judging, YOU TOO will be judged. You want to be judgemental and harsh... that's cool... but don't ever make a mistake...

Rest in Peace IKE... I hope you've finally found it.

2484 days ago


A lot of you seem to think you know something because you saw a Hollywood movie. There's two sides to every story, and many close associates from the period (musicians who spent most of their waking hours in Ike & Tina's company) would readily subscribe to Ike's version, i.e. he wasn't perfect but he wasn't the monster the movie made him out to be. See for instance:
In addition, it's pretty bad form to piss on anyone's grave; there really are people who loved and will miss Ike, so you might wanna rethink adding insult to grief by kicking the man when he's truly down & can't defend himself. Your gleeful crowing & indignation is based on one-sided information. None of you knew the man personally, and it sure seems none of you are capable of comprehending his importance to music history - as a talent scout, songwriter, arranger, producer, bandleader and guitar player. Tina, by comparison, was just another singer. The idea that Ike should only be remembered as the (fill in an expletive/lie of your choice) husband of Tina is an outrageous distortion.

2484 days ago

Alvino Rey    

Tina Turner's statement on Ike's passing is so mean, callous, low down, despicable, loathsome, and most hateful thing to say. One who cannot forgive in time of death deserves nothing but contempt. Shame on Tina Turner - who's musical career would have gone NOWHERE if it were not for the great IKE TURNER. Without Ike giving her the break, she would have remained just like all the other many, many talented singers - undiscovered and with 7 children.

Ike was a pioneer for rock and roll and this must never be forgotten. Maybe because of his death, people will learn just how important he was with the rock's beginings. He wrote "Rocket 88" in 1951 and rock historians agree that this was the first, true real rock and roll record.. He influenced many great guitarists and even had a young Jimi Hendrix in his Revue. He discovered Tina and created her persona which she still uses.

2484 days ago


When you have proven yourself to be a better person than the dead guy, no comment is needed. Sometimes there is just nothing left to say.

2484 days ago


hey he was wrong yes but he is still someones father.

1128 days ago
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