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Britney's Night of Lunacy

12/23/2007 9:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's latest late night lunacy started off when the popwreck hopped out of her car and stood in the middle of the street to get a photo of a roadside mural -- only to be thwarted by some inconsiderate paparazzo -- sending Spears into a camera smashing tirade! She's a toxic avenger!

Unlucky for Brit, the camera she smashed was her own, and she had to return to the scene of the freak out to find her camera's memory card. A pap finally found it for her -- and then things got crazy!

Brit then hopped into a photog's ride and took off to Woodland Hills -- reportedly hitting speeds of 120 MPH! After that, she strapped on her best pink wig and tight dress, and she and the photog went into the Peninsula Hotel -- where he later emerged at 4:00 AM craving a cigarette! Hmmm.


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Answer to #94. They aren't real photographers. In the Los Angeles area anyone can run a free post on for people with a camera to just show up at events or around attention whores to take pictures. Sometimes a magazine will buy a picture. These dudes are either community college students taking a photography course at $20.00 per unit or some just don't have a real job and show up pretending to take pictures.

2460 days ago


I have no respect for the "paps" and after watching this, I think she handled it well. I would have gone ballistic on these "ROACHES" - seems they are everwhere and right in your face. I'd love to see someone put these jerks where they belong.......JAIL! They get away with harrassment and I'd love to see them get what's coming to them!!! Honestly, how would anyone feel with those jerks right up in your face every second. I'd love to put the "paps" in their place for a week and see how they like it. I think they'd change their actions very quickly. Papparazzi is about as disgusting a job as being a lawyer or government official ~ people hate them!

2460 days ago


brainless britt
I think its more like 26 going on 6 ,lol !

2460 days ago

Off The Rack    

Maybe she figures if she sleeps with all the photographers, they wont want to have anything to do with her afterwards....problem solved!

2460 days ago

Consuela bananahammock    

I have no sympothy for her. From the looks of it she saw a crowd of papparazzi, then got out of her car to take a picture. I find it highly unlikly all those people were following her. IF she doesn't want to deal with the paparazzi stop going to places where they are. They know here hangouts, her routine, all she need to do is stop going to her regular haunts and most of them won't be there. Sure there will be the stalkeratizis but she seems to thrive on going where they are!

I wish the judge would wise up and take her kids away until she gets the mental help she needs! Her kids don't need that kind of crazy.

2460 days ago


I hope the Judge hears about this and never lets her see those kids again! She is a loose canon! I can't believe the people on here sticking up for this loon and saying the paparazzi is driving her crazy and they are going too far. WAKE UP PEOPLE! She calls these people and tells them where she is going to be, she has brought this all upon herself and she has no one else to blame but herself. She is a waste of oxygen and I wish she would just disappear for the sake of her children and for the sake of every sane man and woman on this earth.

2460 days ago


The sooner Brit & cohorts are in jail the better - mom sleeze @ its most telling.

2460 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    


2460 days ago

Mathew Juarez    

its because of the stupid paps.. she trys to be nice to them but they wont listen so she has to get mean.. she cant do anything without the paps being there.. that would make anybody go crazy!

2460 days ago


good that britney did that and the person named jolly ur retarded shes telling the paparrazzi to go away and is clearly not crazy but u say shes having a mental breakdown ur dumb

2460 days ago


the paparazzi stalk her night and day, she might as well start sleeping with them because she's never going to find a man as long as they are around..

2460 days ago


Not gonna get those kids back like this!

2460 days ago



Man, pappin' must be awfully lucrative!

Hmm, where's my camera?


2460 days ago


When the hell is someone from the police going to do something about this braindead moron? Causing traffic to stop? Hitting speeds of up to 120MPH? GOD DAMN IT, where the hell are the police when you need them? Someone PLEASE throw her stupid, irresponsible ass in jail bfore she kills someone.

2460 days ago


EEwwwww...somebody SLAP that foul-mouthed SLUT!!!!!!! Honestly, I think I threw up in my mouth!

2460 days ago
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