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Dramatic 911 Call -- Part Two

12/17/2007 1:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We have more of the frantic 911 call made by Donda West's friends and family. In the second part, one woman is clearly overwhelmed and begins hyperventilating as the 911 dispatcher attempts to give instructions on how to perform CPR. Click to hear.

Warning: The content is graphic.
Donda West 911 call part 2


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First of all this is someone's mother. For the person who said who cares is truly going to hell. What if it was you mother might she be next. Those are questions that need to be asked. I cant believe society. We are the first to say we dont care yet first to approve all of the plastic surgery procedures. We idiolize it aint if you didnt you wouldnt have read this article. My heart goes out to Kanye. I couldnt even imagine losing my mother. Let alone losing her and you are remided of her death everyday. It is sicking. Kanye I dont know if you read this but keep your head up. I didnt know your mother but she had a glow about her. I am sure she made it to heaven and you two will meet again. I will be praying for you and your family.

2503 days ago

Dolores Cornejo    

I think that TMZ needs to take both these postings off. I am not a fan of Kanye West, but as a person that has lost a parent this is not something that makes it easier to get through the pain. This is done in such bad taste and it shows how much respect that you have for a grieving family. Put yourself in the shoes of Kanye and all him time to heal and put this horrible event behind him. It is apparent that no one on your staff knows what it feels like to lose a parent that you love and have a special bond with. I thought that Harvey had a better hart then to allow this distasteful piece be part of this website. Please show that you are human and have heart and take this horrible reminder off your website.

2503 days ago


She may have lived if the stupid woman on the phone had taken the 5 minutes on the 911 call to listen to the dispatcher instead of freaking the effffff out !

2503 days ago


What a bunch of morons...

2503 days ago



HARVEY LEVIN IS A PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 12:07PM on Dec 17th 2007 by Tina Meth
Tina Meth ,hmmmmmm as in "methamphetamine" meth ?If thats the case Im sure Harvey is none to fond of you girly !!!

2503 days ago


Okay this is SICK! My god Harvey, to even post such a thing is disgraceful and I hope Kanye comes after you for this! I only hope somebody out there Kanye, Britney, or anybody for that matter, sends you to hell! You have gone too far one to many times. You are a disgrace to this country! It is time somebody gets something on you, then publish what a loser you are!!!!!!!!!!!!

2503 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I generally like TMZ, as they usually exhibit a bit of class compared to other unnamed celeb blogs.
This, however, feels too much like ambulance chasing or rubber necking, and I just can't and won't listen to it. Too sad.
Keep your head up, Kanye - fill your heart with music, and lift other heavy hearts up with your joy of it.
Merry Christmas, all.

2503 days ago


What in the hell? How disrespectful! This is someones Mother!! Releasing the tape of them trying to give her CPR is just tasteless!
My heart goes out to her family and friends.

2503 days ago


This is horrific. Her friends were so in a state of panic and shock. This what happens to you if you don't know what to do. She should have let the hyperventilator fall out and worry about Ms West. This is why we all need to learn CPR because you don't know when you will need it. Sound like there was internal bleeding and thats why there was something dark/black as they stated in her mouth. She either threw a clot of hemmoraged to death. So sad. You think that if a doctor discharges you you are okay but not always the case. She had major surgery and should have been kept in the hospital for a day or two and she would have been in a much safer situation. I'm just so surprised that she was discharged just like that. A real doctor should have erred on the side of caution and kept her overnight knowing that the 1st 24hrs after surgery are the most crucial. SAD

2503 days ago

deez s    

It seems everyone didnt know what to do it probably wouldnt have helped anyway poor woman so sad tragedy happens to everyone.

2503 days ago


All of you love to read this stuff on TMZ.

You can say Harv went too far but it got your attention.

Hypocrits is what you are

Comment to Harv

2503 days ago


There is no reason to disrespect the West family. I think if it was your monther you would appreciate Kanye bashing your name on the net and blaming you. Grow up.

Oh and as for the piece being tackful, I'd have to go with no, but TMZ is a busniess and we all got on their site, most of us listened to the clip, and now we are all commenting, so don't complain about the piece.

2503 days ago


It is disgusting of TMZ to post this, and it is ridiculous that the moron who called 911 wouldn't bother to listen or answer the dispatcher. This woman very likely could have been saved if anyone would have attempted to.

2503 days ago


How sad this is. Breaks my heart to hear it, and I wish I wouldn't have listened to it now. For those idiots in the background who did nothing to help this poor woman, may God have mercy on your soul, What a room full of morons.

2503 days ago

kim suck    


2503 days ago
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