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Nicole Kidman: Beautiful on the Inside Too

12/18/2007 2:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Kidman was shining her loving light on kids from the Sydney Children's Hospital today in Australia, with a special screening of her latest film, "The Golden Compass."
Nicole Kidman
Although Hollywood has waxified the actress, it hasn't made her plastic! And during this holiday season, it's warming to see stars reaching out to brighten the lives of others. *genuine sniff*


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I wonder why TMZ hasen't posted that Nicole is in fact pregnant yet?? It was on the Drudge Report this morning. I thought TMZ was always the first to post breaking news about celebs? Get with the program, TMZ!!!

2491 days ago


Nicole Kidman is a Christian herself, and maybe she isn't aware in the danger of doing a film that has been toned down in its eesence- as the books are much worse. Many Christians are unaware of spiritual war fare, or refuse to acknowledge it.

But I feel Nicole has her heart in the right place. She is a very hot looking woman, and she is not at all conceited about it.

2490 days ago


When are people going to realise acting is not real life. This lady always visits these less fortunate sick children at hospitals. Give the women a break, she' doing something wonderful. When you make the money that these actors are lucky to make, it's make believe most of the time and it's a show for the cameras. As far as her own kids go, what chance does she have fighting Tom Cruise. Let's face it, like him or not (which I don't) that man has all the power. I can only hope that she soon has a family with Keith Urban. That way they will have a complete different upbringing to Scientology and the kids will never want to be away from their beautiful parents. Good luck Keith & Nicole. Us Aussies love you both.

2487 days ago


She is a wonderful person and I think it is great when celebrities reach out to help others. With all the bad press once gets it is nice to hear good stories too. Thanks TMZ

2503 days ago


Really touching... during the holiday season she's promoting her God-hating movie to sick kids... make me barf...

2503 days ago


That's a publicity stunt if I ever saw one! She's taking so much flack from the Christian community for that movie so she's trying to make herself look innocent! Not buyin' it!

2503 days ago


How sweet of her to inform these children before they die that there is no Jesus and that they are about to be sucked into infinite blackness.

But at least she granted them a peek at her waxy goblin face first.

2503 days ago


I hope they didn't catch anything from her.

2503 days ago

Granny Pants    

LOVE YOU #5 and hey FIBiker, you're cracking me up all over the place here, call me if you smoke.

2503 days ago


Watch out almost said something NICE about someone who was being genuine for once! See what that dang Christmas spirit will do to you. It's nice to see a celebrity use their fame for good from time to time. U go Nicole!

2503 days ago

Big Ol' Nobody    

cure em from the outfit too, will ya?

2503 days ago


I didn't know that Nicole has a goog heart. At least she made some smile on the faces of sick people. I'm so touched

2503 days ago

Merry Christmas    

#2 & #4 & #% - you are right on! This article is just too easy. I wonder if the sick children who actually believe in God were allowed to boycott her film. Using sick children to promote an anti-Catholic/Christian film is just that...sick!

2502 days ago


gee, maybe her kids will get to do a photo op with her on Christmas.
she'll trot them out to a Laker's game like last year and then we won't see them again until Kate is pregnant with Sci2

2502 days ago


She always goes on about protecting her kids privacy, trying to explain why we never see her with them. But, she parades these kids on a red carpet to show the world what a Saint she is. What about their privacy? I would have a lot more respect for this if she weren't using this as a PR campaign. Keep the cameras out. And, there are other photos floating around of this - that dress she's wearing? Another see-thru. And when she's bending over the mic, you can see down the top of her dress. A little common sense goes a long way Nicole! You can bet anything that there will be photos if/when her kids are there at Christmas. That's too good of a photo op to pass up. There's already word that she and her family will be cruising the Syndey Harbor on New Years. Gee, I wonder how that got "leaked"?

2502 days ago
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