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Jodie & Her 'Beautiful Cydney'

Step Out

12/14/2007 2:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nine days after breaking her silence of the lambs by referring to her longtime gal pal Cydney Bernard as "my beautiful Cydney," Jodie Foster made a very public appearance with Bernard outside paparazzi magnet Il Sole on Thursday.

While you can hear someone say "I'd kiss you," it's unclear who says it. Silence, Clarice! Jodie then fakes out the paps by acting like she isn't going to ride in Cydney's SUV, but hops in at the last second and orders her to "go,go,go!"

The dynamic duo then rode off into the night together.


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Rod C. Venger    

Just another perv...she must be getting short of roles, which isn;t unusual for women that don't age gracefuly. I guess this is one way to get back in the limelight, huh? Freaking of fruits and nuts.

2481 days ago


i've been holding this inside for to long, i am homosexual to ( gay is what April is, flowers, and fairies ) it is a illness a natural illness, just like anyother, cancer, TB, measels, etc. if you can live with it, good for you, but it's time the media stopped portraying it as " normal" ( whatever that is in 2007 ), I live with it, I don't flaunt it, i'm not rich i can't hire body gaurds to protect me from jerks , but it's not the way it's supposed to be OK, it's just not. homosexuals should not be discrimminated against, nor should we be punished, but this it's ok nonsense is just that. NONSENSE

2481 days ago


Jodie Foster is one of the greatest success stories in Hollywood. She is highly respected, likeable and very down to earth. She does her own cooking, cleaning and housework. She works hard, is very intelligent and let's remember folks that she was the one whom John Hinkley wanted to "impress" when he shot President Reagan in 1981. I thought at the time she would end up as a drunk or drug addict because of the attention of this incident but she stuck to her schooling and is a very intelligent woman who has tackled Hollywood and won! People don't make a big deal out of her being gay because SHE doesn't make a big deal out of it. It isn't shoved down our throats like many other people do and this is the reason for her being a success. She enjoys just being herself and doesn't pretend to be anyone else. More in Hollywood should follow her lead! She has been around for over 40 years in Hollywood and will probably be around abother 40 more. She is the best! I hope she beats Katherine Hepburn's record of winning 4 Academy Awards! She already has 2! Go Foster!

2481 days ago


wow. you guys finally fugured it out. you must be really smart.

2481 days ago


Thanks 44 and 47, I was wondering when someone would catch that. After having seen Cydney on the set of Flightplan, I know that she is definitely shorter and older looking.

2481 days ago

marie j    

why can she not have a girlfriend evrything is possible and open these days i think everyone should decide for themselfs what to think of it instead of openly discussing this
have fun jodie as long as your happy who cares

2481 days ago


Let's be honest about this kind of stuff please. She's 45 and the business is going to Reese now and this is a way to gain some temprary artificial attention. If she was 15 years younger and in the same duldrums career wise she would be found in Playboy .. when a woman is 45 she goes lesbo.

2480 days ago


Thanks for the post, survivor... Yours is the BEST one, yet... and so TRUE.

2480 days ago


I always had a feeling she was gay or bisexual.....There is nothing wrong with that! Anyone ever see her in the movie "Siesta"? She showed a little of her bisexual side with Ellen Barkin which was hot! Both of them in the same bed....My favorite movie of hers is Contact.....

2480 days ago


"My favorite movie of hers is Contact....." - Re: that movie....she was supposed to be so hot for Matthew McConahay (sp?) in that movie but I did not buy it for a minute. Good luck to Jodie in all she does.

2480 days ago


She is such an outstanding actress. She appears to be a very private person. Bravo for having found happiness with one person for 14 years.

Now, when can we expect to see her again in filmdom? I just loved, loved "Nell."

2480 days ago


This is EXACTLY why she never told anyone publicly the paps are never going to stop hounding her. Such a shame. Bet she liked it better before she acknowledged it.

2480 days ago


Whether "Congrats!" are in order or not, I commend her for just living her life as she sees fit. I hope she is happy with whatever her sexual orientation. But we could only be so lucky to have someone so visable to be a face of what a "normal" gay person looks like, for those who are too narrowminded. Hollywood needs more individuals willing to step out, educate and demand the respect of those around them who can't see the soul for the face. I say, "Welcome too the family, Jodie!", whether a "sister" or a "cousin" (straights willing to support gays).

2480 days ago


All these posts are disgusting. Why does society embrace lesbians and gay men? Doesn't anyone have any morals around herre? Good grief, people, no wonder the American family has fallen apart. I liked her movies, and I had my wonders about her, but now that she's confirmed that she's gay, well, that's enough of her movies for me! Yuck and disgusting and sinful. That's what it is. Comment on what you want about my post, I won't be here to see it. I'm so out of here! Feel free to bash me away! Go for it!

2480 days ago


Way to be honest, Susan. The american family is all but torn apart. That's why we have so many divorced people, gay people, and the like. Wish we could go back to the 40s and have a moral, NORMAL life, and all this "gay" stuff should stay hidden, IN THE CLOSET. With the mothballs. Where that kind of information belongs. Ewwwww.

2480 days ago
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