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Britney: I Was Being Sarcastic, I Know My Sis is Preggo

12/19/2007 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A source close to Britney Spears tells TMZ that the popwreck's comment to our cameras last night denying sister Jamie Lynn's pregnancy was a joke. She was "being sarcastic," we're told. "She knows." Hope so!

Brit had been out on a late-night shopping excursion when photogs asked how she felt about being an auntie. She replied, "My sister's not pregnant!" much to the surprise of the throng around her.

Britney's not that dumb. She's just not a comic.


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ok for real.. Britney Spear is an idiot.. We all know that,

But honestly I give props to her sister. Not for being "pregnant", But in all reality, do you know how many young hollywood girls actually get knocked up?? The only difference is that their babies are flushed up the river somewhere. At least she is taking responsibility for what has happened. I read the posts here sometimes and can't believe what a fantasy world some of you people live in. CELEBS ARE PEOPLE. They make MISTAKES. I'm proud of her for doing whats right.. She was stupid, got pregnant and now she is owning up to it.. Get real people and knock the slut comments off. It's getting old...

2501 days ago

Dennis, OKC    

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2501 days ago

Vintage '51    

Hey Bella-There you are. I was wondering if I'd read your 2 cents worth anywhere today. I read your reply last night and I'm beginning to think we may be on the same page. Ya think? Same ole s*it, different day. Makes you wonder who'll be targeted tomorrow huh? Later......

2501 days ago


Would you people wanting to press charges, get a life. She wasn't raped!

2501 days ago


wait, #11 asked why this was filed iunder Train Wrecks, anyone want to fill him/her in?
also - Brit did NOT know. Her PR people can't even lie very well. Ugh, was a loser this whole family is.

2501 days ago


# 61 - add "wipes her greasy hands on expensive clothes during a photo shoot, is drunk/stoned in front of her kids, doesn't show up to Depos, is a smart ass to the press when she better watch her step because she's on THIN ICE".
not that dumb? by TMZ standards perhaps. And well, there you have it.

2501 days ago

Ima Skank    

Perhaps Jamie can get some parenting tips from Britney. Jamie, pay attention to this....DON'T LET AUNT "B" BABY SIT.

2501 days ago


Isn't this illegal? In Louisiana and california??
She is 16, he is 19...????????

2501 days ago

Fonzworth V. Brightly    

TMZ…you guys should stick to reporting on stars that are really stars and leave the trailer trash to the uncaring such as myself and I’m sure that there are millions upon millions that agree with me…I’m speaking of “Brit-Whit and her soon to be Future- Baby-Mama-Drama little sister”…What a pair of super role models for our youth too look up too. “Why cant you focus on a real super star”…Like
“FERGIE”…now there’s one super hot woman…!!!!!!!…get a clue TMZ

2501 days ago


Has the world gone mad??? Whats next, Hilary getting married?

2501 days ago

Richard Ott    

Sarcastic? How about what Britney Spears has done for the last 2 years?
Now, that's sarcastic!

2501 days ago


SLUTney's not being funny; she's not smart of astute enough for that. She's being a retarded media whore; she planned this. Of course she knows her sister is pregnant, but she used this "she's not pregnant" stupidity to pull the spotlight off of jaime lynn & onto herself. Congratulations, SLUTney; you found a way to make it about you & not your knocked up little sister. I hope you enjoy your media whoring while it lasts (which hopefully will be very shortly); everyone on planet earth (with the exception of the 3 brain dead SLUTney fans left) thinks you're a retarded, brain dead, ugly, fat, no talent with no future...

2501 days ago


well of course britney knew! if my sister was trailor trash and had 10 kids, been in rehab and SHAVED HER HEAD, shed definitely be he first to know im knocked up at 16!!

2501 days ago


Give me a break,Britney didn't know. You could tell by the look on her face last night ,when she was told. She is just trying
to cover up her reaction today.I think Jamie Lynn is proud of this,because this news is everywhere.I never heard of a 16 year
old giving an interview about this to a magazine.I feel sorry for her young fans.

2501 days ago

The Simple Facts    

Twitney is definitely back-peddling, with a lie of course. No surprise, since a lack of ethics and morals is what the spears clan is now known for. It will be interesting to see how Twit the media whore, is gonna react to any of the spotlight taken off her. The carney freak show ain't over yet folks; what we've seen so far, is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg in what this disgusting trainwreck is capable of.

2501 days ago
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