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Dramatic 911 Call -- Part Two

12/17/2007 1:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We have more of the frantic 911 call made by Donda West's friends and family. In the second part, one woman is clearly overwhelmed and begins hyperventilating as the 911 dispatcher attempts to give instructions on how to perform CPR. Click to hear.

Warning: The content is graphic.
Donda West 911 call part 2


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8 Minutes!!!!!!!!! 8 mintures the dispatcher was trying to get these women to do CPR, that woman may have survived had someone known what they were doing! Your brain cells start dying 8-10 mintues after you stop breathing! What a tragedy! I think this tape needed to be aired maybe more people will start to understand what to do in an emergency situation and WHAT NOT TO DO!


2500 days ago


I refuse to listen to these audio bytes because this obsession with her death is just ghoulish. What earthly purpose does this serve? Let her rest in peace.

2500 days ago


53. thank you kassie for agreeing with me... not everyone reacts the same way and it's hard to judge when you haven't been in the situation yourself. as for you KEVIN, I'm glad to hear that your mom is okay. I'm sure she is so thankful that you were able to keep a level head in that situation and help her. But you have to understand that not everyone can react that way. My personality, for instance, I get into a panic very quickly. No matter how I try to control, i just do. Hopefully, I never have to go through that, but in the even that I do, I will try my hardest not to panic and listen to the dispatchers everyword. But even then sometimes that is not enough. Instead of argueing over something that is beyond our control, lets just hope this is something people can learn from. :) Happy Holidays!

Posted at 1:32PM on Dec 17th 2007 by Katie
Your very correct Katie ,Im sorry I went into a sort of panic mode in my post -now that I re-read it .I hope alot of people learn from this though regardless that TMZ is the one to release it .My Mom is very thankful as am I that she is still here .I guess we all have things were good at and things were not so good at .I for one admit that my people skills need a bit of work ,I have you to thank for pointing that out -might I add in a very non confrontational way .Katie I want to extend a very heartfelt "Happy holidays to you and yours" ...sorry if I flew off the handle ,the reactions by the people on those 911 tapes were just very hard to comprehend for me .

2500 days ago


First; Please people learn from this! Take a simple CPR class or even read through and study a manual on how to do CPR!

Second; Make sure you go to a reputable doctor. And, if you have a serious procedure and are sent home to recover then have people that know WTH they are doing to look after you!

What a sorry shame this whole situation was and is :(

2500 days ago


This is horrible... How do WE know that it wasn't because of this circus of a 911 call, that she (Donda West) may not have died.

2500 days ago


OMFG. All these people in the house are IDIOTS!! They are totally incapable of following directions or even shutting the FFF up for 2 seconds while the dispatcher tries to tell them how to help this woman!

I hope if I ever have a medical emergency, my life won't be dependent on retards like these to help me.

2500 days ago


Why did they bother to call 911 if they had no intention of listening to a word the dispatcher said. what a waste.

2500 days ago


This was horrible. The people with her were NOT helping her at all. This just goes to show you that freaking out does NOT help situations. There was valuable time that was wasted because the caller and the other person were NOT listening to the 911 operator.

CPR can be life saving. Who knows whether or not she could have been saved but damn!! There was a lot of wasted time. Each second, each minute that goes by makes it more difficult to bring the person back.

2500 days ago

Dr. James    

What really sad hear is that Donda West was placed in this situation in first place. She should have never been sent home -- or at least sent home with a professional nurse or two. Its sad to hear these tapes. I have no idea if she could have been saved, but these women were not much help. I am sure they tried their best, but the fact is that Donda West should have been somewhere with professional recoverry staff and equipment. There are a number of hotels in the BH area that specialize in plastic surgical recovery and have 7x24 nursing staffs and have medical equipment such as defibulators. Most of these "recovery" hotels cost only between $500-$1000 per day. Again, I am shocked that any doctor would have just sent a patient home, with no professional staff, after 8+ hours of major surgery -- especially someone like like Donda West who could have easily afford w couple nights and at the best "recovery" hotel or for that matter any hospital room she might require.

2500 days ago


I think everyone in that house should be ashamed of themselves. They didn't handle the issue at hand well at all. They needed to shut up and listsn to what the 911 dipatcher was saying to her. I feel for her family who has to listen to this tape and go through all the "what if's"! It is heartbreaking to know a youn man has lost his mother and now has to relive it through these tapes. God bless you Kayne and your family!

2500 days ago

Hal R Hosfeld    

Aren't these the kind of people who steal and sell drugs?

2500 days ago


It is unbelievable to me that after 6.5 minutes, these idiots finally started CPR. They didn't listen to the poor operator. Panicked or not, they could have possibly saved Donda's life. If I were Kanye, and I knew these women, wow...... anger and hatred doesn't even begin to describe it. I am baffled. What morons. Well-intentioned friends of hers, yes, but COMPLETE MORONS.

2500 days ago


A roomful of people and not one of them is willing or able to stay focused in a crisis, especially the hyperventilating drama queen who took the attention off the PATIENT!
Between the shady doctor, and her inner circle being made up of hysterical morons, this poor lady never stood a chance.

2500 days ago


This was so wrong to release this tape. My heart goes out to Kanye and his family.

2500 days ago


Can someone post the 911 call whe Harveystein's mother meets their God of hooked noses?

2500 days ago
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