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Knocked-Up Alba Rocked-Up!

12/27/2007 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Yup, Jessica's rep confirmed it -- she's definitely engaged to Cash Warren. Congrats!

Jessica Alba announced that she and Cash Warren are expecting a little bundle, but she forgot to announce her engagement -- if, in fact, that whopper of an iceberg on her hand is an engagement ring!

That looks like a three or four carat stone for the two-time Razzie Award-nominated cranky actress, who is due in the late spring.


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You get engaged. You get married. You get pregnant.

2437 days ago


Jessica Alba has been known to be a royal - "Beeotch" by staffers and others who have worked with her but it is totally apparent that she is not too thrilled about being word of advice sweetie there are things called rubbers, condoms, and the pill...if you didn't want to get pregnant you should have taken precautions...

2437 days ago


dammmn Jessica I LOOK WAY BETTER THAN YOU!!!!


2437 days ago


ZARA AND ROX ARE LESBIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NASTY

2437 days ago


Our local news ran a "viewpoint" segment today on role models being pregnant. They talked about Jamie Lynn, Lily Allen, and of all people Jessica Alba all being pregnant and unwed.... um excuse me, when has Jessica Alba been a tweener example? Fantastic Four is a LONG way away from Zoey 101 genre! go to and scroll down to "ViewPoint"... they do have an email addy to share your take on THEIR viewpoint.

Throwing Jessica Alba in with Jamie Lynn should be an insult to her.... 16 vs. 26.... WORLDS of difference! I'm as southern born and bread as they come, but I'm not backwards enough to think that these 2 could even begin to compare to eachother's situations. But I'm sure that the bible thumpers in South Georgia will be glad there is going to be a wedding.

2437 days ago

Hal R Hosfeld    

Jessica Alba always seemed Mexican to me. Comments?

2437 days ago


No wonder she did her impersonation of Count Dracula in the video. She is not wearing any makeup. There should be a law against stars appearing in public like this.

2437 days ago


it looks like those pregnancy hormones are kicking in. her face looks a lil bumpy. those are those pregnancy bumps u get when ur hormones are going wild the first 3 or 4 months. she does look a lil bit crabby "but" she is pregnant and she is going to be moody and emotional thats what men and the paparazzi doesnt understand. she not going to be cheery everyday wait till she about 6 months she'll be better looking and better spirited.

2437 days ago


CRANKY? thats an understatement. does she have any fans? not hurts to look at her.

2437 days ago


No one yet has made a comment on how long is this marriage going to last. In my opinion i give it about two to three years tops. If that long.

2437 days ago


#35, yeah - how old are you? 10?? nothing wrong with lesbians - you probably are one yourself since you're so moved by them...hmmm??? it's ok "yeah", maybe when you come out of the closet you can post your real name, hun.

2437 days ago


43. #35, yeah - how old are you? 10?? nothing wrong with lesbians - you probably are one yourself since you're so moved by them...hmmm??? it's ok "yeah", maybe when you come out of the closet you can post your real name, hun.

Posted at 7:21PM on Dec 27th 2007 by PeanutButter

uuwwwhhhhhh you're gay TOOO NASTY NASTY


2437 days ago


well i hope she DOES get a butt so that she can REALLY say she has an ass now...she is sooo ordinary look at her pictures and shes not even that pretty he eyes are so freakin' small, she's not even a good's a shame that she had to desperately get pregnant so that he could propose to her what a desperate bitch!!!

2437 days ago


her eyebrows are too sparce

2437 days ago

kristi p    

Hello she looks like she feels horrible. Some people get realllly sick during their pregnancy. Give her a break. BE NICE!!

2437 days ago
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