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Tossed Out Tori Amos Fan: Diva, Please!

12/23/2007 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Last week, singer Tori Amos lost it and threw two fans out of her show for talking. Now Monique -- one of the booted ladies -- gives her side of the story. Amos might not stay so famous after this!

Ex-fan Monique posted a blog on her MySpace page addressing the confrontation, saying, "All I was doing was telling my friend who went to the restroom that I couldn't believe she missed her favorite song by Tori ... and Tori had the f**king DIVA audacity to stop her song and tell me to leave just because I was talking about how amazing her live rendition was." Flattery will get you nowhere -- except thrown out!

Monique went on to write, "Guess my First Amendment rights were taken away at the door." Clearly at a Tori Amos concert -- you better sit straight ... and silent!


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I don't believe her...go, Tori!

2493 days ago

joe bob    

Your career called, it wants the red hair dye back.

2492 days ago


what a freakin idiot!!!!

2492 days ago


I don't condemn Tori for what she did. Any of you wanted front row tickets to any of your favorite artists? And what would you do if you saw someone in the front row just ignoring the performance and just gab away with their friend or on their cellphone? I would be PISSED. I love Tori Amos, and have for the last 14 years. She is actually one of a few female artists I bother to listen to. Many female artists sound over-produced, and don't know how to sing more then the same few notes, in almost the same order, like Mariah Carey. (Seriously, does Mariah Carey know how to sing any other way? Why do all of her songs basically use the same notes in alomst he same exact order? Does anybody else notice this other then, I don't know, every person I have spoken to that isn't tone-deaf and is musically inclined?)

Anyway, she was right to throw out people for doing what they did. From the accounts that I read, this Monique woman and her friend were talking through out most of the show. You don't do that. This isn't a metal show, its TORI FRICKIN' AMOS!!!!! You want to talk while listening to live music? Go to a live show featuring a louder, harsher sound, or a bar with a band. Don't do it in the front row of a show with an intimate feel. DUMBASSES!!!

2492 days ago

Get a Raging CLue    

If you go to a concert and you sit up front. Please SHUT UP! Nobody cares who you blew last night! If you can hear yourself talking above the performers, you are TOO LOUD!

2492 days ago


Team Tori just wants some ass. GROSS!!!

2492 days ago


I for one think its great that she threw them out. you pay good money to see a concert and IDIOTS talk thru it the whole time, if you want to talk go to a bar If you want to see a concert SHUT UP AND LISTEN! I wish more stars would do that. There is nothing worse than going to see your favorite performer whoever that may be and having some stupid people carrying on a full scale conversation. So I say KUDOS to Tori Amos for respecting the rest of the paying crowd.

2492 days ago

Keep Kicking These People Out    

With a little common sense, etiquette, manners, and respect - I would bet that Monique would have seen the entire show.

Quit defending offensive, inappropriate, and rude behavior. Tori's reaction was a direct effect of Monique's and her friend's behavior. Monique and her friend were deserving in that situation and Tori didn't just stand up for herself by giving it back, she was standing up for her audience. It's obvious by the cheers. If the audience didn't agree with Tori's reaction to their behavior, I'm sure we wouldn't have heard any cheering at all, but more of a silence from the shock of it, trying to figure out where that reaction came from - and I'm sure we would have seen a few more people leave than just those two.

I completely understand Tori's frustration and I may have done the same thing if I were in her place. It's frustrating. Some audience members think the show is about them. It's enraging that they're ruining what we're there to see. This could be anything - Tori Amos, a speech, films, plays and musicals. If you're there in the audience, be the audience. If you have other things to do, stay the ____ home! (See, there's that rage.) But seriously, why are you there? Not only do you need to respect the performer/performance/or whatever, you need to respect the other people that make up the audience. My guess is they're not interested in you or you'd be on their t-shirt.

I like Tori and I've followed her career somewhat since Little Earthquakes, been to a few concerts - and truly - this only made me like her more. It has nothing to do with her use of the F-word towards these girls. I'm not all into that and she could have chosen another, but I understand that came out of frustration. I like her more 'cause she demanded respect in a culture that is in great need of improving. The lack of etiquette, manners, and respect in the public can almost be beyond belief sometimes. And when it's defended, like these backers of Monique, that's mind-blowing. Monique was bluntly asked to leave for a reason. It's unfortunate that's the kind of tactics it takes to get through to some people.

For those of you that aren't fans of Tori, that's normal 'cause we all have different tastes and that's good. I could care less if you hated her with all your heart. She's a neat, unique person and I wish I had some of her talent. I've yet though, including this video, seen any evidence of her behaving like a Diva. And if you want to believe that she's some total, egotistical bitch from this tiny clip, that's a bit absurd. How often do you see people react like that for no reason? You reap what you sew and these two girls got it pretty instantly. Now for Tori's reaping, if she loses "fans" based on this, I don't think they really understood her in the first place and I'm sure her concerts from now on will be a much more pleasant experience without these kinds of fans there.

2492 days ago

music & manners    

Why the hell shouldn't Tori Amos tell people to shut up at her own concert? It's rude to talk during a concert! Apparently the younger generation has not been taught manners, so they think they can do whatever they want and they get all offended when their bad behavior is pointed out. When I was a child, I was taken to the symphony by my parents and NO ONE talked! The ushers would even pass out cough drops during intermission so that people would not cough during the musical performance. Just because Tori Amos plays rock 'n' roll rather than classical does not mean that her audience has the right to be noisy during her performance! Maybe if more performers threw their fans out when they make noise DURING the songs, people would get a clue and behave better.

2492 days ago


Yay Tori!!!! There is nothing more annoying than loud mouth bitches at a Tori show. It happens all the time...either talking through the show or (maybe worse) SINGING through the show. Front row tickets are very Precious Things :-) and I'm glad Tori kicked them out. I'm sure had they not been distracting to the audience and to her (the performer) then it wouldn't have happened. Too bad she couldn't kick out the bitch who was sitting in front of me at the Denver show.

2492 days ago


Tori Amos is one of the greatest singer-songwriters of our time. Anyone who thinks she is a pompous star is simply just ignorant. The amount of money this woman has raised for rape victims, homeless children and abused children over the years is astounding. If she wants to kick out some disrespectful pompous morons from her show - by all means Tori - do it.



2492 days ago

Keep Kicking These People Out    

Way to go, Tori. Don't stand for this. Those two got what they deserved. I would have done the same thing.

2492 days ago


Anti-Tori here!! Bitch! It may be a privilege to get front row but if I pay for the ticket I'll talk if I want to.

2492 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I am an American, but this vid is a prime example of 'the ugly American.'

2492 days ago


This fan should have learned in grade school to not talk during assemblies or concerts or class-- it has to do with her impinging on the enjoyment of other guests and showing Amos (not to mention everyone around this fan) respect. Everyone is like that these days; at a movie last night, teens were on their phones texting or talking. At the Lion King production, people answered their cell phones (adults that were supposed to know better). It is just plain rude. Amos had the right to call her out on it. If more people were like Amos, maybe this society would start being polite again.

2492 days ago
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