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Amy Winehouse Arrested -- Allegedly "Perverts Justice"

12/18/2007 3:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Amy's been released, we're told, pending "further investigation." She's due back at the police station for more questioning in early March.

Yes yes yes! Singer Amy Winehouse has been arrested on suspicion of "perverting the course of justice" -- the UK's version of interfering with a police investigation.

TMZ has confirmed that the arrest was made "by appointment" in London today.

Last month, Winehouse's husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, was arrested for the same thing -- related to the case of an alleged assault on a bartender last June.

Winehouse recently canceled her UK tour, supposedly because she was too upset over the arrest of Mr. Winehouse.

Someone, anyone ... please help!

Her rep confirmed that the singer has been arrested, but explained that this is common practice in the UK. There a person is technically arrested when they are brought in for questioning, but Winehouse has not been charged with anything. This was pre-arranged.

Story developing ...


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Standards are badly needed.    

Well, who the h*ll is going to feel empathy for Ms. Winehouse now, if it turns out she has actually tried to pervert the course of justice. Struggling with demons is one thing, but criminal behaviour is quite another. We have laws to protect us all.

2448 days ago


Simply put, as Martha Stewart would say, this is...

...a good thing.

This'll either be a serious wake up call for her or she'll make good on ther immature drama-queen self-centered threat to off herself.

Too bad, but, well, there it is.

2448 days ago


Well, this is, as Martha Stewart would say, a good thing.

This'll either be a serious wake up call or she'll have to make good on her immature, self-centered, drama-queen threat to commit suicide.

Too bad, but there it is. I like her music and wish her the best. But if she thinks her best is offing herself, who are we to say.

2448 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Hey, I disagree with FIBiker about the 'let us know when she dies' comment, but he's just being sarcastic, and Biker has given me more consistent laugh-out-louds for months than anyone else on here. He or she also has good instincts, and FIBiker is usually right on the money when it comes to judgement and common sense, whether it's phrased politically correctly or not.

2448 days ago

two cents    

I'm also hoping this turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Hopefully, she'll finally hit rock bottom and seek help, even if it's court appointed help. She's way too talented to end up dead from drug abuse.

Locking her up should help to keep her away from the drugs. Good luck Amy!!

2448 days ago


This couple discust me big time. Amy has a fantastic career and family and she blatantly abuses herself. She makes us Brits look really bad. She is just plain skanky I pray she pull's herself together because her music is fantastic and i can't see a happy ending to this unless they sort it out. But as far as her personal lifestyle choice go's she is a bag head and a low life she is glamourising drugs and drug culture.

2448 days ago


No! Amy is so talented. Why couldn't have been Britney?

2448 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Actually, no, I'm not, and will go read the Carmen Electra story, and decide if that's Biker or someone posing as Biker. I know what Biker writes, most of the time. Trolls sometimes post as others if they say something they disagree with. Just saying. Will get back to you.

2448 days ago


Not sure of how things work out in America, But here in the UK if the Police dont have enough evidence to arrest they ask you to attend the Polic Station for questioning If you turn up volunarily they then have to arrest you and causion you if they wish to use anything you say as evidence. so don't really read into the Arrest thing they are just questioning her because she turned up of her own will.

If they remand her in custady she certanly wont dry out as drugs are rife in UK prisons the prisoners have cel phones and all manor of luxeries and a nice steady supply of drugs infact as Amy has money the dealers inside will be charching her a permium for the drugs.

She is in no way like Britney, Amy has genuine talent and was not maifactured by big pop bosses. Amy has earnt her fame it's just very sad she chooses to abuse herself and her position like this. If Amy was Clean i honestly cant think of any comparison she is uneque there is no one like her doing what she's doing music wise image wise and so on.

2448 days ago

equal opportunity offender    


2448 days ago

two cents    


Posted at 2:14PM on Dec 18th 2007 by equal opportunity offender"

LMFAO!!!! Good one.

2448 days ago


They have been removing my posts, TOO funny.

2448 days ago


What a looser.

2448 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

What a stupid bitch no man is worth that. She's got a great voice and needs to clean up her damn act.

2448 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

is it possible that anyone could think that misspelling alot of words will "prove" you're from the UK? that's a really bad act you put on there, sitting your ass right in some hick town in the states. give it a rest loser.

2448 days ago
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