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"Sick" Britney Rolls 'Til 2 A.M.

12/13/2007 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears claims she was too sick to go to her deposition yesterday -- but she looked just fine when TMZ caught her driving around until 2 o'clock in the morning!

Cameras caught the popwreck and an assistant leaving her home away from home, the Four Seasons, for her other home away from home -- a gas station -- last night. Brit didn't answer when we asked why she missed her extremely important deposition that morning, saying little more than, "It's cold, y'all."

After filling up her tank with $50 worth of gas at the 76, she then hit up yet another gas station on Sunset -- and drove off without her assistant! Oopsies!


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Sooner or later her actions will put here exactly where she should be..

2448 days ago


I'm sure if they changed the deposition to night-time since Brit seems to be a night owl since waking up is so hard for her in the morning before 2pm in the afternoon and changed the location to a hotel conference room in The Four Seasons Hotel instead of Mark Kaplan's Legal Office she would probably go through with it because it would be her regular hangout rather than a "threatening" place to her. That way afterwards she could go and drink/party her ass off..and it wouldn't be a huge burden on her schedule.

Either that or team K-fed needs to start ambushing her/ her shady circle again and serving them with papers to show and actually put jail time as a possible consequence for her actions of not showing up..or make it so the few hours she can see her kids don't happen at all until an improvement in behavior/life change happens. If she truly cared and wanted her kids to be around, she would straighten herself up or get help

2448 days ago


Lock her up and throw away the key. Take the kids away from both "mother and father" and give them to someone who will actually care about the kids. TMZ quit paying for crap on Britney and maybe she'll go away. All the rest of us have to stop looking at this crap. We are sick also for following it, but it's like looking at an accident on the side of the road as you pass by. It's hard not to look.

Britney is dumber than dumb. She's obviously on drugs, and she's worthless as a mother. Also, the legal system in LA is negligent for not sanctioning her for not showing up for the deposition. She needs to slapped with contempt of court.

2447 days ago


Ugh … I’m so tired of the whining Britney fans who believe she’s being unfairly treated; who blame all her problems on Kevin, her parents, and the paparazzi.

I’m especially tired of the ones who have the most stupid ideas on how she can “get her kids back” from the EVIL Kevin. They don’t seem to realize that she would have never lost custody in the 1st place if she had only complied with the court orders.

Even now, with her not doing her deposition, is telling the court that she wants things done HER WAY, OR NO WAY at all.

She “may” want her kids, but only on her terms. She doesn’t want anyone telling her how to raise children … because she was doing such a fine job before that mean judge, (who’s an old fart, BTW), got involved.

I hear that she was an amazing teenage pop star. Kudos, to her for that. However, that teenage body is long gone and is never coming back. Miley Cryus is the new IT. Her tickets sell out right away!

I don’t know … don’t care … why she didn’t try to grow or evolve in some way, but she didn’t.

There are many children in the world who have no parents at all. Be happy for Sean and Jayden. At least they have a Dad that makes sure they have a regular routine for when they are so small. Britney never did that for them, even before she dumped Kevin.

She will soon crash and burn. Who cares? I don’t.

2447 days ago
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