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Britney Scared by Sticky Thai Situation

12/27/2007 10:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears got her freaked-out on last night, chanting "This is scary" on her way out of an L.A. Thai joint. Pad se ewww ewww ewww!

TMZ caught the popwreck and her latest caregiver/assistant at Melanee Thai Cuisine, picking up a little take-out and being bombarded by the papstorm.

One thing not so scary about the evening -- Britney took the passenger seat in her car, meaning L.A. roads were safe ... for a little while.


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how dumb    

White America-
You're too funny! Yes, I am a white person and I probably agree with many of your views. I just don't think that racist comments gets the point across.

For example - I am REALLY angry at how Wesley Snipes keeps crying racial issues regarding his tax evasion mess.... Yet, if I sit here and make racist insults about him, I am probably NOT going to convince anyone to realize how RACIST Wesley Snipes is. All I'm going to do is tick people off.

I don't wanna make people mad. I wanna make people THINK and realize that sometimes, racial inequality is kept alive by those who keep crying racial discrimination. I would like to change the world, not create a riot!! lol

2437 days ago


It's so obvious she doesn't even want those kids. Hence why she didn't attend that depo. earlier this month. It's probably what she wants; someone else to have custody of them!!! She had to have them soooo bad you know. "I want to be a young mom. Next year, at 23, I'm so there!" She said that.

2437 days ago


any comments with more than 3lines i zoned out!!!!!!!!!

2437 days ago

Puter Boi    

Once the photographers and leehes that comprise TMZ have finally murdered Britney....I wonder how they will spin their guilt.

Will they show her face down in the street? Will they just blame Britney for her own demise...and move on to another victim?

Will Harvey Levin be charged? Will he feel emotional pain for what he has set in motion?

Sadly, I fear...TMZ won't care.

2437 days ago



Awesome word!...

no offense taken, man. I'm quite familiar with the word and am a fan.

I am in no way a fan of Britney but I had no ill feelings towards her before she started melting down, whcih started long before she met Kevin Federline. In fact I gave her no thought whatsoever to her outside of recognizing here was another manufactured pop product who was being pimped out by all on all sides including her own family.

But, now she's an adult. One could cut some slack early on for some degree of rebellion against her mother, her recording label, and others who demanded of her and made her do things she probably didn't want to do. And that's what I did when I first heard of her downside showing somewhere back just after sh hit majority age and she started to be seen smoking and drinking, then her quickie marriage to a friend of hers, then...well...the rest is all known recent history.

Ok, one could even cut the twit some slack even up to and for a time after her divorce from Federline. But a year later and given her monetary resources and the fact she doesn't have to actually work anymore, unlike the rest of us, and has the time to get stock of herself and access the necessary mental and physical help and yet she blithely continues onward in this public meltdown.

There's a point where enough's enough and to my mind she's reached that point and needs a good whuppin', whether that comes in the form of being tossed in jail for a time which likely would result in a psych eval being done on her resulting in her being officially diagnosed M/D and then to move onto treatment, or that she actually does finally accpet that she needs to seek medical/psychiatric assist, or that she commits some crime, likely automotive, resulting in a legal mire from which she either comes out on the high side for the better or she flames out altogether, then so be it. Something's gotta give here.

I truly don't wish her ill will. I am tired of people like her, politicians, religious leaders, etc, getting away with so much and anything pratically, rubbing the general public's noses into their wealth and privilege, we who by our spending or support allowed them to enjoy that position in life.

Britney is a little snot-nosed ungrateful brat who needs a serious comeuppance. And I look forward to hearing about that when it comes and seeing how she reacts.


2437 days ago


RoughDaddy I agree with the 3 lines. FUNNY!! FIBiker, the deposition, I just hope she shows at this point.

2437 days ago


To 32 : ALL posts of yours are zoned OUT.

2437 days ago

just sayin    

#21 (10:23AM on Dec 27th 2007 by RasputinsLiver):

Oh, I agree 100%. Just to add on to what you said...Britney WANTS us to see her fall from grace. Normal celebrities (if there's such a thing) keep their stuff at home.

I'm tired of people saying "give the girl a break". SHE doesn't give it a break! And she's not a little girl anymore that needs coddling and forgiveness because of age.

2437 days ago


#30 To Hey- Lol, I'm glad that you get it. You are in the MINORITY there, (get it minority, even though you are white?).lol I'm not really super racist, like you I am just tired of the hypocracy, except I like to see people's heads explode on this site, it's hilarious! Like how the people that most complain on me comments are the ones that have maybe 2 black prople in their neighborhood. You know who they are, they are the ones that will be responding to this post listing how many brothas and sistas they know!

2437 days ago



Awesome Word!

By the way, you said...

"Who doesn't enjoy a nice slice of justice righteously served up to those who ask for it!"

Ain't it the truth, man. It's a beautiful thing when it happens in a world where it seem to rarely happen as it should, when it should.


2437 days ago


Photographer from England, my azz! She and the girlfriend went down to the seedy part of Los Angeles to buy something. The dude is a "supplier". Most of you people seem to think she and he got it on. Well ..... I don't. I differ in that I think she and the girlfriend got it on. He supplied something. Makes sense to me that he hung out with them until 4:00 am., but he had that "cat ate the canary" look about him. He is a "businessman" and in control.

My suspicions were that these two would be "out" for several days after the weekend binge. Yep, check these two out and they both look wasted. If I were a betting person, I would bet that that is no personal assistant - that latina is a "enabler/supplier" and a bi-friend.

2437 days ago



Julie, #38.

Couldn't agree with ya more. Most of us work hard to just get by each month, we do our best to live according to the law and go about our lives trying to make life better for not only ourselves but others. Then we read or hear about the privileged wealthy who thumb their noses at us and our society, the people and society that gave them their wealth and privilege, and it gets to a point kind of like where the French citizen got when they made the guillotine the avenging angel against the wealthy privileged.

Most wealthy, notable people recognize their privilege and work to keep a low decent profile and use their advantage to make a difference in society. Some don't and Britney, Lindsay, Paris and a number of others fall into this category.

Ef 'em, man. As "Awesome Word!" said it's a righteous thing to see people like this meet justice in some form or another.


2437 days ago


If she is so damn scared, why the hell doesn't she just stay home in one of the two houses she is paying for and cook dinner for a change? Bella

2437 days ago


. Doesn't that train wreck ever stay at home?

Posted at 10:51AM on Dec 27th 2007 by completely disgusted

I have went back 3 days and she hasn't been out...some of us took a break for the holidays.

2437 days ago


Enough Britney!! If TMZ and others stop giving her attention, maybe she'll stop acting like an ass (or at least we wouldn't be subjected to it).

2437 days ago
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