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Did K-Fed Know About Jamie Before Brit?

12/22/2007 8:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This'll make Britney real happy, y'all -- it turns out her mama Lynne may have told the K-Daddy about lil' Jamie Lynn's pregnancy before she told Brit-Brit! PopoD'oh!

Us reports that Lynne "mentioned" the pregnancy to Federleezy to "warn him that the media would be going crazy." But, says an Us source, Lynne "asked him as a favor not to say anything to anyone" -- until, of course, the OK! magazine piece ran.

This does not surprise any Spears family observers. "Lynne talks to him way more than she talks to Britney," says a source. Wonder if K-Fed will be dispensing any advice to young Casey Aldridge?

Borat and Ali G Are Dead

Yesterday, actor Sacha Baron Cohen killed off both a proto-rapper from the west suburbs of London and a Kazakh journalist who had recently made a tour of the United States. We don't like!

Cohen made the stunning announcement in an interview with London's Daily Telegraph. "Admitting I am never going to play them again is quite a sad thing," said Cohen. "It is like saying goodbye to a loved one ... with every new person who sees the Borat movie is one less person I 'get' with Borat again."

Cohen, however, spared the life of Bruno, a fashion reporter whose work will soon be seen on the big screen.

Party Favors: Alycia Lane Wanted by Playboy? ... Remy Ma Sued by Shot Victim

The bad-girl Philly anchorwoman who just allegedly slugged a cop and also sent around bikini pix of herself to a married pal could be getting a chance at redemption. The New York Post reports that Playboy is mulling a "lucrative" offer to Lane to pose for an upcoming issue. ... Rapperista Remy Ma and her record label were sued for $20 million yesterday by a woman who was allegedly shot in New York by Ma. The suit claims that the label encouraged Ma to be a bad girl to promote the Remy Ma brand.


No Avatar

Party 'till you die!    

Ahh, R.I.P. Borat! Fame and recognizability brought an early death to a fine character. Jagshemash Brother/hero!!!!!

2465 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

It's been said that Momma Psycho has been getting along better with KFed than her own cerebrally challenged daughter Twit!

2465 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Oh my, are there difficulties in communication in such a perfect family? Why yes, there are. Watch them proceed to feed upon each other, much to the disturbance of their menatlly, visually, and olfactoralilly challenged fans!

2465 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Wow, the unwashed masses will fall for anything! Don't worry, most of them are poorly adapted teens who in any other species circle would have been eaten by their parents as rejects. The others? One wonders what level of brain damage to the faculties must have taken place to enjoy such foul tasting tripe.

2465 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Why yes, she does. And she wore the camouflage of the sane for sometime, but she ended up getting busted for having poorly forged papers of sanity, much like her sister. Ahh, tsk, tsk, too bad!

2465 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Oh, I hate to say this, but yes! Despite having the genetics of being
severely mentally and morally challenged, they are breeding like
Viagra fueled bunnies! Yes, I am scared! Me too!

2465 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I am not a religious person, but that appears to be the case! It's either that, or we shall be flooded by millions of Spears folk at this rate of reproduction! We are doomed it appears!

2465 days ago


Not surprising that Lynn might have mentioned this to Kevin. If Britney hadn't estranged herself from the family, they would have told her too.

On a different note, during this holiday period, please help the homeless! For example, there was a homeless guy in front of the shopping mall this eveing. I bought him a slice of pizza and pop, and gave him $5.00. Not a big deal, but I could tell he appreciated it a lot. Can we all do something nice for a homeless person this Christmas?!

Happy hoidays everyone!

2465 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Yes, possibly. It appears that our brains have been slowly numbed to death by this current media onslaught! Never thought it would take place like that!

2465 days ago

Lenn K.    

The Spears family is the first family of comedy. If it wasn't so sad it would be very funny. Mess for a mom, drunk for a dad, Britney is psycho, jamie Lynn is 16 and knockedup and the brother is gay. Wow, you can't make this stuff up!!!

2465 days ago


Lenn K.~ excellent 'wrap up' of the Spears clan. I didn't know the brother is gay, but I'll take your word for it!

2465 days ago

Blah blah blah    

I always knew my family was disfunctional, what family isn't to a degree, but this family brings me one notch closer to feeling normal.

2465 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Lenn K. LMFAO ,...too much, best description of these people yet..l did not know know about the brother Brain either,but I too wil ltake your word for it. Photographers and reporters should read your post because it proves why we really do not need tohear anymore about these people.

2465 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

I've been blogging on this site for awhile now. I still don't get it. Ok, so it is a big story that "Lynne "mentioned" the pregnancy to Federleezy" before Britney know. Yeah? So? It isn't any secret (duh) that Britney and Lynne have not been on the best of terms. All this does is just give all the haters at chance to crawl out from the trash cans, cardboard boxes, under the rugs, etc. to spew their hate. Personally, I really don't care when Jamie told her boyfriend, her mom, the tab or Britney. But I still think those sonograms pictures floating around when tmz was saying the Britney was pregnant were sent to Britney by Jamie. But, like I said, who knows and who cares who knew what when? This is news?

As for what k-dud's advice to Casey will be? I'm thinking it will probably go something like this. "Ok, Casey, my man, mission accomplished. Now make sure you get her to marry you before she insists on that prenup thing. Damn, that’s biitch. Then have another kid real fast. You won't even have to be there with them ... with the dough she has, you can be partying thousands of miles away."

2465 days ago


America is "so tired" of hearing about Britney Spears and her "Hillbilly" family from Louisianna. Start reporting some real news like our "troops" over in Iraq fighting for us daily. Report about the casualties of War which we never hear about. Report other Celebrities Like Toby Keith who goes over and visit the Troops every year.

We don't want to hear another Story about her pregnant 16 year old Sister, Her mom who collected a million dollars on it, K-Fed heard about it before Brittany -- who cares.

2465 days ago
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