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Tossed Out Tori Amos Fan: Diva, Please!

12/23/2007 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Last week, singer Tori Amos lost it and threw two fans out of her show for talking. Now Monique -- one of the booted ladies -- gives her side of the story. Amos might not stay so famous after this!

Ex-fan Monique posted a blog on her MySpace page addressing the confrontation, saying, "All I was doing was telling my friend who went to the restroom that I couldn't believe she missed her favorite song by Tori ... and Tori had the f**king DIVA audacity to stop her song and tell me to leave just because I was talking about how amazing her live rendition was." Flattery will get you nowhere -- except thrown out!

Monique went on to write, "Guess my First Amendment rights were taken away at the door." Clearly at a Tori Amos concert -- you better sit straight ... and silent!


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Anthony Tyler    

Ah, MySpace. Where anyone, at any time can post what's happening in their insecure, little lives. Tori Amos had every right to do what she did. Whether anyone likes it or not, others have paid to see her perform. Shut up. Sit down and IF there was a cellphone involved in this mess, please have the courtesy to turn it off.

2473 days ago


this is the same women who made a song about lindsay at height of a tradgity in her career, in order to try and capitalize off someone else's misfortune. Same with P. hilton...she thinks shes so above everyone

snap out of it and come back down to earth TORI

the REAL priviledge is that you are lucky enough to be on stage

what a rotten person
the only time i would go to her concert is if she promised to shoot herself at the end of the concert.

then i might even bring a camera

2473 days ago


I've encountered those selfish people, usually young females, at the theater numerous times. When you ask them to be quiet they look all offended and act like you are the crazy one. They also like to put their feet on the back of your seat and wiggle your seat all through the show as they're laughing and giggling about their boyfriends and talking on their phones. They're really ignorant low-class sluts who think everyone loves to be part of their drama. I paid money to see a show and I won't put up with those selfish peoples actions. Tori did everyone a favor. As you can see from their Myspace, those women think they have every right to disrupt the show and no one has a right to tell them otherwise.

2473 days ago


This tori amos thing has nerve.
When will she be kicked out of a concert for her non stop copying and ompersonation of Kate Bush.
How is ripping off someone at this level even legal?

This woman has a fraud.
Who is she two throw out te mindless sheep who actually go to her shows.

Long live Queen Kate forever

2473 days ago


Her behavior is symptomatic of our age, and of the level of drug usage that exists in the entertainment industry. The current idea that courtesy and kindness are unecessary and the brilliant concept of shooting your mouth off whenever you feel annoyed are things that have been developing in the youth culture for many years, justified by any number of book-writing theorists and by the use of cocaine, which is not only known to cause lethal heart failure but is also responsible for across-the-board failures of the heart in all human relationships. Cussing at your fans is not good for business and ordering them to leave the theater with the cameras rolling is a guaranteed YouTube humiliation. It may well be that Tori Amos is not guilty of substance abuse, and it may be that she is not normally rude to fans and was simply having a bad day (at least she didn't throw anybody from the stage), but her behavior is still very typical of the music business in general nowadays. Today's popular, drastically commercialized music is the real culprit, because it has lost almost every trace of the earmarks of music: melody has been reduced to simple chanting, harmony is at the most basic level, and can be dispensed with entirely in rap music, and rhythm is now so broken and snycopated that it can't be called rhythm any more. The lyrics of almost any song is a tale of agony, and where is the uplift and renewal that music, more than any other art, can bring?

2473 days ago


They wouldn't have been tossed if they weren't causing a comotion. If they are distracting from the show they should be tossed. Just because you're in the front row doesn't mean you can do whatever the hell you want. Shut up and watch the show. And don't try to defend yourself by say..."I was only....".

2473 days ago


why did tmz take off that chyna doll post!!!!!!!!!

2473 days ago


egotistical bitch.

2473 days ago


So let me get this straight. Her friend gets up FROM THE FRONT ROW to go to the restroom during the performance. Then she comes back and the other friend starts chit chatting with her about a totally irrelevant topic DURING THE PERFORMANCE. Sorry little spoiled diva, but you were wrong. I'm sorry you can't see it, but YOU AND YOUR FRIEND WERE OUT OF LINE and TOTALLY DISRESPECTFUL. I'm still with Tori on this one.

2473 days ago


The so-called "fan" was totally in the wrong. Have some respect for Tori. It's simply amazing how stupid and selfish most people are that they think themselves far more important than the person performing (aka WORKING) onstage. Sad state of things that people have become so self-absorbed as to lack basic common courtesy as this fan clearly did.

2473 days ago


I'm glad she threw them out. If can't sit and enjoy the show without disrupting guests around you and ESPECIALLY the artist, then you should be thrown out. Where is this Monique's myspace? I want to read her blog.

2473 days ago


I think there is more to the story. She wouldn't just throw someone out for whispering really quickly. I am sure they must have been beyond disrespectful to upset Tori so badly. And she is right, it is a privilege to sit in the front row. A lot of artists save the front row for people other than actual fans.

2473 days ago


no what is really sad is the women on stage (WORKING? PERHAPS...BECAUSE OF HER FANS) thinks shes better than the people that got her there....she has a big head...she thnks shes above certain people...and yes she did make songs about lilo and perez to try and make fun and make profit off of them....she does think shes above most people, i have seen her do this before, it wont be the last time, hopefully people will just stop paying attention to her until she gets a grip and gives her head a shake....telling the person that its a privledge and being a bitch to them means she definately needs to gve her head a shake...come back to earth tori...your head is too big !!

2473 days ago


If all she was doing was talking to her friend,I find it hard to believe that Tori would even notice. She must have been pretty disruptive to warrant that much attention. This girl isn't going to admit to the full extent of her actions, we live in a blameless society where no one admits when they've done wrong. Although I wouldn't handle it the same way Tori did, I can certainly see where she's coming from.

2473 days ago


What a bitch. I'd be suing her ass for my money back.

2473 days ago
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