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The French Have Better Presidents

12/17/2007 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Washington tongues have been wagging for months, saying that Laura Bush is going to dump King George as soon as his presidency ends -- in 399 days, but who's counting? The French prez hears a different drummer -- he dumped his wife last October and took up with a model/pop star!

L'Express magazine told French TV that President Nicolas Sarkozy, 52, is dating Carla Bruni, 38 -- and the two were seen at Disneyland near Paris this weekend. He's the first French prez to divorce in office. Wasn't this a movie with Michael Douglas? Bruni is an Italian tire heiress who had a hit record this year.

Ah, to be in France -- where love is free -- and they dump kings.


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Ce fut vraiment très plaisant et instructif de voir les commentaires et opinions des Américains sur la France et notre Président.
Pour ma part, sa vie privée avec Carla ne me regarde pas même si c'est relativement impossible d'y échapper avec la presse française.
Désolée de ne pas écrire en anglais.

2425 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Nicolas Sarkozy did not dump his wife Cecilia, she walked out the door. She refused to move into the Elysee Palace after he won the national election and declined to perform the duties of a First Lady (even declining to meet Mr. & Mrs. Bush during their New Hampshire vacation last summer). She wanted out of the marriage, while months after the split he continued to wear his wedding band. They had both strayed and taken on another lover while married. Not so surprising, considering they first hooked up while married to other people. Their trial reconciliation did not last, and they divorced in October. Let's not rewrite history here. Cecilia Sarkozy walked. Carla Bruni is beautiful and talented, but 14 years Mr. Sarkozy's junior. Good luck to them, I'm glad to see him moving on.

2451 days ago


Yeah - the French have a much better president than the US - not. Do your homework TMZ - France is a mess. This idiot should be worried about all the riots going on - not playing around at Disney.

Scores of Police Hurt in Paris Riots:

2451 days ago

Mighty Moe    

Didn't she have a baby with Mick Jagger a couple of years ago?

2451 days ago


He's a hot, sexy man who loves Americans and the U.S. Too bad he's a right-winger (dangit!).

PinkYo: You think we don't have riots in recent history in the U.S.? Google "WTO riots" for heaven's sake.

2451 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

'Ah, France, Where love is free' ? It's never free, TMZ..
I do like that the French separate his potential ability to do a good job as President from his personal life. I would imagine it would be difficult to maintain a good marriage AND run a country simultaneously in a lot of cases.

2451 days ago


Basic facts should not be that hard to print. Mr. Sarkozy did not dump his wife; she left him. Other than that, good for him for getting on with his life.

2451 days ago

Dyna ™    

Laura's dumping George? Damn, she does have brains to go with her looks.

2451 days ago


Coffee addict - I never said we didn't.

2451 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Coffee addict - PinkYo just 'forgot' to balance his statement with it, lol.

2451 days ago


Whatever - There was no need to balance my statement.

2451 days ago


Woaw I am really impressed here in Europe and in France we only heard about it but no pictures (yet) till the big magazines print them end of the week. TMZ you are quicker!!!!!!!!!

2451 days ago


I take those Bush divorce rumors with a grain of salt. I remember hearing the exact same thing when Clinton's term was coming to end. The tabs were constantly saying that a divorce was eminent. They are still together.

2451 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

nebody would have a better president america iz an extrimist conservitive nation that elected this idiot.children should have equal rights.the massachusettes anti child assault law should pass weed should be legalized and lets get a smart libreal president next time---and let kidz vote!!!!!!

2451 days ago


Living the lines spoken by Lady Liberty, France takes in more refugees and immigrants than any other EU nation and provides them housing, medical care and an education. This is expensive to do and, as with giant welfare housing projects in the USA, creates slums where the next generation - children of poor, often ill-educated thus difficult to employ immigrants who have not mastered the language - feel disenfranchised, thinking "Why do others have more than I have?" and not realizing that pulling folks out of the 3rd world can take several generations to accomplish. Especially with populations resistant to assimilation into their host cultures. France is punished, with riots and a crippling welfare money-hole, for their open-arms policy to immigration. The US has the same problems on a smaller scale. I work in a jail in a big city, and the need for Somali, Amharic and Spanish interpreters is through the roof. The great majority of people I talk to via the interpreters have no education, aren't interested in city provided language lessons, and are repeat offenders for petty, poverty crimes (thefts) and drug use. Many of the Somali teens I see lost their welfare at 18, and then became homeless on U.S. streets after being "saved" from the situations in their own county which forced them to be child soldiers at 11 and 12. So, trained killers as children, we put them in projects in the US, then turn them on to the streets at 18. It's a recipe for disaster, and the same is happening with the "rescued" Arab and African populations outside Paris. A hand out and a hand up can only help so much. After that the cultural leaders of those communities need to step in and say "We are going to take advantage of the FREE education, FREE language lessons, and bring our children out of poverty, not refuse to speak the language and created generations of slum inhabitants on welfare." Bravo to France for trying to help on a scale not seen elsewhere in the EU, and boo to those who critique an impossible situation without rolling up their sleeves to try and help at all.

2451 days ago
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