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Hannah Montana Contest Winner a Fake

12/29/2007 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hannah MontanaA 6-year-old girl won four tickets to a Hannah Montana concert in New York with an essay that claimed her "daddy died this year in Iraq." Heartbreaking? Yes. True? No.

Priscilla Ceballos, the mother of the young girl, had told the company sponsoring the contest that the girl's father died April 17 in a roadside bombing in Iraq. When the spokesman asked the girl's mom if the story was true, the mother said no. God bless America.

"We never said this was a true story," Ceballos told FOX 4 in Dallas. "We do essays all the time. My daughter does essays at school all the time. It never did say it had to be true, but [the contest organizer] said, 'That's what we expected.'" Duh!

Club Libby Lu, the company behind the contest, has not yet made a decision as to whether the girl will get to keep the tickets.

UPDATE: Club Libby Lu has released the following statement on their website: "Club Libby Lu has been evaluating the situation surrounding our Hannah Montana Rock Your Holidays Essay Contest and is extremely sensitive to the fact we're dealing with a 6-year-old little girl. We wanted to take ample time to gather all the necessary facts in order to make an appropriate decision regarding whether or not we would award the Hannah Montana concert tickets and other prizes to the Ceballos family.

After awarding the grand prize, we unfortunately learned that the statements made in the essay were untrue. Club Libby Lu greatly values honesty and integrity. In order to uphold these values, we have decided to withdraw the award initially given to the Ceballos family.

Consequently, we will award the prize to another winner already identified. With this decision, we hope to revive the intended spirit of the contest, which was designed to make a little girl's holidays extra special. In order to protect the family's privacy, we have decided to not disclose the name of the new winner."


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She should have had LiLo call in or write the essay. She is good at scamming Hannah Montana tickets.

2467 days ago

Today's kids    

It's so nice that they spent some mother/daughter time getting this letter together -- ???????? What are wrong with parents these days??

2467 days ago

Lenn K.    

Why should this surprise us? People have lied about almost everything you can think of!! Liars are garbage!!

2467 days ago


no she cant keep the tickets,,,way to go mom,,,teach your kids the only way to win anything is by lying and cheating...!!!!! give the tickets to the runner up....

2467 days ago


Sounds like a future CEO of the next big mutilevel marketing scheme in the making here. :)

2467 days ago


Lenn K.....You usually are pretty sane in your comments. Condoning what this moron turkey is saying is disgusting. Read his comment. He is a little child molester, not fit for society.

2467 days ago

Michael Crook    

It's a sad sign of the times, really. This will set a dangerous precedent should the company allow this liar to profit from her fraud. And, what's even sadder is that she doesn't realize how easy it is to be exposed, what with public records and too much info on your MySpace profile.

2467 days ago

soupy sales    

Seriously . . . lying about your father dying in a roadside bombing in Iraq? And she's six? Wow. Can't wait to see how this one turns out in 20 years. Take the tickets away? Why bother? Her mother's already taken her humanity away by justifying this crap.

2467 days ago


Is this the Nickelodeon website?!?

2467 days ago

Grace E.    

No six year old children need not be at pop concerts or rock concerts.

2467 days ago


Hummmm.. Let's see.... Libby Lu has NO idea what to do in this case!!! You YANK the tickets back and give them to the "Runner Up!" Geeeezzz it's a no brainer! Give it to those that play FAIR!

2467 days ago


I sure hope they decide to revoke her tickets and give them to someone who wrote something authentic. How disgusting that a parent would even allow her child to fabricate such a story to gain stupid tickets or anything else.

2467 days ago


They should just cancel the entire tour and save everyone the remains of whatever brain cells they have left.

2467 days ago


What about a child who entered whose daddy REALLY died in Iraq. What a bitch. Don't give them to her...... it's obvious what to do!

2467 days ago

alan brickman    

she's a baby skank!!...i still think though the mother put her up to it too..

2467 days ago
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