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This Is Hugh Jackman's Wife

12/13/2007 6:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Deborra-Lee Furness likes the same things as her bearded husband, Hugh Jackman.
Deborah Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman
The gorgeous 47-year-old Aussie actress has been legally bound to Hugh for over ten years and has started dressing just like him. Annie Hall, is that you?! Deb showed up to a Sydney theater premiere on Wednesday in a replica of one of her hubby's black tie outfits. Oh, the prestige!


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She is sooooooooooooooo hot, and so is Hugh!!!!!!

2476 days ago


Maybe - just maybe - Jackman was great in 'The Boy From Oz' because he's a great actor; you don't have to be gay to play gay.

From everything I've ever read about Jackman and his wife, he fell in love with her when they worked together even though she's 8 years older than he is.

That being said, this is a horrible picture of her; I've never seen her look this bad.

2476 days ago

jazz hands    

yes hugh met his wife when they were on a sitcom together...but the thing is he is smoking hot and the fact that he is still married to his wife who is older, the fact that hugh could have almost any chick he wants and yet he still chooses his wife, and the fact that they have been married for over a decade and he still is madly in love with her........HMMMMM SOMETHING SMELLS FISHY! He is a celebrity for I have three options
1. Hugh is gay and his wife is just his beard
2. Hugh constanly cheats on his wife and hates her but still is married to her in order to protect his "image"
3. Hugh is an abusive alcoholic who scares his wife so bad she is afraid to leave him

(I'm going for a combination of all 3)

2476 days ago

jazz hands    

doesn't her hair look like alfalfa's from the little rascals

And anyway she looks like what you would expect a 47 year old to look like.......but she is a CELEBRITY....seriously botox and a facelift...none of this aging gracefully..that is for common

2476 days ago


I'd love to see photos of all you bitches, just to be sure that you're all gorgeous and fashionably dressed.

I think it's great that Deborra-lee is secure enough with herself AND her marriage that she dresses as she pleases. She has a lovely smile, gorgeous skin (the photo doesn't do her justice), a delightful personality AND a husband who adores her. She's doing something right. All the gay/bearded comments are absolute CRAP.

2476 days ago


Deborra-Lee Furness is a fabulous woman, a terrific actress and Hugh is bloody LUCKY to have HER as his wife.

He'd agree with me. The woman is divine. Kickass sense of humour and an all round wonderful person.

She just doesn't play the Hollywood game. Makes me proud to be Aussie. You go, girl.

2476 days ago

common sence    

She is gorgeous!! What a delightful,real,unhollywood couple these two make!!
you can just tell these two are in love!!!,,,,you guys rock,3 cheers for the Jackman's

2476 days ago


Hugh Jackman is a beautiful specimen of a man, no doubt about that. I believe his wife is around 10 years older than him. Her look is atrocious, from head to toe. I'm almost embarrased for her. So I was thinking; she looks soooooo BUTCH, their children are adopted, he's way too hot to be straight, so.............IS SHE A BEARD?

2476 days ago

the woman seen old, but if she has a lot of money, and I was the man, I will also choose her to be my wife,hahahah.....agree? it's a trend that only cares about money!*&73

2476 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

So refreshing to see a woman with NORMAL LIPS, and hey, look, she's not all about cleavage.
Do men actually marry those Hollywood clones???

2476 days ago


because they r a couple. it is unic that they have the same interests. that is a good thing .

2475 days ago


This is funny. I saw many intesting stories between celeb couples on tallmeet just now,,,,make me laugh a lot..

2475 days ago


Please! She was just doing her own thing one time & the press jumps all over her. She must be doing something right to have a man that fine! Hello! He's in a daze over her. Hey, we might all be able to learn a thing or two from her. Nothing wrong with a dominant female!!!!

2475 days ago


Eventho she is a normal looking woman and what not, her husband is a very rich man, and every pic I have seen of her lately has been for want of a better words utter freaking traumatizing. As a gift can he not get the woman a stylist of some sort and if she has a stylist he/she should be fired IMMEDIATELY!!

2475 days ago

aussie girl    

She is a great lady.She doesn't have to me made of plastic like some of these stars.She is doing good things here in Australia and trying to get adoptions of overseas kids easier as the parents wait years here.The adoption laws here are very hard and to try and bring in some child from overseas from some poor country is very difficult.I applaud her and hugh has good taste and knows a real women,thats why they have been together for so long.

2475 days ago
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