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Geeks Gripe Over "Guitar Hero lll" Sound Snafu

12/13/2007 2:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hardcore gamers are squealing in a new lawsuit that the hugely popular "Guitar Hero lll" video game doesn't pump out surround sound while being played on Nintendo Wii. Beat it nerd!
Guitar Hero
TMZ has obtained the class action suit filed by one distraught player in Federal Court alleging that Activision, who makes the highly addictive guitar game, claims that when it's played on the Wii, the audio is in Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound. The addicts say it just ain't so! The suit claims the game actually "only permits mono sound."

The true miracle -- that this player could rip himself away from the game long enough to actually file a lawsuit.


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When I had to start dialysis, I became nauseated and weak, and my hair began falling out because my nurse forgot to give me Procrit injections for several months. So I feel your pain, Samuel, and I pray that you will have the strength to make it through this difficult time in your life.

2507 days ago


These gamers have ever right to "sue." Some people wouldn't bother...just gripe and complain. These "gamers" aren't stupid geeks or whatever you want to call them.

They are in the buyers market and the game let them down with false advertisement.

My daughter is a gamer and a bass player. She gets dates but she is very picky because most teen boys nowadays want one thing!

Who are these people who post such "I'm better than you comments?" I'm more worried about them than a geek gamer - most of them aren't geeks....and most of them are professionals...yeah, working on wall street, foo!

2507 days ago



I like how you tried to assert your being cooler than myself by taking everything i said and denying it. And you didn't even deny it well. By the way, the cashier at your gas station doesnt count as an office, and I guarantee you're the one jerking it to online girls. Kind of pathetic, to be honest, that you would blame that on me. I'll bet you were doing it while you typed that even. Good luck gaining a brain someday though. And perhaps some wit so you don't look like a moron when attempting a comeback.

And no, "I'm not a loser, you are *sob sob*" is not a comeback. Now get back to work, people need their gas.

Oh, one more thing. I go to college and my internship alone probably makes me more money than you do. And I'll be making double that once I'm out of college. But don't worry, i'll hire you to mow my lawn so you can pay for your rundown apartment.

2507 days ago


Losers need to pick up a REAL guitar instead of playing this lame ass game.

2507 days ago


I play the real guitar, and I find the game to be very fun. I can also play with my wife, the music is pretty good, and even for me (a 10+ year player) it's a tough challenge. Playing the guitar doesn't make you "cool", not being a douchebag does.

2506 days ago


I'm sorry to tell you this Jim, but don't you think that you are the very definition of an Internet nerd? Going around message boards (a comments page in this case) for the sole purpose of flinging weak insults at everyone?

2506 days ago


Yes i comment on these sites for fun at work when we are slow and real estate is slow, it is all for fun, but you geeks take it real hard when you are called out for being computer dorks and dressing up like your loser sci-fi crap or waiting for days for a movie or a video game!! Go play sports or go outside and due something, and weii does not count as physical activity!!

2506 days ago


Odd, my commment double posted...

2506 days ago
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