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Principal Cashes In on Jamie Lynn

12/20/2007 2:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

CaseyThe principal of Amite Center School, the one where Jamie Lynn baby daddy Casey Aldridge went to school, is pimping out the 2007 yearbook.

TMZ spoke with principal Dan Brewer, who when asked to provide any recent pictures they had of young Casey, replied that he was holding out on releasing last year's annual (yearbook) so he can get a better price. Dan claims "the school needs the money." Saved by the sell!

Mr. Brewer did tell us that Casey was a good boy, but it sounds like the people in Gloster, Miss. are learning the ropes of this business real quick! What's next? His used football cleats on eBay?


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The school needs money so they can finish building the nursery wing addition for all the unwed mothers who need to get their edumaction.

2468 days ago


That's funny and really silly. How is he going to sell pics from the yearbook when likely hundreds of people have the yearbook?

2468 days ago

What Would Xmas Be Without Warrants Served In Annas Death    

I'd make it a 3-day auction with a seriously low Buy It Now, dude. The clock is ticking...

2468 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    

I hope that whoever came up with the term "baby daddy" rots in Hell!!

2468 days ago


I don't blame the principal if he's doing it to help the first, I thought he wanted money for himself...that would be more shameless.

2468 days ago

just me    

Y'all cant even get the name of the school correct. It is Amite School Center (ASC) not ACS.

2468 days ago

Me myself and I turns people EVIL !
His school wants to make money on him because a 19 got a 16 year old pregnant ???
WTF ?????

2468 days ago


Just start calling everyone in that town~ I'm sure there are at least 50-100 yearbooks lying around from that year. Sometimes the local library has copies.


Don't hold your breath, Principal Brewer!!!

2468 days ago


I really do hope this moron was just joking when he made this comment...if not, he should have been out of job by sunrise the next day!!!! Instead of dreaming of ways to make a profit from this latest Spears Tragedy...maybe spend some time handing out Condoms and B/C pills to the hillbillies in your school...I hope, Mr Brewer, they hooked onto your trailer and move your stupid a$$ as far away from kids as they can get you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2468 days ago

The Simple Facts    

Sluttney's anxiety over the spotlight veering, just increased 10-fold: Now 'a piece of me' applies more to a fetus than her.

Between the OK rag deal & this principal, the baby is already being bought & sold in any twisted, greedy way people can think of. Including by it's own mammy & granny... That entire family is a disgrace, & the worst is probably yet to come. Sad

2468 days ago


I went to Amite School Center last year as an 8th grader.
Casey was a senior, very well liked, athletic, nice to everyone.
The CURRENT principle, Mr. Brewer wasn't even the principle last year.
Walt Gaston was.
Brewer, is trying to make profit from something not concerning him
He's run the school into the ground, which is why I'm homeschooled in Liberty, MS.
Casey is a really nice guy.
Everyone who lives in Liberty, Gloster, Centreville, Kentwood knows that.

I support him and Jamie.

2468 days ago


It must be geopgraphical dim-wittedness - it seems they are all l like that. OH MY, they are doing nothing to detract from a negative sterotype being cast on white south-easterners right now. Thank you Spears family.

2468 days ago


Where are the legal charges? Whether they had sex in Louisiana or California, she's still under the age of consent? Shouldn't anyone be investigating this guy for statutory rape???

2468 days ago

The Simple Facts    

Wonder what JL & her mother will spend their ill-gotten gains on? Won't be class, morals or intelligence, that's for sure.

Somebody posted b/c they have money, they will be just fine. Um, twitney has more coin than satan, & neither she or her kids are *just fine*. Trash is trash, money or not. And when trash reproduces, innocent children pay the price.

2468 days ago

tuna marie    

when is the spears family going away???

2468 days ago
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