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Miley's Skimpy Secret

12/29/2007 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The character Hannah Montana may seem like a Hanes her way kind of little lady, but the real life Miley Cyrus likes her some satin and lace from Victoria's Secret.

Cameras caught the starlet outside of her NYC hotel last night, carrying goodies from the sexy lingerie store. Miley is only 15 -- shouldn't she be discovering the joys of lip gloss rather than butt floss?

We're just sayin'...


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1ST bitches

2490 days ago


Maybe she was buying make up or lotions, body spray etc. I'm just saying...

2490 days ago

She Never Learns    

Silver Medal for me

Lingerie for a 15 year old ????

She should be wearing a training bra and cotton granny panties

2490 days ago


VS doesn't just sell skimpy underthings. DUH!! They sell lip gloss and a whole slew of makeup and perfumes. They also sell some very cute un-x-rated pj's.

My 15 year old shops there all the time for that kind of stuff. I would never let her buy anything in the silky thong related area.

Don't judge before ya see whats in the bag!!!

2490 days ago


Victoria's Secret DOES offer things other than 'butt floss'! They do have 'normal' panties, lotions, lip gloss, perfume, etc. For crying out loud, you can buy SWEATS in VS. Stop being so judgmental just because of the name of the store. You can buy lingerie and sexy panties at WALMART too, so does that mean every celebrity coming out of a Walmart is acting like a whore?

2490 days ago


Sweet niblets!!! What is your problem TMZ? This young woman would have been purchasing something else besides butt floss. Did you ever consider that she could also be buying something as a gift for some one else? Leave this wholesome girl alone and go after your usual suspects. Oh, wait, they are getting borrrrrrrrrring so you need to roil the waters with innuendos and insinuations
Billy Ray would not be too pleased and he will come after you, Harvey

2490 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Wow, robinn, you've just proven again that you are obsessive, neurotic, and basically worthless. Nothing to say, just constantly clicking your refresh button in a desperate need to somehow, anyhow just feel noticed by anyone. You obviously must generate some endorphin rush from this angry satisfaction by using the pejorative of 'bitches'. I feel sorry for your desperation and isolation. Oh well, this is probably too deep and disturbing for you to handle.

2490 days ago


#8 with your on spot comment you are not worthless - you are WORTHY!!

2490 days ago


She is probably just buying a BRA, Jee Wizz... Young women grow boobs ( If they are lucky...or Daddy buy's them) then you need to use a over the shoulder bolder holder.
What kind of pedophile freak even wants to envision a little Hanna Montana nude or in her "Wonder Push up Bra"?
Sick-o dirty old men! Get help.

2490 days ago


3. Silver Medal for me

Lingerie for a 15 year old ????

She should be wearing a training bra and cotton granny panties

Posted at 8:09AM on Dec 29th 2007 by 2nd
perhaps you have not visited a VS lately but they also sell the items you suggest she should be purchasing
VS got wise to the fact that not only butt floss wearing woman need underwear and started selling 'normal' underwear for the masses

2490 days ago


so what!?shes 15!

2490 days ago


How do you know what she ws buying. They sell more than skimpy udnerwear you know. Sometimes we have our noses in places they don't need to be and that causes unnecessary problems. I'm just saying...........

2490 days ago


I wish the stars could sue Harvey and TMZ for stunts like this. We're just saying - rolleyes. Another reason your TV show sucks.

2490 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Just keepin' up with the Spearses!

2490 days ago


she could have been buying thigs from the pink line. It is an awesome line

2490 days ago
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