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Dog Keeps Praying For Forgiveness

12/13/2007 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman is going to some serious lengths in his quest for forgiveness, landing in New York for a dinner with African-American leaders. The Big Apple's a long way from the Big Island, brother!

CORE -- the Congress of Racial Equality --and its chairman Roy Innes invited Chapman and his wife Beth to New York to discuss plans for an upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. Day event that they've invited Dog to speak at.

Dog has been on a mission of forgiveness since a private conversation was made public last month.


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I cant wait until I see the dog back on tv!! he shouldn't be sad of what he said.. & too all the HATERS "YOU SUCK"!! & I get upset when a person with color calls me WHITE! I am a person too! so everyone is racist!!! & belive me, I am white, married to a Puerto rican. Have a daughter & also have a beautiful grandson, who is also mixed with black!! GOOD LUCK DOG!! & watch out for what you say, especially around the family you have around you!

2472 days ago

Josephine Bass    

Enough of the N-word and the R-word they have become the same thing-derogatory, mean, overused, over sensitized. Let's get back to being normal people. I was very happy to see Dog with Rev. Jesse Lee Petersen of Bond. I am not too sure that Ennis is not part of the black kkk. Dog is opening up dialogue between the races.

I am sick of the R-word thrown about labeling whites just like the N-word labeling blacks. It has come to mean the same thing. Demeaning, hateful, discriminating and promotes travesty of justice, one big excuse used by bad blacks to keep on doing what they do. Don't tolerate the r-word. Refuse to allow anyone in your presence to say it without supporting evidence. The r-word is marxist coined and didn't appear in the dictionary until 1948. It is misused in a hateful way, played as a race card and has whites running scared.

The noose boogey man is a red herring to distract us and label whites with the R-word.

"when I use a word" Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean-neither more nor less".
"The question is", said Alice, "Whether you can make words mean so many different things".
"the question is", said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master-that's all".
-Lewis Carroll Through the Looking Glass.

2472 days ago

alfonso genson II    

All I have to say to dog and his tears of forgiveness is......Where is my violin

2472 days ago

sick of it    

Ok ...look, white people are NOT the only ones that are racist, whites are the only ones that pay for using racist comments. You see, you are not allowed to say what is referred to as the "N" word, but other offensive slurs such as "White Bread".."Cracker".."Honky" and many more are not referred to as the "C" word, The "WB" word, the "H" word. Believe it or not, but white people do get offended to by racist blacks....I also cannot understand why it is perfectly ok for blacks to run around all day lon saying the ever so offensive "N" word, but the minute a white person says it, Oh hell no! I think that racism lurks in all colors and it seems that blacks are the only ones that get away with using the offensive slurs. I watch comedy a lot and I see black comedians constantly make white people the brunt of their jokes, why arent they fired or pulled from the air? Is it really ok to offend anyone as long as they are NOT black? Its stupid. I think Dog said how he felt, Just like Chris Rock says how he feels, the sad thing is one is still on the air and the other is not. Now where is the real problem at? Think about it, and Im not a white person I am asian. When was the last time a black person made headline news or lost their job for calling a white person a racist name? Ive never seen it......Hmmmm

2472 days ago


It was a PRIVATE conversation! First thing I'd do is slap the attention-seeking/grabbing son who sold the recording in the first place. I wonder how much he got paid?

2472 days ago

Chris L    

His 15 minutes of fame are up!..What ajoke, How can you have dinner with someone when you know their true feelings.

2471 days ago

Upset and Disgusted    

Bring Dog Back!!!!!! Give me a break.... it was none of our business in the first place!!

2471 days ago


What a joke! Sorry Dog - you can't unring the bell...

2471 days ago

Mz Nikki    

It's over. He's said I'm sorry.. move the fluck on America

Oh and can he get his TV show back? I miss seeing Leland's sexy ass!

2470 days ago

Nicole a black Republican    

I agree with everyone, build a bridge and move on! As a black female, we as black people say WORST things about ourselves. WHY when a white person says something bad, everybody gets crazy. I know Roy with CORE and I am glad he is trying to move on and pass this crap.

I like Dog's show and just let it go

Merry Christmas everyone!

2470 days ago

G Baby    

He should never be own tv again . He is a pig if it was the other way around and someone called a white person a honky it would of big freaking problem. so to those who want to see him back on tv and support him. you are just as big of a biget as he is. and you can take that to the bank

2466 days ago


DOG, why didn't u show up to the DR. PHIL'S SHOW,AND make your "PLEA" to an audience of a higher class? SHAWN HANNIYyou knew [or your PR people knew you'd be safe there. BETH is learning how to dress now that you two are exposed to people who normally would'nt let you in the their door. Her nails are shorter, breasts covered nicely, and MOUTH SHUT. GOOD GIRL BETH, everyone knows you're THE REAL BRAINS in this "possie" hope this teachs all of you how to roll w/ your $$$ and sucess, no matter WHAT YOU THINK OF MINORITIES . I LIKE YOU AND YOUR "STYLE" ,you just needed some polishing up .DOG may know the streets, but some of his actions, habits, words DRESS,are not for TODAY.[but you've already found that out] YOU'LL BE BACK, BUT WATCH IT. TUCKER SUCKS.

2463 days ago
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