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Commish in Brit Case -- TMZ Good Enough for Me

12/18/2007 4:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsSources say Commissioner Scott Gordon didn't bother looking at TMZ's video showing Britney partying on the same day she said she was too sick to sit for her depo. We're told the Commish said if TMZ reported it then he would accept it as true. Aw, shucks!

We've also learned Brit's new deposition date is set for the first week in January. A hearing was scheduled for January 23, But K-Daddy's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, argued that he needed time to review the depo and check out what Brit says under oath. So the Commish pushed the next hearing back to February 19.

Will Brit show up for the next depo? Will she feign illness? Will she miraculously cure herself?

Stay tuned.


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A deposition the first week after New Years Eve? I don't think she will be done throwing up yet.

2465 days ago


Looks like TMZ is her worst enemy, besides herself. Any normal person would stay home, knowing everything they do is being taped and used as evidense. Not her, tho. This is what she lives for.

2465 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

I want to see her LAST booking photo......Hope they make this one public.....I mean really? WHY NOT? Who are they protecting? Britney? Laughable!

2465 days ago


TMZ makes me sick. This site just more trashy by the minute.

2465 days ago


OK, we all can agree Unfitney is a train wreck...but the Commiss saying he trusts TMZ, WOW that should scare us all!

2465 days ago


" if TMZ reported it then he would accept it as true" - LOL hope that instills a sense of confidence in American Justice!

2465 days ago


I think that it is clear that Britney has serious problems and that she doesn't want her children. For the sake of the children this needs to be over soon. No mother is MUCH better than a terrible one. I speak from experience in my own childhood.

2465 days ago


LOL, FIBiker, and SO true! Will take the worthless piece of garbage at least 2 weeks to get over New Years Eve and by that time she will be partying somewhere else and her drinking and barfing will be starting anew. BRITNEY DOES NOT WANT HER KIDS! What does it take to get this across to the court, she does everything possible to PROVE she doesn't want her kids, why does the court (and Kevin) keep giving her so many chances to do the right thing by kids SHE DOESN'T WANT! All she wants to do is party party party, so take the kids, give them to GREAT dad Kevin, and set Britney free, that is what the worthless twit wants.

2465 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Holy Smokes Batman, Fire Commissioner Gordon! If he's too lazy to do his job, get someone who will at least look at the evidence before making a determination. LOSER!

2465 days ago


Um, what the hell kind of justice is that?

2465 days ago


Since when does going to a gas station qualify as partying?

2465 days ago


WOW, and the scales of Justice continue to spin our of control...think anyone can make Brit do what is right? Is she real? eeeeks!

2465 days ago

Housewives Media Group    


K jerk is going to screw up sooner or later .... we are all waiting for it .... I have had many troubles in my life and one thing that I KNOW TO BE FACT .... the little guys will always love you .... this will soon pass .... get out of the hell hole LA .... get out of show biz .... live your life .... do what you do now without the hassle .... if for a second you feel you can't win just shake it off .... the little guyz are of your womb and will never stop loving you .... I hear there is a vid with Klozer and a stripper in his home ... you can see baby iteams and if you listen to the tape you can hear one of the boyz crying ... K lozer will be found out for what he is .... HANG TOUGH ... and take it easy .... TMZ is making so much money off you .... dont let 'em ... take your life back and wait for the tape to come out.

2465 days ago


Post #9....what do you mean all she does is party, party, party?? She wasn't partying that day she had that deposition scheduled..she was out at a gas station and the 4 seasons!! Actually she hasn't been out partying lately, funny how noone mentions how Kevin is always out up on it guys!! Either way, this is not justice seriously, for a commissioner to accept this wout even viewing, shows how biased he is towards the media!! IF she wants a fair trial, they need to appoint a new judge..this is complete crap!!

2465 days ago

just wondering!!!..this is just plain sad!!....why is Kaplan and Judge Ito even bothering having Brit do a depo???....lawyers on both sides might as well just haul in TMZ and X-17 and let the case be solved by watching video of both K-fed and Brit and heck bring Shar in.....whats good for the goose is good for the unfair the way this is being handled, what a joke!

2465 days ago
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