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Pam and Rick Are Back On -- Divorce Is OFF!

12/17/2007 5:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon have reconciled -- and the divorce is OFF! (No. We are not kidding.)

A source close to the couple tells TMZ they had a huge fight, but have now made up and everything is hunky-dory.

On her website today, Pam hinted that she and Rick are "working things out."

Pam filed papers this morning, but the story has changed almost as quickly as she changes husbands. Looks like they're going to make day 73.


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She's already pretty rough looking with or without make-up, that rode hard, put up wet kinda look. Can you imagine what she's gonna look like in 10, 20 years? Majorly "used" goods. He's kinda cute. Wonder if she'll ever run out of men to manipulate? (no pun intended)

2504 days ago


I like how Pam, miss PETA U.S.A. takes the killing of "innocent" animals seriously, but treats marriage like a joke. She's suuuuper cool! Effing celebrities...gotta love em!

2504 days ago


Unfortunately Pam did not have the foresight to plan a carreer stratagy like Anna Nicole Smith. She could be Knocking at Heaven's Door by now. ....Indeed. but then we should give her a few more years to share cooties with the hobag boys that seem to circle like vultures around paparazzi victim girls/women like Pammie

2504 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Oh, cheers, bravo, well done. I am now totally convinced that this marriage is destined to be a blessed event that will last the both of them the rest of their lives. Maybe he just got tired of scratching that brand new itch that Pam gave him when they first hooked up. I would also like to give Pam props for being an excellent template for Twitney, but I don't think Twitney will be around at that age by the rate she is going right now. I wonder how many STDs Pam, Tommy, and Kid have spread around just between them? Buncha Typhoid Marys and Larrys!

2504 days ago

Miss Behave    


2504 days ago


I wonder if this has something to do with her "deal" in Vegas. Is she holding out for more money and needed some publicity to get them to change their minds.

Someone already commented on marriage and how it looks like many celebrities don't take marriage seriously. I truly agree especially when you see they jump in and out of relationships so easily.

2504 days ago


For her dedication to PETA, it sure seems that she is such a major sleaze.

2504 days ago


I guess this means I should cancel the reservations for the hotel room in Vegas and try to get a refund on the bottle of Dom. Back to crashing with friends when I'm in town and getting free Diet Coke from the bartender. Fortunately, there are plenty of other peroxide blonde bimbos with fake boobs in town.

2504 days ago


The Hubby is only going to make a few movies about their sex life, Then sell the freckers when they split up, ( In about 4 to 6 mo's)

2504 days ago

Karen H    

Damn Pam...give it a rest old gal......this skank will use anyone or do anything for publicity.......she still claims to be "mother of the year" and her home is a revolving door and those boys must really be confused about Dad #1 #2 #3 etc. Tommy should keep those boys and let her live her sex crazed public life...spread her Hep if there is any place left she hasn't spread it, let her make all the sex tapes she wants and leave one hell of a legacy for her kids and parents to live down. She married Rick S with the hopes of getting a reality show....if you seen the comments you would know she did not back out.....the TV station did.

2504 days ago


So, they had a fight, she threw a hissy fit & filed for divorce? Knowing how skanky she looks (with her frankenstein deformed nipples due to her 57 boob jobs), that she has HERPES and how much of an airhead she is, I'd divorce her ass right now. Then again, knowing what a morally vacant idiot rick saloman is, he deserves her & all the disease ridden, brain dead, hollywood attitude baggage she carries with her...

2504 days ago



2504 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

is it true that the Graziano guy is coming around????? that blew my mind.

2504 days ago

Medical Girl    

This poor thing never was much of a looker and got her fame from her hideously gargantuan silcone chest bags. The older she gets the more she looks like a hooker. Pammy is certainly gettng a little long in the tooth these days. Also, I thouht this hag had hep C. Every time she is photoed she has some alcoholic-looking beverage in her hand. She should be dead if she drinks that much with a hep C liver. Cheap little honey, she is.

2504 days ago


He has found a more reliable, cheaper and better-grade seller.. Whew.. that was a close one.

2504 days ago
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