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Mickey Rourke -- Breathalyzer F***ed Up, Not Me

12/17/2007 7:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mickey Rourke got popped for Vespa-veering in Miami last month, but it looks like it was the Breathalyzer test that was woozy that day, not Mickey.
Mickey Rourke
The Miami Herald reports that the Breathalyzer machine that Miami Beach police used on Rourke malfunctioned when it gave a blood alcohol reading of .081, just over the legal limit, according to a police report. A second test, given later, showed a blood alcohol level of .074. No word yet on whether the D.A. will drop the charges.

According to Rourke's lawyer, Michael Grieco, Mickey has already been given his operator's license back. As for why Rourke got picked off on that particular night, Grieco tells the Herald, "A lot of times, probably most of the time, it's good to be Mickey Rourke. This was not one of those times."

Somewhere, Rourke is trying to grin.


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It's amazing it's always somebody else's fault isn't it?

2412 days ago

BOEING 787    

Mickey should have been drinking in the first place so he would not have to make a crappy excuse that won't hold.

2412 days ago


Well yea the test was lower the second time around. it was LATER.. and alcohol levels drop after time

2412 days ago


I feel he deserves a break. He is a 55 year old actor out early in the morning on a scooter that isn't going to hurt anyone except maybe himself and his date. Compared to other celebrities, his mistake is minor. With as much coke that flows through Miami, and debauchery that goes on in general in that area, the police would better serve the public by chasing down bigger offenders than the likes of a harmless Mickey Rourke.

2412 days ago


He should get the benefit of the doubt whereas all rappers should be locked up @ Pelican Bay then the few innocents released as reviews are made.

2412 days ago


Sorry Switch, you don't know how Cops play the DUI game..They were hoping that since he'd just left a club his blood/alchohol would be Higher if the "let him cook' for a while...betting the booze he'd just consumed at the bar would work it's way into his blood stream if given more time and giving a higher reading..Shame it didn't work this time : an attorney would've got lot'sa bucks and pubilicity, the Cops would got lot'sa overtime and quick moment of fame, rehab folks would have gotten more bucks and time in limelight. Upside was Cops were safely off the streets when a Drug Deal shootout erupted two streets over about and hour later..

2412 days ago


Free Mickey & lock down Simpson & Jacko & the entire hip hop 'nation' of perversion.

2412 days ago


Mickey is a jerk criminal if he's out there drunk & driving - an enemy of the people.

2412 days ago


Charges will be dropped. Guaranteed. Intoxilyzer SNAFU. Case over.

2412 days ago


I've had them try that game with me, as they see me leaving a bar late at night. How disappointing for them that I don't drink anything but Diet Coke and I'm usually the designated driver. My outlaw image, while being totally sober, is a great way to pick up women too.

2412 days ago


Why was he riding that.......LOL

2412 days ago


After they get the breath analyizer fixed they might look into a program for overweight cops

2412 days ago


Micky is already a legend and if he wanted to take out those cops he could without messing up his High,
if he had one, so they should respect the fact that he is really a nice guy and has more class than any of
them. They should leave him alone because he can be one cool influence on the younger croud that they
could never reach, because he is a red neck of the highest order and they just wish they were. I agree with
the coke problem, what are they doing messing with a man on a vespa, what a laugh!!!! Everybody loves
Micky how many like cops! Dah

2412 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

where does the "good to be Mickey Rourke" come in?

2412 days ago


In New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, the police departments perform three breathalyzer tests for accuracy. The suspect may have burped or taken Binaca breath spray or the like. These would throw off the test and post a false positive. Any police department, worth their salt, would use the three test method. If this case continues, it will be dismissed or an innocent verdict will be reached, even with a basic DUI attorney. Of course, some Florida areas are up for sale to the highest contributor. This case will just cost taxpayers money and make the prosecutor look foolish.

The police down there should impose a stricter weight ban. I bet this cop's nickname is 'Tiny'.

2412 days ago
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